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Restroom Service Specifications 
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  • Technical Specifications Each Bloom System is an integrated system comprised of a fuel cell stack assembly and associated balance of plant components that converts a fuel into electricity using electrochemical means that (i) has a Nameplate Capacity of at least 0.5 kilowatts of electricity using an electrochemical process and (ii) has an electricity-only generation efficiency greater than thirty percent (30%).

  • Quality Service Standards/NAV Errors Price Associates and the Fund may, from time to time, agree to certain quality service standards, with respect to the Services hereunder. In the event Price Associates is the party responsible for causing an error in the computation of the net asset value for a Fund or share class of a Fund (“NAV Error”), the actions that are required to be taken as to such NAV Error shall be made in accordance with the Fund’s Net Asset Value Error Correction Policy and Procedures (“NAV Error Policy”) attached hereto as Schedule II.

  • Quality Specifications SANMINA-SCI shall comply with the quality specifications set forth in its Quality Manual, incorporated by reference herein, a copy of which is available from SANMINA-SCI upon request.

  • Quality Service Standards Price Services and the Fund may from time to time agree to certain quality service standards, as well as incentives and penalties with respect to Price Services’ Services hereunder.

  • Product Specifications The Company agrees that all Products sold to Xxxx hereunder shall conform to the respective specifications set forth on Schedule A or to such other specifications as are from time to time agreed upon by the Parties.

  • Specification Changes (a) During the Term, GSK will accept a labeling change from Prometheus as contemplated by this Section 4.2 but otherwise the Parties acknowledge and agree that GSK does not intend to make any material changes (such as packaging design, manufacturing process or similar or related changes) to the existing Product during the Term.

  • Service Standards Midstream Co shall, at its sole cost and expense, design, construct (as applicable), and own the Individual System in a good and workmanlike manner and in accordance with the System Plan and this Section 3.2. Until such time as Producer has delivered a Development Report, Midstream Co shall have no obligation under this Section 3.2(a).

  • Hardware and Software Requirements In order to access and retain Disclosures electronically, you must satisfy the following computer hardware and software requirements: access to the Internet; an email account and related software capable of receiving email through the Internet; a web browser which is SSL-compliant and supports secure sessions, and hardware capable of running this software.

  • Changes to Specifications All Specifications and any changes thereto agreed to by the parties from time to time shall be in writing, dated and signed by the parties. Any change to the Process shall be deemed a Specification change. No change in the Specifications shall be implemented by Catalent, whether requested by Client or requested or required by any Regulatory Authority, until the parties have agreed in writing to such change, the implementation date of such change, and any increase or decrease in costs, expenses or fees associated with such change (including any change to Unit Pricing). Catalent shall respond promptly to any request made by Client for a change in the Specifications, and both parties shall use commercially reasonable, good faith efforts to agree to the terms of such change in a timely manner. As soon as possible after a request is made for any change in Specifications, Catalent shall notify Client of the costs associated with such change and shall provide such supporting documentation as Client may reasonably require. Client shall pay all costs associated with such agreed upon changes. If there is a conflict between the terms of this Agreement and the terms of the Specifications, this Agreement shall control. Catalent reserves the right to postpone effecting changes to the Specifications until such time as the parties agree to and execute the required written amendment.

  • Statement of Work Independently and not as an agent of the Government, the Contractor shall furnish all the necessary services, qualified personnel, material, equipment, and facilities, not otherwise provided by the Government as needed to perform the Statement of Work, SECTION J, ATTACHMENT 1, April 30, 2004, attached hereto and made a part of this contract.

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