Rights to Subscribe Sample Clauses

Rights to Subscribe. If the Company shall at any time grant to the holders of its Common Stock rights to subscribe pro rata for additional shares thereof or for any other securities of the Company or of any other corporation, there shall be added to the number of shares underlying this option the Common Stock or other securities which the Optionee would have been entitled to subscribe for if immediately prior to such grant the Optionee had exercised his entire option, and the option price shall be increased by the amount which would have been payable by the Optionee for such Common Stock or other securities.
Rights to Subscribe. In case any securities of the Company shall be offered for subscription to the holders of stock held by the Trustee under this Agreement, the Trustee, promptly upon receipt of notice of such offer, shall mail a copy thereof to the Beneficiary. Upon receipt by the Trustee, two (2) days (or any shorter time if this is feasible) prior to the last date fixed by the Company for subscription, of a request from the Beneficiary of any Certificate to subscribe in its behalf, accompanied by the sum of money (in immediately available funds) required to be paid for such securities, the Trustee shall make such subscription and payment on behalf of the Beneficiary, and upon receiving from the Company the certificates for the securities so subscribed for, the Trustee shall deliver the same to the Beneficiary, unless such securities be voting stock or securities convertible into voting stock, in which case the Trustee shall issue to the Beneficiary a Certificate in respect thereof, and such securities shall be held by the Trustee for the benefit of the Beneficiary subject to the terms of this Agreement.
Rights to Subscribe. Until such time as a Public Offering ------------------- has been consummated, except with respect to Exempt Issuances (as defined below), if the
Rights to Subscribe 

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  • Agreement to Subscribe 1.1. Purchase and Issuance of the Private Units.

  • Agreement to Subscribe Purchase Price (i) SELLER and BUYER are executing and delivering this Agreement in reliance upon the exemption from securities registration afforded by Rule 506 under Regulation D ("Regulation D") as promulgated by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (the "Commission") under the Securities Act; and

  • Option to Substitute If the Seller is required to repurchase any Mortgage Loan pursuant to Section 2.02 or 3.01, the Seller may, at its option, within two years from the Closing Date, remove such defective Mortgage Loan from the terms of this Agreement and substitute another mortgage loan for such defective Mortgage Loan, in lieu of repurchasing such defective Mortgage Loan. Any substitute Mortgage Loan shall (a) have a Principal Balance at the time of substitution not in excess of the Principal Balance of the removed Mortgage Loan (the amount of any difference, plus one month's interest thereon at the Mortgage Rate borne by the removed Mortgage Loan, being paid by the Seller and deemed to be a Principal Prepayment to be deposited by the Servicer in the Collection Account), (b) have a Mortgage Rate not less than, and not more than one percentage point greater than, the Mortgage Rate of the removed Mortgage Loan (provided, however, that if the Mortgage Rate on the substitute Mortgage Loan exceeds the Mortgage Rate on the removed Mortgage Loan, the amount of that excess interest (the "Substitute Excess Interest") shall be payable to the Residual Interest), (c) have a remaining term to stated maturity not later than, and not more than one year less than, the remaining term to stated maturity of the removed Mortgage Loan, (d) be, in the reasonable determination of the Servicer, of the same type, quality and character (including location of the Mortgaged Property) as the removed Mortgage Loan as if the breach had not occurred, (e) have a Loan-to-Value Ratio at origination no greater than that of the removed Mortgage Loan and (f) be, in the reasonable determination of the Servicer, in material compliance with the representations and warranties contained in the Sale Agreement and described in Section 3.01, as of the date of substitution. The Servicer shall amend the Mortgage Loan Schedule to reflect the withdrawal of the removed Mortgage Loan from this Agreement and the substitution of such substitute Mortgage Loan therefor and shall send a copy of such amended Mortgage Loan Schedule to the Trustee. The Sale Agreement provides that upon such amendment the Seller shall be deemed to have made as to such substitute Mortgage Loan the representations and warranties set forth in Section 3.01 as of the date of such substitution, which shall be continuing as long as any Certificate shall be outstanding or this Agreement has not been terminated, and the remedies for breach of any such representation or warranty shall be as set forth in Section 3.01. Upon such amendment, the Trustee shall review the Mortgage File delivered to it relating to the substitute Mortgage Loan, within the time and in the manner and with the remedies specified in Section 2.02, except that for purposes of this Section 3.03 (other than the two-year period specified in the first sentence of this Section), such time shall be measured from the date of the applicable substitution. In the event of such a substitution, accrued interest on the substitute Mortgage Loan for the month in which the substitution occurs and any Principal Prepayments made thereon during such month shall be the property of the Trust Fund, and accrued interest for such month on the Mortgage Loan for which the substitution is made and any Principal Prepayments made thereon during such month shall be the property of the Seller. The principal payment on a substitute Mortgage Loan due on the Due Date in the month of substitution shall be the property of the Seller, and the principal payment on the Mortgage Loan for which the substitution is made due on such date shall be the property of the Trust Fund. [END OF ARTICLE III]

  • RIGHTS TO NAME If the Adviser ceases to act as investment adviser to the Trust or any Fund whose name includes the term "Golden" (the "Mark") or if the Adviser requests in writing, the Trust shall take prompt action to change the name of the Trust or any such Fund to a name that does not include the Mark. The Adviser may from time to time make available without charge to the Trust for the Trust's use any marks or symbols owned by the Adviser, including marks or symbols containing the Mark or any variation thereof, as the Adviser deems appropriate. Upon the Adviser's request in writing, the Trust shall cease to use any such mark or symbol at any time. The Trust acknowledges that any rights in or to the Mark and any such marks or symbols which may exist on the date of this Agreement or arise hereafter are, and under any and all circumstances shall continue to be, the sole property of the Adviser. The Adviser may permit other parties, including other investment companies, to use the Mark in their names without the consent of the Trust. The Trust shall not use the Mark in conducting any business other than that of an investment company registered under the 1940 Act without the permission of the Adviser.

