Resident Responsibilities and Agreement Sample Clauses

Resident Responsibilities and Agreement. Resident will comply with the requirements of Hospital and of the Program, including, but not limited to:

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  • Resident Responsibilities The Resident agrees to pay all fees specified, to observe all rules and regulations of the University of Connecticut and to abide by the Responsibilities of Community Life: The Student Code, this contract and any addendum, as well as other University publications/policies. Residents assume total responsibility for their room/suite/apartment/house and for the behavior and activities which occur within all assigned living areas. Applicants and/or residents cannot exchange money or favors for a room assignment. Failure to fulfill the terms of the above may lead to termination of this contract, removal from on-campus housing, and a community standards process resulting in a sanction, including but not limited to expulsion.

  • Student Responsibilities The school provided Chromebook for the student is an important learning tool to be used for educational purposes. In order to use the device each day, the student must be willing to accept the following responsibilities: ● I understand that district officials have the ability to monitor my use of the device AT ALL TIMES IN AND OUT OF SCHOOL and that communications, files, internet search activities, and any other actions using the device are not considered to be private. Note: RCCSD does not have the ability to and will not remotely operate the camera on the device. However, students can cover it when not in use to ensure others are not. ● I understand that the device assigned to me is on loan from Red Clay Consolidated School District. All accounts, programs, and files are subject to inspection at any time without notice. ● I will be responsible for ALL damage or loss of the device due to NEGLECT OR ABUSE including dropping it, getting it wet, and spills of food or drink. ● I will not try to repair my Chromebook. ● At ALL times when using my Chromebook, I will follow the Acceptable Use, Internet Safety Policy, and Student Code of Conduct, and related policies adopted by the Board of Education, and abide by all local, state, and federal laws. ● I will talk with my parent/guardian about their ground rules for going online when not at school. ● I will notify the school principal and my parents of any damage to the device as soon as possible. ● I will charge the Chromebook battery each night and will bring my Chromebook to school every day or be prepared for remote learning. ● I will keep my Chromebook clean. ● I will not lend my device to anyone. This includes family members and friends. Note: I could be held responsible for any inappropriate content on the District issued Chromebook. ● I will keep all passwords assigned to me secure. ● I will only use my account credentials to sign into my Chromebook. ● I am allowed to connect to non-district printers and wireless networks at home and in public places. ● I agree that e-mail or any other computer communication should be used only for appropriate, legitimate, and responsible communication. ● I agree not to share personal information about myself (full name, address, etc.) or about my family, friends or anyone else. ● I agree not to search for, download, display, post, or distribute vulgar, offensive material or images described in applicable district policies. (See the student handbook and/or the district's Acceptable Use Agreement.) ● I agree to abide by all school rules that address electronic device procedures. ● I will return the device when requested, at the end of the school year or upon my withdrawal. ● I agree to not deface or destroy this property in any way. Inappropriate use of the machine may result in the student losing their right to use the Chromebook. ● I understand that identification labels have been placed on the Chromebook. These labels are not to be removed or modified. Additional stickers, labels, tags, or markings of any kind are NOT to be added to the machine.

  • Client’s Responsibilities In addition to other responsibilities herein or imposed by law, the Client shall:

  • Client Responsibilities You are responsible for (a) assessing each participants’ suitability for the Training, (b) enrollment in the appropriate course(s) and (c) your participants’ attendance at scheduled courses.

  • Certain Duties and Responsibilities (a) Except during the continuance of an Event of Default,

  • Joint Responsibilities 2.1.1 University and Affiliate each will identify, and notify each other of, a person responsible for serving as its liaison during the course of this affiliation. The appointment of liaisons shall be subject to mutual approval of the parties.

  • Duties and Responsibilities of Manager During the Term, subject to the provisions of Section 3.1 herein, Manager shall provide, in exchange for the Management Fee, all such services as are necessary and appropriate for the day-to-day administration and management of Practice in a manner consistent with good business practice, including without limitation those services set forth in this Article 2.

  • Responsibilities of Contractor A. The Contractor shall perform all work on the described project as required by the Contract documents. The work to be performed includes the labor and services necessary to produce such replacement, and all materials, supplies, tools, transportation, equipment, and machinery required for replacement.

  • General Duties and Responsibilities As an officer of each of the EMPLOYERS, the EMPLOYEE shall perform the duties and responsibilities customary for such office to the best of his ability and in accordance with the policies established by the Boards of Directors of the EMPLOYERS and all applicable laws and regulations. The EMPLOYEE shall perform such other duties not inconsistent with his position as may be assigned to him from time to time by the Boards of Directors of the EMPLOYERS; provided, however, that the EMPLOYERS shall employ the EMPLOYEE during the TERM in a senior executive capacity without diminishment of the importance or prestige of his position.

  • IRO Responsibilities The IRO shall: