Right and Obligation Sample Clauses

Right and Obligation. Subject to the provisions hereinafter contained and subject to the Petroleum Law, in respect of the development of any Discovery:
Right and Obligation. Party A: Party B:
Right and Obligation. (1) Right and Obligation of Party A
Right and Obligation. Subject to the provisions hereinafter contained and subject to the Petroleum Law, in respect of the development of any Discovery: (i) as an alternative to receiving under Article 3.1 a share of Net Pre-Tax Revenue derived from the sale of Joint Petroleum by Operator on behalf of the Parties, each Party shall have the right to take in kind and separately dispose of its Percentage Interest share of the total quantities of Joint Petroleum available under this Agreement, but excluding the Operator's reasonable estimate of the amount of such Joint Petroleum unavoidably lost in the course of Joint Operations or used by Operator in the conduct of the Joint Operations, and less a quantity of such Joint Petroleum equivalent to that required to satisfy any Government royalty and the obligations of the Parties in relation to the ERSAN Royalty Interest; and (ii) Operator, if so required from time to time by a Party, shall arrange for the lifting, marketing, sale and dispose of Joint Petroleum, provided that the arrangement contemplated complies with the provisions set forth in the Petroleum Law and Regulations.
Right and Obligation. 2.1 The holder of the certificate of the product certification agrees that the certified manufactured and supplied by him as specified in the above certificate shall conform to the requirements stated in Cambodia Standards CS……………. and General License Conditions for Product Certification Scheme

Related to Right and Obligation

Rights and Obligations If a successor to the Agent is appointed under the provisions of Clause 24.10 (SUCCESSOR AGENT), then (i) the retiring Agent shall be discharged from any further obligation hereunder but shall remain entitled to the benefit of the provisions of this Clause 24 and (ii) its successor and each of the other parties hereto shall have the same rights and obligations amongst themselves as they would have had if such successor had been a party hereto.
Continuing Rights and Obligations After the satisfaction and discharge of this Indenture, this Indenture will continue for (i) rights of registration of transfer and exchange, (ii) replacement of mutilated, destroyed, lost or stolen Notes, (iii) the rights of the Noteholders to receive payments of principal of and interest on the Notes, (iv) the obligations of the Indenture Trustee and any Note Paying Agent under Section 3.3, (v) the rights, obligations and immunities of the Indenture Trustee under this Indenture and (vi) the rights of the Secured Parties as beneficiaries of this Indenture in the property deposited with the Indenture Trustee payable to them for a period of two years after the satisfaction and discharge.
Parties' Rights and Obligations If during the Term there is any Condemnation of all or any part of the Leased Property or any interest in this Lease, the rights and obligations of Lessor and Lessee shall be determined by this Article 15.
Party B’s Rights and Obligations 9.1 Party B is entitled to request Party A to repay the principal, interest accrued thereon and expenses when due, to manage and control the payment of loan amounts, to monitor on a real-time basis overall cash flows of Party A and to accelerate the maturity of the loan considering the status of collection of sale proceeds of Party A. Party B may exercise any other rights hereunder and demand Party A to perform any other obligations hereunder.
Party A’s Rights and Obligations 6.1 During the valid period of this Contract, Party A shall perform suretyship liability hereunder unconditionally within five working days after receiving Party B’s notice under any one of the following circumstances:
Members Rights and Obligations 3.1. The Member must be registered as a market participant with the relevant national regulatory authority as mandated by the Article 9 of REMIT prior to concluding of this Agreement. The Member provides CROPEX with its unique market participant identification code listed in Annex 1. The Member is solely responsible for its registration and for notifying the relevant national regulatory authority any change which has taken place as regards the information provided in the registration form, in accordance with the Article 9 of REMIT. The Member shall also notify CROPEX of such changes and of notification to the relevant national regulatory authority immediately and without delay.
Finance Parties’ rights and obligations (a) The obligations of each Finance Party under the Finance Documents are several. Failure by a Finance Party to perform its obligations under the Finance Documents does not affect the obligations of any other Party under the Finance Documents. No Finance Party is responsible for the obligations of any other Finance Party under the Finance Documents.
Absolute Rights and Obligations This is a guaranty of payment and not of collection. The Guarantors’ Obligations under this Guaranty Agreement shall be joint and several, absolute and unconditional irrespective of, and each Guarantor hereby expressly waives, to the extent permitted by law, any defense to its obligations under this Guaranty Agreement and all Security Instruments to which it is a party by reason of:
Other Rights and Obligations The Purchaser shall be entitled to the rights and subject to the obligations created under the Registration Rights Agreement and the Stockholders Agreement, each to the extent set forth therein.
Assignment of Rights and Obligations (a) Without Owners’ prior written consent, Managing Agent shall not sell, transfer, assign or otherwise dispose of or mortgage, hypothecate or otherwise encumber or permit or suffer any encumbrance of all or any part of its rights and obligations hereunder, and any transfer, encumbrance or other disposition of an interest herein made or attempted in violation of this paragraph shall be void and ineffective, and shall not be binding upon Owners. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Managing Agent may assign its rights and delegate its obligations under this Agreement to any subsidiary of Parent so long as such subsidiary is then and remains Controlled by Parent.