Review of the Works Sample Clauses

Review of the Works. 6.1 The Association shall procure that the Surveyor is afforded an opportunity to attend all site meetings relating to the Works

Related to Review of the Works

  • Review Systems It will maintain business process management and/or other systems necessary to ensure that it can perform each Test and, on execution of this Agreement, will load each Test into these systems. The Asset Representations Reviewer will ensure that these systems allow for each Asset Review Receivable and the related Asset Review Materials to be individually tracked and stored as contemplated by this Agreement.

  • Review of Materials During the term of this Agreement, Client shall ensure that all prospectuses, statements of additional information, registration statements, proxy statements, reports to shareholders, advertising and sales literature or other materials prepared for distribution to Fund shareholders or the public, which refer to the Subadviser in any way, prepared by employees or agents of Client or its affiliates are consistent with information previously provided by Subadviser. Subadviser shall promptly notify the Client of any changes to information pertaining to the Subadviser and stated in the materials described in this Section 6(g).

  • Review of Documentation The Depositor, by execution and delivery hereof, acknowledges receipt of the Mortgage Files pertaining to the Mortgage Loans listed on the Mortgage Loan Schedule, subject to review thereof by U.S. Bank National Association, as the custodian (the “Custodian”) for the Depositor. The Custodian is required to review, within 45 days following the Closing Date, each Mortgage File. If in the course of such review the Custodian identifies any Material Defect, the Seller shall be obligated to cure such Material Defect or to repurchase the related Mortgage Loan from the Depositor (or, at the direction of and on behalf of the Depositor, from the Trust Fund), or to substitute a Qualifying Substitute Mortgage Loan therefor, in each case to the same extent and in the same manner as the Depositor is obligated to the Trustee and the Trust Fund under Section 2.02(c) of the Trust Agreement.

  • Review of Personnel Files Every member shall be allowed to review any of his/her personnel files except "confidential law enforcement records" and "trial preparation records" as defined in Ohio Revised Code Section 149.43 at any time, upon request and reasonable notice. Such request shall be made to the supervisor directly responsible for maintenance of such files. Review of the files shall be made in the presence of such supervisor or the supervisor's designated representative. For the Division master personnel file, the request shall be made to the member's Subdivision Deputy Chief or his/her designated representative. Any member, or the member's Lodge representative, may copy documents in the member's file. The City may levy a charge for such copying, which charge shall bear a reasonable relationship to actual costs. A member will be notified in writing any time records within his/her personnel, background, IAB, and/or payroll file(s) are requested, as a public records request pursuant to Ohio Revised Code Section 149.43, provided the City determines that the request is proper under applicable law. A member may request copies of any records provided under this paragraph, and these copies shall be provided at no cost to the member.

  • Review of Documents Borrower has reviewed: (a) the Note, (b) the Security Instrument, (c) the Commitment Letter, and (d) all other Loan Documents.

  • Review of Personnel File 1. Each teacher shall have the right upon request to review the contents of his/her own personnel file maintained at the individual's school or at the Administration Building. A representative of the Association may, at the teacher's request, accompany the teacher in such review. The review will be made in the presence of the administrator responsible for the safekeeping of such files. Privileged information such as confidential credentials and related personal references normally sought at the time of employment are specifically exempted from such review. The administrator shall, in the presence of the teacher's authorized representative, remove such credentials and confidential reports from the file prior to a review of the file by the teacher.

  • INSPECTION/TESTING All Products sold pursuant to this Agreement will be subject to inspection/testing by or at the direction of H- GAC and/or the ordering Customer, either at the delivery destination or the place of manufacture. In the event a Product fails to meet or exceed all requirements of this Agreement, and unless otherwise agreed in advance, the cost of any inspection and/or testing, will be the responsibility of the Contractor.

  • Access Toll Connecting Trunk Group Architecture 8.2.1 If Reconex chooses to subtend a Verizon access Tandem, Reconex’s NPA/NXX must be assigned by Reconex to subtend the same Verizon access Tandem that a Verizon NPA/NXX serving the same Rate Center subtends as identified in the LERG.

  • Problem Solving A Joint Committee for the purpose of providing a forum for the submission, exchange and consideration of various matters of interest affecting the ongoing relationship between the Board and the Association. Each party shall appoint three (3) representatives.

  • Agreement Exceptions/Deviations Explanation If the proposing Vendor desires to deviate form the Vendor Agreement language, all such deviations must be listed on this attribute, with complete and detailed conditions and information included. TIPS will consider any deviations in its proposal award decisions, and TIPS reserves the right to accept or reject any proposal based upon any deviations indicated below. In the absence of any deviation entry on this attribute, the proposer assures TIPS of their full compliance with the Vendor Agreement. No response