RIGHTS CREATED. Except as otherwise agreed to by the Parties, Party B shall own all Intellectual Property Rights created or acquired by Party A in the provision of consulting services. Party A shall sign all documents and take all actions necessary for Party B to become the owner of such Intellectual Property Rights. Party A shall not contest Party B’s ownership of all such Intellectual Property Rights, and will not apply to register, or attempt to acquire or otherwise obtain any such Intellectual Property Rights.


No Third Party Rights Created This contract is intended for the benefit of the City and the Contractor and not any other person.
No Third-Party Rights Created Hereby The provisions of this Agreement are solely for the purpose of defining the interests of the Partners, inter se; and no other person, firm or entity (i.e., a party who is not a signatory hereto or a permitted successor to such signatory hereto) shall have any right, power, title or interest by way of subrogation or otherwise, in and to the rights, powers, title and provisions of this Agreement. No creditor or other third party having dealings with the Partnership (other than as expressly set forth herein with respect to Indemnitees) shall have the right to enforce the right or obligation of any Partner to make Capital Contributions or loans to the Partnership or to pursue any other right or remedy hereunder or at law or in equity. None of the rights or obligations of the Partners herein set forth to make Capital Contributions or loans to the Partnership shall be deemed an asset of the Partnership for any purpose by any creditor or other third party, nor may any such rights or obligations be sold, transferred or assigned by the Partnership or pledged or encumbered by the Partnership to secure any debt or other obligation of the Partnership or any of the Partners.
Rights Granted The Author hereby grants to the Publisher the perpetual, sole and exclusive, worldwide, transferable, sub-licensable and unlimited right to publish, produce, copy, distribute, communicate, display publicly, sell, rent and/or otherwise make available the Contribution in any language, in any versions or editions in any and all forms and/or media of expression (including without limitation in connection with any and all end-user devices), whether now known or developed in the future, in each case with the right to grant further time-limited or permanent rights. The above rights are granted in relation to the Contribution as a whole or any part and with or in relation to any other works. Without limitation, the above grant includes: (a) the right to edit, alter, adapt, adjust and prepare derivative works; (b) all advertising and marketing rights including without limitation in relation to social media; (c) rights for any training, educational and/or instructional purposes; and (d) the right to add and/or remove links or combinations with other media/works. The Author hereby grants to the Publisher the right to create, use and/or license and/or sub-license content data or metadata of any kind in relation to the Contribution or parts thereof (including abstracts and summaries) without restriction. The Publisher also has the right to commission completion of the Contribution in accordance with the Clause "Author’s Responsibilities – Delivery and Acceptance of the Manuscript" and of an updated version of the Contribution for new editions of the Work in accordance with the Clause "New Editions". The copyright in the Contribution shall be vested in the name of the Author. The Author has asserted their right(s) to be identified as the originator of the Contribution in all editions and versions, published in all forms and media. The Author agrees that all editing, alterations or amendments to the Contribution made by or on behalf of the Publisher or its licensees for the purpose of fulfilling this Agreement or as otherwise allowed by the above rights shall not require the approval of the Author and will not infringe the Author's "moral rights" (or any equivalent rights). This includes changes made in the course of dealing with retractions or other legal issues. Self-Archiving: The Publisher permits the Rights Holder to archive the Contribution in accordance with the Publisher's guidelines, the current version of which is set out in the Appendix "Author's Self-Archiving Guidelines".
Relationship Created The Consultant is not an employee of the Corporation for any purpose whatsoever, but the Consultant is an independent contractor. The Corporation is interested only in the results obtained by the Consultant, who shall have the sole and exclusive control of the manner and means of performing pursuant to this Agreement. The Corporation shall not have the right to require the Consultant to collect accounts, investigate customer or shareholder complaints, attend meetings, periodically report to the Corporation, follow prescribed itineraries, keep records of business transacted, make adjustments, conform to particular policies of the Corporation, or do anything else which would jeopardize the relationship of independent contractor among the Corporation and the Consultant. All expenses and disbursements, including, but not limited to, those for travel and maintenance, entertainment, office, clerical and general administrative expenses, that may be incurred by the Consultant in connection with this Agreement shall be borne and paid wholly and completely by the Consultant, and the Corporation shall not be in any way responsible or liable therefor.
