Restoration of Premises Sample Clauses

Restoration of Premises. At the expiration or earlier termination of this Lease, Tenant shall (i) deliver each and every part of the Premises in the same or better repair and condition as it existed at the Commencement Date, ordinary wear and tear and damage by casualty excepted, and (ii) restore the Premises at Tenant’s sole expense to the same condition as existed at the Commencement Date, ordinary wear and tear and damage by casualty excepted. If Tenant has required or installed Non-Standard Improvements, such improvements shall be removed as part of Tenant’s restoration obligation unless, at the time such Non-Standard Improvements were installed, Landlord informed Tenant in writing that (x) removal of such improvements would not be required, or (y) Landlord would require Tenant to leave such improvements in the Premises. Tenant shall repair any damage caused by the removal of any Non-Standard Improvements. ‘“Non-Standard Improvements” means such items as (i) High Demand Equipment and separate meters, (ii) all wiring and cabling from the point of origin to the termination point, (iii) raised floors for computer or communications systems, (iv) telephone equipment, security systems, and UPS systems, (v) equipment racks, (vi) alterations installed by or at the request of Tenant after the Commencement Date, and (vii) any other improvements that are not part of the Building Standard Improvements.
Restoration of Premises. On a taking of the Premises which does not result in a termination of this Lease (other than as to the part of the Premises so taken), Landlord and Tenant shall restore the Premises to substantially the condition existing immediately before such taking, to the extent commercially reasonable and as permitted by and subject to then applicable Requirements. Landlord and Tenant shall perform such restoration in accordance with the applicable provisions and allocation of responsibility for repair and restoration of the Premises on damage or destruction pursuant to Article 12 above, and both parties shall use any awards received by such party attributable to the Premises for such purpose.
Restoration of Premises. (a) The parties hereto mutually agree that if the Premises are partially or totally destroyed or damaged by fire or otherwise, then Landlord (subject to being able to obtain all necessary permits and approvals therefor) shall repair and restore the Premises as soon as is reasonably practicable to substantially the same condition in which the Premises existed before such damage; provided that if the insurance proceeds (other than the amount of any deductible, self insured retention or co-insurance requirement) collected or collectible and available to Landlord to pay the cost of such repairs and restorations by Landlord as a consequence of such destruction or damage are less than the cost of such repairs and restoration as estimated by Landlord's architect, Landlord shall not be obligated to commence or perform such repairs and restorations, and this Lease upon notice by Landlord to Tenant shall at gm option of Landlord terminate unless Tenant undertakes (in form and upon terms satisfactory to Landlord) to pay the difference between such estimated cost and such insurance proceeds. Within forty-five (45) days following the date of damage or destruction, Landlord shall notify Tenant of its Intentions with respect to the repairs or restoration of the Premises, and in the event Landlord elects to repair or restore the Promises, Landlord shah diligently pursue such repair or restoration to completion following commencement of the repairs or restoration. If, however, the Promises are completely destroyed or so damaged that Landlord cannot complete restoration or rebuilding in four (4) months to substantially the same condition in which the Premises were before such damage, then Landlord shall not be required to rebuild or restore, and this Lease shall be terminable by either party serving written notice upon the other. In any event, if repairs have not been commenced within sixty (60) days after the date on which Landlord receives the insurance proceeds, or if the repairs have been commenced within such time but Landlord is not diligently pursuing such repairs or restoration, then this Lease may be terminated by Tenant serving notice upon Landlord following the expiration of such sixty (60) days by giving Landlord not less than thirty (30) days' advanced written notice of such election. Except as otherwise provided in this Section 13.01 (a), provided Landlord is diligently pursuing such repairs or restoration, in no event may Tenant terminate this Lease after suc...
Restoration of Premises. All furniture, furnishings and movable fixtures and removable partitions installed by Tenant (collectively, “Tenant’s Property”) must be removed from the Premises by Tenant, at Tenant's expense, prior to the Expiration Date. In addition, prior to the Expiration Date, Tenant shall, at Tenant’s expense, remove those Alterations which Landlord shall commercially reasonably determine do not constitute normal office alterations (“Specialty Alterations”) by notice given to Tenant at the time that the plans and specifications for such Alterations are delivered by Landlord to Tenant. All Alterations in and to the Premises which may be made by Landlord or Tenant prior to and during the Term, or any renewal thereof, shall become the property of Landlord upon the Expiration Date or earlier end of the Term or any renewal thereof, and shall not be removed from the Premises by Tenant. Tenant shall repair any damage to the Premises or the Building caused by such removal. Any Tenant’s Property and/or Specialty Alterations not so removed by Tenant at or prior to the Expiration Date or earlier termination of the Term shall become the property of Landlord, but nothing herein shall be deemed to relieve Tenant of responsibility for the cost of removal of any such Specialty Alterations or Tenant’s Property which Tenant is obligated to remove hereunder.
Restoration of Premises. Tenant agrees that prior to the expiration of the Term of this Lease, or upon the earlier termination of this Lease, or upon Tenant’s unlawful abandonment of the Premises, whichever occurs first, Tenant will leave the Premises in the same condition as when received, except for reasonable wear and tear, loss by fire or other casualty, and natural disasters. If Tenant made any alteration or improvement of the Premises, with or without Landlord’s consent as required by the terms of this Lease, Tenant will in all cases restore the Premises substantially to their original condition as of the inception of the Term of this Lease (except for wear and tear, loss by fire or other casualty, and natural disasters), unless Landlord has expressly set forth in writing that a particular alteration or improvement shall not be removed.
Restoration of Premises. Except as otherwise provided in this Section 8.1, the Borrower shall, at its expense, promptly repair, restore, replace or rebuild any part of the Premises which is damaged or destroyed by any casualty or as the result of any taking under the power of eminent domain, provided the Lender has made available insurance proceeds or eminent domain proceeds or awards available to the Borrower for such repair, restoration, replacement or rebuilding. The Borrower shall cause all repairs, rebuilding, replacements or restorations to be (in the reasonable opinion of the Lender) of substantially equivalent quality to the Premises as of the date hereof, ordinary wear and tear excepted.
Restoration of Premises. Upon termination of this lease, CSU shall have the option to require Auxiliary, at its own expense and risk, to restore the demised premises as nearly as possible to the condition existing prior to the execution of the lease, with the exception of normal wear and tear. But, if Auxiliary shall fail to do so within 90 days after CSU’s option, CSU may restore the property at the risk of the Auxiliary and all costs and expenses of such removal or restoration shall be paid by Auxiliary upon demand of State. CSU shall have the right to exercise this option within 30 days after the expiration of this lease, but not thereafter.