  • Right to Sublicense So long as COMPANY remains the exclusive licensee of the PATENT RIGHTS in the FIELD in the TERRITORY, COMPANY shall have the sole right to sublicense any alleged infringer in the FIELD in the TERRITORY for future use of the PATENT RIGHTS in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement relating to sublicenses. Any upfront fees as part of such sublicense shall be shared equally between COMPANY and M.I.T.; other revenues to COMPANY pursuant to such sublicense shall be treated as set forth in Article 4.

  • Distribution of Rights to Purchase Shares (a) Distribution to ADS Holders Whenever the Company intends to distribute to the holders of the Deposited Securities rights to subscribe for additional Shares, the Company shall give notice thereof to the Depositary at least 60 days prior to the proposed distribution stating whether or not it wishes such rights to be made available to Holders of ADSs. Upon receipt of a notice indicating that the Company wishes such rights to be made available to Holders of ADSs, the Depositary shall consult with the Company to determine, and the Company shall determine, whether it is lawful and reasonably practicable to make such rights available to the Holders. The Depositary shall make such rights available to Holders only if (i) the Company shall have timely requested that such rights be made available to Holders, (ii) the Depositary shall have received satisfactory documentation within the terms of Section 5.7, and (iii) the Depositary shall have determined that such distribution of rights is lawful and reasonably practicable. In the event any of the conditions set forth above are not satisfied, the Depositary shall proceed with the sale of the rights as contemplated in Section 4.4(b) below or, if timing or market conditions may not permit, do nothing thereby allowing such rights to lapse. In the event all conditions set forth above are satisfied, the Depositary shall establish an ADS Record Date (upon the terms described in Section 4.7) and establish procedures (x) to distribute such rights (by means of warrants or otherwise) and (y) to enable the Holders to exercise the rights (upon payment of applicable (a) fees and charges of, and expenses incurred by, the Depositary and (b) taxes and other governmental charges). Nothing herein shall obligate the Depositary to make available to the Holders a method to exercise such rights to subscribe for Shares (rather than ADSs).

  • Purchase of Shares from each Fund The Shares are offered in four classes (each, a "Class"), as described in the Prospectus, as amended or supplemented from time to time. (a) The Distributor shall have the right to buy from each Fund the Shares of the particular class needed, but not more than the Shares needed (except for clerical errors in transmission), to fill unconditional orders for Shares of the applicable class placed with the Distributor by investors or securities dealers. The price which the Distributor shall pay for the Shares so purchased from the Fund shall be the net asset value, determined as set forth in the Prospectus, used in determining the public offering price on which such orders were based. (b) The Shares are to be resold by the Distributor at the public offering price of Shares of the applicable class as set forth in the Prospectus, to investors or to securities dealers, including DWR, who 1

  • No Rights to Purchase Preferred Stock The issuance and sale of the Shares as contemplated hereby will not cause any holder of any shares of capital stock, securities convertible into or exchangeable or exercisable for capital stock or options, warrants or other rights to purchase capital stock or any other securities of the Company to have any right to acquire any shares of preferred stock of the Company.

  • Right to suspend 2.1.1 Network Rail may serve a Suspension Notice where a Train Operator Event of Default has occurred and is continuing.

  • Shares to be Fully Paid; Reservation of Shares The Company covenants and agrees that all Warrant Shares that may be issued upon the exercise of the rights represented by this Warrant will, upon issuance, be duly authorized, validly issued, fully paid and nonassessable and free from all preemptive rights of any stockholder and free of all taxes, liens and charges with respect to the issue thereof. The Company further covenants and agrees that, during the period within which the rights represented by this Warrant may be exercised, the Company will at all times have authorized and reserved, for the purpose of issue or transfer upon exercise or conversion of the subscription rights evidenced by this Warrant, a sufficient number of shares of the Company’s authorized but unissued Common Stock, or other securities and property, when and as required to provide for the exercise or conversion of the rights represented by this Warrant. The Company will take all such action as may be necessary to assure that such shares of the Company’s Common Stock may be issued as provided herein without violation of any applicable law or regulation, or of any requirements of any domestic securities exchange upon which the stock may be listed. The Company will not take any action which would result in any adjustment of the Stock Purchase Price (as defined in Section 4 hereof) if the total number of shares of the Company’s Common Stock issuable after such action upon exercise or conversion of all outstanding warrants, together with all shares then outstanding and all shares then issuable upon exercise of all options and upon the conversion of all convertible securities then outstanding, would exceed the total number of shares of the Company’s Common Stock then authorized by the Company’s Articles of Incorporation.