Exercise of Rights; Expiration Date of Rights (a) Subject to Section 7(e) and except as otherwise provided herein (including Section 11), each Right shall entitle the registered holder thereof, upon exercise thereof as provided herein, to purchase for the Purchase Price, at any time after the Distribution Date and at or prior to the earlier of (i) the Close of Business on the 10th anniversary of the date of this Rights Agreement (the Close of Business on such date being the "Expiration Date") or (ii) the Redemption Date, one one-hundredth (1/100th) of a Preferred Share, subject to adjustment from time to time as provided in Sections 11 and 12.
Exercise of Rights; Exercise Price; Expiration Date of Rights (a) Subject to Sections 7(e), 23(b) and 24(b) hereof, the registered holder of any Rights Certificate may exercise the Rights evidenced thereby (except as otherwise provided herein) in whole or in part at any time after the Distribution Date and prior to the Close of Business on the Expiration Date by surrender of the Rights Certificate, with the form of election to purchase on the reverse side thereof duly executed, to the Rights Agent at the office of the Rights Agent designated for such purpose, together with payment of the Exercise Price for each one-thousandth of a Preferred Share (or, following a Triggering Event, other securities, cash or other assets as the case may be) as to which the Rights are exercised.
No Rights Granted Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed as granting any rights under any patent, copyright or other intellectual property right of the Company, nor shall this Agreement grant Advisor any rights in or to the Company’s Confidential Information, except the limited right to use the Confidential Information in connection with the Services.
Exercise of Call Option In connection with an exercise of the option contained in Condition 11.3 (Redemption at the option of SEK) in relation to some only of the Instruments, this Unrestricted Global Instrument Certificate may be redeemed in part in the principal amount specified by SEK in accordance with the Conditions and the Instruments to be redeemed will not be selected as provided in the Conditions but in accordance with the rules and procedures of DTC (to be reflected in the records of DTC as either a pool factor or a reduction in principal amount, at its discretion).
Issuance of Rights Certificates (a) Until the Distribution Date, (i) the Rights will be evidenced (subject to the provisions of Sections 3(b) and 3(c) hereof) by the certificates for Common Shares registered in the names of the holders thereof (which certificates shall also be deemed to be Rights Certificates) and not by separate Rights Certificates and (ii) the right to receive Rights Certificates will be transferable only in connection with the transfer of Common Shares. Until the earlier of the Distribution Date or the Expiration Date, the surrender for transfer of certificates for Common Shares shall also constitute the surrender for transfer of the Rights associated with the Common Shares represented thereby. As soon as practicable after the Distribution Date, the Company will prepare and execute, the Rights Agent will countersign, and the Company will send or cause to be sent (and the Rights Agent will, if requested, send) by first-class, postage-prepaid mail, to each record holder of Common Shares as of the Close of Business on the Distribution Date, at the address of such holder shown on the records of the Company, a Rights Certificate evidencing one Right for each Common Share so held, subject to adjustment as provided herein. In the event that an adjustment in the number of Rights per Common Share has been made pursuant to Section 11 hereof, then at the time of distribution of the Rights Certificates, the Company shall make the necessary and appropriate rounding adjustments (in accordance with Section 14(a) hereof) so that Rights Certificates representing only whole numbers of Rights are distributed and cash is paid in lieu of any fractional Rights. As of the Distribution Date, the Rights will be evidenced solely by such Rights Certificates and may be transferred by the transfer of the Rights Certificates as permitted hereby, separately and apart from any transfer of Common Shares, and the holders of such Rights Certificates as listed in the records of the Company or any transfer agent or registrar for the Rights shall be the record holders thereof.
Exercise of SAR In order to exercise the SAR, the SAR Holder shall submit to the Company an instrument specifying the whole number of Shares in respect of which the SAR is being exercised. Shares will be issued accordingly by the Company within 30 days. The payment upon a SAR exercise shall be solely the number of whole Shares calculated in paragraph (a) above. Fractional Shares shall be rounded down to the nearest whole Share with no cash consideration being paid upon exercise. Anything to the contrary herein notwithstanding, the Company shall not be obligated to issue any Shares hereunder if the issuance of such Shares would violate the provision of any applicable law, in which event the Company shall, as soon as practicable, take whatever action it reasonably can so that such Shares may be issued without resulting in such violations of law.