REQUIREMENTS FOR DISBURSEMENT AT COMPLETION. Bank shall not be obligated to make the final construction disbursement for a Unit until all of the following additional conditions have been satisfied:


  • Final Completion The full and final completion of all Work in accordance with the Contract Documents.

  • Payments and Completion Payments may be withheld because of. (1) defective work not remedied; (2) failure of contractor to make proper payments to subcontractors, workers, or suppliers; (3) persistent failure to carry out work in accordance with this Agreement or these general conditions, or (4) legal claims. Final payment will be due after complete release of any and all liens arising out of the contract or submission of receipts or other evidence of payment covering all subcontractors or suppliers who could file such a lien. The contractor agrees to indemnify the Owner against such liens and will refund all monies including costs and reasonable attorney's fees paid by the owner in discharging the liens. A 10 percent holdback is required by the lender to assure the work has been properly completed and there are no liens on the property.

  • Project Completion The Project and the Work are complete.

  • Project Completion Date It is agreed between the Parties that the Project Completion Date is <END DATE, YEAR>. If the Project is not completed by such date then, subject to an amendment agreed to between the Parties, Alberta Innovates may elect to terminate this Investment Agreement. In such event, Alberta Innovates will notify the Applicant of its decision to terminate as soon as reasonably practical and shall advise the Applicant of the effective date of termination. Alberta Innovates will have no liability or obligation to reimburse the Applicant for any Project Costs incurred after the effective date of termination and may require the Applicant to return any portions of the Investment which were spent on Ineligible Expenses. Additionally, any portion of the Investment not used and accounted for in accordance with this Agreement as of the Project Completion Date or earlier termination is repayable by the Applicant to AI at AI’s request.

  • Construction Phase Fee Contractor’s Construction Phase Fee is the maximum amount payable to Contractor for any cost or profit expectation incurred in the performance of the Work that is not specifically identified as being eligible for reimbursement by Owner elsewhere in this Agreement. References in the UGSC to Contractor’s “overhead” and “profit” mean Contractor’s Construction Phase Fee. The Construction Phase Fee includes, but is not limited to, the following items:

  • Final Completion Date Final Completion for the Work as defined in Article 6.1.3 of the General Conditions to the Continuing Contract for Construction Management shall be achieved by September 30, 2022.

  • Requesting Price Increase/Required Documentation Contractor must submit a written notification at least thirty (30) calendar days prior to the requested effective date of the change, setting the amount of the increase, along with an itemized list of any increased prices, showing the Contractor’s current price, revised price, the actual dollar difference and the percentage of the price increase by line item. Price change requests must include H-GAC Forms D Offered Item Pricing and E Options Pricing, or the documentation used to submit pricing in the original Response and be supported with substantive documentation (e.g. manufacturer's price increase notices, copies of invoices from suppliers, etc.) clearly showing that Contractor's actual costs have increased per the applicable line item bid. The Producer Price Index (PPI) may be used as partial justification, subject to approval by H-GAC, but no price increase based solely on an increase in the PPI will be allowed. This documentation should be submitted in Excel format to facilitate analysis and updating of the website. The letter and documentation must be sent to the Bids and Specifications manager, Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx, at Review/Approval of Requests If H-GAC approves the price increase, Contractor will be notified in writing; no price increase will be effective until Contractor receives this notice. If H-GAC does not approve Contractor’s price increase, Contractor may terminate its performance upon sixty (60) days advance written notice to H-GAC, however Contractor must fulfill any outstanding Purchase Orders. Termination of performance is Contractor’s only remedy if H-GAC does not approve the price increase. H-GAC reserves the right to accept or reject any price change request.

  • General Conditions Costs Construction Manager is entitled to receive payment for the actual cost of the allowable General Conditions items incurred after receipt of a Notice to Proceed with Construction from the Owner through Substantial Completion of the Project plus thirty (30) calendar days. Construction Manager is not entitled to reimbursement for General Conditions Costs incurred before receipt of the Notice to Proceed. General Conditions Costs incurred after Substantial Completion must be approved in advance by the Owner. Allowable General Conditions items are identified below and by attached exhibit. These items shall be included in the General Conditions cost amount shown as a line item in the Guaranteed Maximum Price Proposal and as detailed on the schedule of values. Items not specifically included below or in the exhibit will not be allowed as a General Condition costs.

  • Substantial Completion 9.8.1 When the Contractor considers that the Work, or a designated portion thereof which has been accepted in writing to by the State, is substantially complete as defined in Subparagraph 8.1.3 of these General Conditions, the Contractor shall prepare for submission to the Architect a list of items to be completed or corrected. The failure to include any items on such list does not alter the responsibility of the Contractor to complete all Work in accordance with the Contract Documents. When the Architect on the basis of an inspection determines that the Work or designated portion thereof is substantially complete, he will then prepare a Certificate of Substantial Completion which shall establish the Date of Substantial Completion, shall state the responsibilities of the State and the Contractor for security, maintenance, heat, utilities, damage to the Work, and insurance, and shall fix the time, which shall not exceed thirty (30) days, within which the Contractor shall complete the items listed therein. Warranties required by the Contract Documents shall commence on the Date of Substantial Completion of the Work or designated portion thereof unless otherwise provided in the Certificate of Substantial Completion. The Certificate of Substantial Completion shall be submitted to the State and the Contractor for their written acceptance of the responsibilities assigned to them in such Certificate. The Work shall not be considered substantially complete prior to the receipt of approved O & M manuals and record drawings as required by paragraph 4.11 and as required elsewhere in the Contract Documents.

  • Satisfactory Completion of Due Diligence The Company and the Shareholders shall have completed their legal, accounting and business due diligence of the Parent and the results thereof shall be satisfactory to the Company and the Shareholders in their sole and absolute discretion.