REQUIRED FOR PURCHASE OF CARDS. 3.1 The Card is a financial services product, and We are therefore required by law to hold certain information about Our customers. We use this information to administer Your Card, and to help Us identify You and Your Card in the event that it is lost or stolen. We only keep this information as long as is necessary and for the purposes described. Please see clause 17 for more information.
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  • Required Forms If subcontractors are used under the contract that has no stated HUB goal, Exhibits H-1, H-2, H-4 and H-6 are required. Exhibits H-1 and H-6 are required if no subcontractors are being used to perform work under this contract. State of Texas HUB Subcontracting Plan Prime Contractor Progress Assessment Report (Exhibit H-6) is required monthly even when no subcontracting activity has occurred. In addition, State of Texas HUB Subcontracting Plan Prime Contractor Progress Assessment Report (Exhibit H-6) should be submitted with the Provider’s invoice. EXHIBIT H-1 Texas Department of Transportation Subprovider Monitoring System Commitment Worksheet Contract #: Assigned Goal: % Federally Funded State Funded Prime Provider: Total Contract Amount: Prime Provider Info: DBE HUB Both Vendor ID #: DBE/HUB Expiration Date: (First 11 Digits Only) If no subproviders are used on this contract, please indicate by placing “N/A” on the 1st line under Subproviders. Subprovider(s) (List All) Type of Work Vendor ID # (First 11 Digits Only) D=DBE H=HUB Expiration Date $ Amount or % of Work * Subprovider(s) Contract or % of Work* Totals *For Work Authorization Contracts, indicate the % of work to be performed by each subprovider. Total DBE or HUB Commitment Dollars $ Total DBE or HUB Commitment Percentages of Contract % (Commitment Dollars and Percentages are for Subproviders only) EXHIBIT H-2 Texas Department of Transportation Subprovider Monitoring System Commitment Agreement This commitment agreement is subject to the award and receipt of a signed contract from the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). NOTE: Exhibit H-2 is required to be attached to each contract that does not include work authorizations. Exhibit H-2 is required to be attached with each work authorization. Exhibit H-2 is also required to be attached to each supplemental work authorization. If DBE/HUB Subproviders are used, the form must be completed and signed. If no DBE/HUB Subproviders are used, indicate with “N/A” on this line: and attach with the work authorization or supplemental work authorization. Contract #: Assigned Goal: % Prime Provider: Work Authorization (WA)#: WA Amount: Date: Supplemental Work Authorization (SWA) #: to WA #: SWA Amount: Revised WA Amount: Description of Work (List by category of work or task description. Attach additional pages, if necessary.) Dollar Amount (For each category of work or task description shown.) Total Commitment Amount (Including all additional pages.) $ IMPORTANT: The signatures of the prime and the DBE/HUB and Second Tier Subprovider, if any (both DBE and Non-DBE) and the total commitment amount must always be on the same page. Provider Name: Name: (Please Print) Title: Signature Date Address: Phone # & Fax #: Email: DBE/HUB Sub Provider Name: (Please Print) Title: Signature Date Subprovider Name: VID Number: Address: Phone # & Fax #: Email: Second Tier Sub Provider: Name: (Please Print) Title: Signature Date Subprovider Name: VID Number: Address: Phone #& Fax #: Email: VID Number is the Vendor Identification Number issued by the Comptroller. If a firm does not have a VID Number, please enter the owner’s Social Security or their Federal Employee Identification Number (if incorporated). Contract No. EXHIBIT H-3 Texas Department of Transportation Subprovider Monitoring System for Federally Funded Contracts Progress Assessment Report for month of (Mo./Yr.) / Contract #: Original Contract Amount: Date of Execution: Approved Supplemental Agreements: Prime Provider: Total Contract Amount: Work Authorization No. Work Authorization Amount: If no subproviders are used on this contract, please indicate by placing “N/A” on the 1st line under Subproviders. DBE All Subproviders Category of Work Total Subprovider Amount % Total Contract Amount Amount Paid This Period Amount Paid To Date Subcontract Balance Remaining Fill out Progress Assessment Report with each estimate/invoice submitted, for all subcontracts, and forward as follows: 1 Copy with Invoice - Contract Manager/Managing Office 1 Copy – TxDOT, BOP Office, 120 X. 00xx, Xxxxxx, XX 00000, 000-000-0000, toll free 000-000-0000, or Fax to 000-000-0000 I hereby certify that the above is a true and correct statement of the amounts paid to the firms listed above. Print Name - Company Official /DBE Liaison Officer Signature Phone Date Email Fax Contract No. EXHIBIT H-4 Texas Department of Transportation Subprovider Monitoring System Final Report The Final Report Form should be filled out by the Prime Provider and submitted to the Contract Manager and the Business Opportunity Programs Office for review upon completion of the contract. The report should reflect all subcontract activity on the project. The report will aid in expediting the final estimate for payment. If the HUB or DBE goal requirements were not met, documentation supporting good faith efforts must be submitted. DBE Goal: % OR HUB Goal: % Total Contract Amount: $ Contract Number: Total Contract Amount: $ Vendor ID # Subprovider Total $ Amt Paid to Date TOTAL This is to certify that % of the work was completed by the HUB or DBE subproviders as stated above. By: Prime Provider Per: Signature Subscribed and sworn to before me, this day of , 20 Notary Public County My Commission expires: 12/06 DBE-H4.A Contract No. EXHIBIT H-5 Federal Subprovider and Supplier Information The Provider shall indicate below the name, address and phone number of all successful and unsuccessful subproviders and/or suppliers that provided proposals/quotes for this contract prior to execution. You may reproduce this form if additional space is needed. Name Address Phone Number The information must be provided and returned with the contract. Signature Date Printed Name Email Phone # Contract No. HUB Subcontracting Plan (HSP) Prime Contractor Progress Assessment Report This form must be completed and submitted to the contracting agency each month to document compliance with your HSP. Contract/Requisition Number: Contracting Agency/University Name: Contractor (Company) Name: Point of Contact: Date of Award: Object Code: (mm/dd/yyyy) State of Texas VID #: Phone #: (Agency Use Only) Reporting (Month) Period: Total Amount Paid this Reporting Period to Contractor: $ - Report HUB and Non-HUB subcontractor information *Texas Certified Total Contract $ Total $ Amount Paid Total Contract $ Subcontractor’s VID or HUB HUB? Amount from HSP This Reporting Period to Amount Paid to Date Object Code Subcontractor’s Name Certificate Number (Yes or No) with Subcontractor Subcontractor to Subcontractor (Agency Use Only) $ - $ $ - $ $ - $ $ - $ $ - $ $ - $ $ - $ $ - $ $ - $ $ - $ $ - $ $ - $ $ - $ $ - $ $ - $ $ - $ $ - $ $ - $ $ - $ $ - $ $ - $ $ - $ $ - $ $ - $ $ - $ $ - $ $ - $ $ - $ TOTALS: $ - $ - $ - - $ - - $ - - $ - - $ - - $ - - $ - - $ - - $ - - $ - - $ - - $ - - $ - - $ - - $ - - $ - - $ - - $ - - $ - - $ - - $ - - $ - - $ - - $ - - $ - - $ - - $ - - $ - - $ - Signature: Title: Date: *Note: Prime contractors can verify subcontractor HUB certification status on-line at xxxx://xxx0.xxxx.xxxxx.xx.xx/cmbl/cmblhub.html HSP-PAR Rev. 9/05

