Return to the Company Sample Clauses

Return to the Company. If assets remain after the application of Sections 8.2(c)(i) and (c)(ii), to the extent permitted by Section 3, such assets shall be returned to the Company.

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Consideration to the Company In consideration of the granting of these Options by the Company, the Optionee agrees to render faithful and efficient services to the Company or a Subsidiary or Affiliate, with such duties and responsibilities as the Company shall from time to time prescribe. Nothing in this Agreement or in the Plan shall confer upon the Optionee any right to continue in the employ of the Company or any Subsidiary or Affiliate or shall interfere with or restrict in any way the rights of the Company and its Subsidiaries or Affiliates, which are hereby expressly reserved, to terminate the employment of the Optionee at any time for any reason whatsoever, with or without cause.
Confirmation to the Company If acting as sales agent hereunder, the Agent will provide written confirmation to the Company no later than the opening of the Trading Day next following the Trading Day on which it has placed Shares hereunder setting forth the number of shares sold on such Trading Day, the corresponding Sales Price and the Issuance Price payable to the Company in respect thereof.
Notice to the Company The Option shall be exercised in whole or in part by written notice in substantially the form attached hereto as Exhibit A directed to the Company at its principal place of business accompanied by full payment as hereinafter provided of the exercise price for the number of Option Shares specified in the notice.
Payments to the Company Except as provided in Section 3 hereof, the Company shall have no right or power to direct the Trustee to return to the Company or to divert to others any of the Trust assets before all payment of Premium Obligations have been satisfied pursuant to the terms of the Agreements.
Repayment to the Company Any money deposited with the Trustee or any Paying Agent, or then held by the Company, in trust for the payment of the principal of, premium, if any, or interest on any Note and remaining unclaimed for two years after such principal, and premium, if any, or interest has become due and payable shall be paid to the Company upon its request or (if then held by the Company) shall be discharged from such trust; and the Holder of such Note shall thereafter look only to the Company for payment thereof, and all liability of the Trustee or such Paying Agent with respect to such trust money, and all liability of the Company as trustee thereof, shall thereupon cease; provided, however, that the Trustee or such Paying Agent, before being required to make any such repayment, shall at the expense of the Company cause to be published once, in The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal (national edition), notice that such money remains unclaimed and that, after a date specified therein, which shall not be less than 30 days from the date of such notification or publication, any unclaimed balance of such money then remaining shall be repaid to the Company.
SERVICES TO THE COMPANY In consideration of the Company’s covenants and obligations hereunder, Indemnitee will serve or continue to serve as an officer, director, advisor, key employee or in any other capacity of the Company, as applicable, for so long as Indemnitee is duly elected or appointed or retained or until Indemnitee tenders his or her resignation or until Indemnitee is removed. The foregoing notwithstanding, this Agreement shall continue in full force and effect after Indemnitee has ceased to serve as a director, officer, advisor, key employee or in any other capacity of the Company, as provided in Section 17. This Agreement, however, shall not impose any obligation on Indemnitee or the Company to continue Indemnitee’s service to the Company beyond any period otherwise required by law or by other agreements or commitments of the parties, if any.
Information as to the Company The Company covenants and agrees as follows:
COMPENSATION TO THE INVESTMENT MANAGER (1) The Fund agrees to pay to the Investment Manager, and the Investment Manager covenants and agrees to accept from the Fund in full payment for the services furnished, a fee as set forth in Schedule A.
Notification to the Union The Employer shall advise the Union of the appointment, termination, or change of status of each employee in the bargaining unit in accordance with Article 8.02.
Compensation to the Special Servicer (a) As compensation for its activities hereunder, the Special Servicer shall be entitled to (i) the Special Servicing Fee, (ii) the Liquidation Fee and (iii) the Workout Fee. Such amounts, if any, collected by the Special Servicer from the related Mortgagor shall be transferred by the Special Servicer to the Master Servicer within one (1) Business Day of receipt thereof, and deposited by the Master Servicer in the Collection Account. The Special Servicer shall be entitled to receive a Liquidation Fee from the Liquidation Proceeds received in connection with a Specially Serviced Mortgage Loan or REO Property. With respect to each REO Mortgage Loan that is a successor to a Mortgage Loan secured by two or more Mortgaged Properties, the reference to “REO Property” in the preceding sentence shall be construed on a property-by-property basis to refer separately to the acquired real property that is a successor to each of such Mortgaged Properties, thereby entitling the Special Servicer to a Liquidation Fee from the Liquidation Proceeds received in connection with a final disposition of, and Condemnation Proceeds received in connection with, each such acquired property as the Liquidation Proceeds related to that property are received. The Special Servicer shall also be entitled to additional special servicing compensation of an amount equal to the excess, if any, of the aggregate Prepayment Interest Excess relating to Mortgage Loans which are Specially Serviced Mortgage Loans that have, during any Collection Period, been the subject of voluntary Principal Prepayments not from Liquidation Proceeds or from modifications of Specially Serviced Mortgage Loans for each Distribution Date over the aggregate Prepayment Interest Shortfalls incurred with respect to such Mortgage Loans during the same Collection Period. If the Special Servicer is terminated or resigns, the Special Servicer shall retain the right (and the applicable successor Special Servicer shall not have the right) to receive (until the related Mortgage Loan becomes a Specially Serviced Mortgage Loan or until the related Mortgaged Property becomes an REO Property) any and all Workout Fees payable in respect of (i) any Mortgage Loans serviced by the Special Servicer that became Rehabilitated Mortgage Loans during the period that it acted as Special Servicer and that were still Rehabilitated Mortgage Loans at the time of such termination or resignation and (ii) any Mortgage Loans that constitute Specially Serviced Mortgage Loans for which the Special Servicer has resolved the circumstances and/or conditions causing any such Mortgage Loan to be a Specially Serviced Mortgage Loan such that the Mortgage Loan would be deemed a Rehabilitated Mortgage Loan but for the related Mortgagor having not yet made, as of the date of such termination or resignation, three (3) timely Scheduled Payments required by the terms of the workout; provided that in either case no other event has occurred as of the time of the Special Servicer’s termination or resignation that would otherwise cause such Mortgage Loan to again become a Specially Serviced Mortgage Loan.