Resignation With Cause Sample Clauses

Resignation with Cause. If Employee resigns his/her employment because (a) his/her position or duties are modified by the Company to such an extent that his/her duties are substantially no longer consistent with the position for which he/she was employed pursuant to this Agreement, or (b) there has been a material breach by the Company of a material term of this Agreement which continues uncured following fourteen (14) days after written notice by Employee to the Company of such breach, then Employee will be entitled to the severance benefits set forth in subsection 4.2, consistent with the terms of said provision.

Resignation with Cause. Executive shall have the right to resign his employment with Employer at any time hereunder, providing notice as required by the Employer’s employment related policies then in effect. In the event such a resignation is for “good cause” (as defined below), such resignation shall be deemed a termination without “cause” under paragraph (b) hereof, and Executive shall, solely in the event the Executive delivers a written resignation for “good cause” to the Employer within 15 days of the occurrence of either of the events described in sub-paragraphs (i) and (ii) of this paragraph (c), be entitled to receive all such amounts and benefits as are provided for under such paragraph (b) above.For purposes of this provision, the term “good cause” shall mean any of the following:

Resignation with Cause. In the event that the Company completes a merger or acquisition and can not offer the Employee comparable employment going forward, or the Employee feels unable to fulfill his duties going forward, or in the event that a majority of the members of the Board of Directors resign or are replaced and the newly constituted Board appoints a new Chief Executive Officer, then the Employee shall have the right to resign his position with the Company and receive a termination payment, this right will apply from the date of such event until 90 days thereafter only. The termination payment will be the sum of the relevant notice payment as detailed in section 2 above, plus a severance payment equal to one half of the total earnings (base salary plus bonus) paid by the Company to the Employee during the preceding 12 months. AS WITNESS the hands of the parties hereto the day and year first above written. SCHEDULE: In accordance with Employment Protection (Consolidation) act 1978, the following terms of the Employee’s employment apply on the date of this Agreement:

Resignation with Cause. Employee may terminate his employment for “good reason” by virtue of a material breach of this Agreement by the Company after giving the Company written notice of such breach and affording the Company the opportunity to cure such breach within sixty (60) days following the Company’s receipt of written notice. The company may at its discretion, during the 60 day period, review the Reasons for Termination and may reverse the conduct which gave rise to Good Reason, thereby reversing the Resignation with Cause. To be effective as Resignation with Cause, the employee’s resignation must be tendered within thirty days of the expiration of that 60 day period. A resignation of your employment for any other reason or under any other circumstances shall be a “Resignation Without Good Reason.”

Resignation with Cause. In the event of a Resignation with Cause, Employee will be entitled to receive payment, within thirty (30) days of the date of termination, of severance benefits equal to a lump sum payment equivalent to 12 months Base Compensation less appropriate required deductions. Bonus payments, if any, will be made pursuant to the terms of the applicable bonus plan. Health and life insurance benefits with the same coverage provided prior to termination of employment and in all other respects significantly comparable to those in place immediately prior to such termination will be provided at the Company’s cost over the 12 month period immediately following the termination (the “Severance Period”).