  • REQUIRED FOR PART 2 JOC - PRICING OF Regular Hours Coefficient What is your regular hours coefficient for the RS Means Price Book? (FAILURE TO RESPOND PROHIBITS PART 2 JOC EVALUATION) Remember that this is a ceiling price proposed. You can discount lower than your proposed contract coefficient, but not higher. This is one of three pricing questions that are required for consideration for award on this solicitation. Please consider your answer carefully. An explanation of the TIPS scoring of pricing is included in the attachments for your information. The below is an Example of how pricing model works (not intended to influence your proposed coefficient, you should propose a coefficient that you determine is right for your business): To propose the exact pricing as the RS Means Unit Price Book, you would insert a 1.0 and to propose a 5% discount for the RS Means Price Book would be a .95 regular hours coefficient and so on.

  • DATA USED FOR CALCULATIONS The calculations for payments under this Agreement shall be initially based upon the valuations that are placed upon all taxable property in the District, including the Applicant’s Qualified Property, by the Appraisal District in its annual certified tax roll submitted to the District for each Tax Year pursuant to TEXAS TAX CODE § 26.01 on or about July 25 of each year of this Agreement. Immediately upon receipt of the valuation information by the District, the District shall submit the valuation information to the Third Party selected and appointed under Section 4.3. The certified tax roll data shall form the basis of the calculation of any and all amounts due under this Agreement. All other data utilized by the Third Party to make the calculations contemplated by this Agreement shall be based upon the best available current estimates. The data utilized by the Third Party shall be adjusted from time to time by the Third Party to reflect actual amounts, subsequent adjustments by the Appraisal District to the District’s certified tax roll or any other changes in student counts, tax collections, or other data.

  • SUB-CONTRACTORS TO BE UTILIZED FOR PROJECT PSP shall perform the services under this Assignment with its own forces unless otherwise specified. If the scope of services is less than $100,000.00, a HUB Subcontracting Plan (HSP) is not required. If the scope of services will exceed $100,000.00, PSP shall submit an HSP for approval pursuant to Section 11.2 of the Agreement.

  • Required Filers Each individual who will be performing services for the City pursuant to the Agreement and who meets the definition of “Consultant,” pursuant to FPPC Regulation 18700.3, must file a Form 700.

  • REGULAR SERVICES BY COUNTY 23 1. COUNTY, through its Sheriff-Coroner and deputies, officers and employees, 24 hereinafter referred to as “SHERIFF”, shall render to CITY law enforcement 25 services as hereinafter provided. Such services shall include the 26 enforcement of lawful State statutes and lawful municipal ordinances of 27 CITY other than licensing ordinances.

  • Reserved for Future Use 51.0 Reserved for Future Use

  • Sleeping Rooms to be Blocked A. The Contractor shall block sleeping rooms as set forth in Table 1, below. Table 1: Dates Single Occupancy Total by Date Date1 60 60 Date4 60 60 Date 5 Check Out Check Out Total Rooms to be Blocked: 240 240

  • Minimum Condition and Warranty Requirements for TIPS Sales All goods quoted or sold through a TIPS Sale shall be new unless clearly stated otherwise in writing. All new goods and services shall include the applicable manufacturers minimum standard warranty unless otherwise agreed to in the Supplemental Agreement.

  • All Terms to be Conditions The Company agrees that the conditions contained in this Agreement will be complied with insofar as the same relate to acts to be performed or caused to be performed by the Company. Any breach or failure to comply with any of the conditions set out in this Agreement shall entitle any of the Underwriters to terminate their obligation to purchase the Offered Shares, by written notice to that effect given to the Company at or prior to the Closing Time or the Option Closing Time, as applicable. It is understood that the Underwriters may waive, in whole or in part, or extend the time for compliance with, any of such terms and conditions without prejudice to the rights of the Underwriters in respect of any such terms and conditions or any other or subsequent breach or non-compliance, provided that to be binding on any Underwriter any such waiver or extension must be in writing and signed by such Underwriter.

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