Restrictions on the Powers of the Lenders Sample Clauses

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Restrictions on Other Agreements No Principal Stockholder shall, directly or indirectly, grant any proxy or enter into or agree to be bound by any voting trust, agreement or arrangement of any kind with respect to its shares of Common Stock if and to the extent the terms thereof conflict with the provisions of this Agreement (whether or not such proxy, voting trust, agreement or agreements are with other Principal Stockholders, holders of shares of Common Stock that are not parties to this Agreement or otherwise).
Limitations on the Employment of the Adviser The services of the Adviser to the Series shall not be deemed exclusive, and the Adviser may engage in any other business or render similar or different services to others so long as its services to the Series hereunder are not impaired thereby, and nothing in this Agreement shall limit or restrict the right of any director, officer or employee of the Adviser to engage in any other business or to devote his time and attention in part to any other business, whether of a similar or dissimilar nature. So long as this Agreement or any extension, renewal or amendment remains in effect, the Adviser shall be the only investment adviser for the Series, subject to the Adviser’s right to enter into sub-advisory agreements. The Adviser assumes no responsibility under this Agreement other than to render the services called for hereunder, and shall not be responsible for any action of or directed by the Fund’s Trustees, or any committee thereof, unless such action has been caused by the Adviser’s gross negligence, willful malfeasance, bad faith or reckless disregard of its obligations and duties under this Agreement.
Powers of the Advisor Subject to the express limitations set forth in this Agreement and the continuing and exclusive authority of the Board over the management of the Company, the power to direct the management, operation and policies of the Company, including making, financing and disposing of investments, shall be vested in the Advisor, which shall have the power by itself and shall be authorized and empowered on behalf and in the name of the Company to carry out any and all of the objectives and purposes of the Company and to perform all acts and enter into and perform all contracts and other undertakings that it may in its sole discretion deem necessary, advisable or incidental thereto to perform its obligations under this Agreement.
Limitations on the Company’s Activities (i) This Section 9(j) is being adopted in order to comply with certain provisions required in order to qualify the Company as a “special purpose” entity.
Restrictions on Transferability The Warrants and the Warrant Stock shall not be transferred, hypothecated or assigned before satisfaction of the conditions specified in this Section 9, which conditions are intended to ensure compliance with the provisions of the Securities Act with respect to the Transfer of any Warrant or any Warrant Stock. Holder, by acceptance of this Warrant, agrees to be bound by the provisions of this Section 9.
Powers of the Company The Company shall have the power and authority to take any and all actions necessary, appropriate, advisable, convenient or incidental to or for the furtherance of the purpose set forth in Section 2.6, including, but not limited to, the power and authority to:
Limitations on Consultations The Advisor is prohibited from consulting with other advisors of the Fund, except Vanguard, concerning transactions for the Fund in securities or other assets.
Certain Other Assignments and Participations In addition to any other assignment or participation permitted pursuant to this Section 10.6, any Lender may assign and/or pledge all or any portion of its Loans, the other Obligations owed by or to such Lender, and its Notes, if any, to secure obligations of such Lender including any Federal Reserve Bank or any central bank having jurisdiction over such Lender as collateral security pursuant to Regulation A of the Board of Governors and any operating circular issued by such Federal Reserve Bank or such other central bank having jurisdiction over such Lender; provided that no Lender, as between Borrower and such Lender, shall be relieved of any of its obligations hereunder as a result of any such assignment and pledge, and provided further that in no event shall the applicable Federal Reserve Bank, pledgee or trustee be considered to be a “Lender” or be entitled to require the assigning Lender to take or omit to take any action hereunder.
Restrictions on Transferability of Certificates (a) No offer, sale, transfer or other disposition (including pledge) of any Certificate shall be made by any Holder thereof unless registered under the Securities Act, or an exemption from the registration requirements of the Securities Act and any applicable state securities or "Blue Sky" laws is available and the prospective transferee (other than the Seller) of such Certificate signs and delivers to the Trustee an Investment Letter, if the transferee is an Institutional Accredited Investor, in the form set forth as Exhibit F-l hereto, or a Rule 144A Certificate, if the transferee is a QIB, in the form set forth as Exhibit F-2 hereto. Notwithstanding the provisions of the immediately preceding sentence, no restrictions shall apply with respect to the transfer or registration of transfer of a beneficial interest in any Certificate that is a Global Certificate of a Class to a transferee that takes delivery in the form of a beneficial interest in the Global Certificate of such Class provided that each such transferee shall be deemed to have made such representations and warranties contained in the Rule 144A Certificate as are sufficient to establish that it is a QIB. In the case of a proposed transfer of any Certificate to a transferee other than a QIB, the Trustee may require an Opinion of Counsel that such transaction is exempt from the registration requirements of the Securities Act. The cost of such opinion shall not be an expense of the Trustee or the Trust Fund.