Renewal Agreement Sample Clauses

Renewal Agreement. ‌ Providers will be contacted by their monitors when the application is Supervisor Approved to schedule a meeting at the OSSE building at 000 Xxxxx Xxxxxx XX.
Renewal Agreement. 1. The Parties agree to the terms of this Settlement as constituting a full and final settlement of all matters in dispute with respect to the Parties on this matter.
Renewal Agreement. Please check each box below indicating that you have read, understood, and consented to the statement.  CERTIFICATION. I hereby certify that all the information in this entire renewal application is true and complete. I understand that I have the burden of producing all the information necessary for the BCLC to fairly and fully evaluate my qualifications, background, ethics, and character in order to be considered for the renewal of my BCLC credential. I understand and agree to inform the BCLC as quickly as possible of any changes in this information. I agree that any misstatement or omission from this renewal application may be cause for denial of reappointment to the credential. I further agree that any subsequent adverse information about me or my practice and/or a violation of the AACC Christian Life Coaching Code of Ethics may be cause for disciplinary action – including the possibility of permanent expulsion from holding the credential – and that such action may be publically communicated in any form or forum the BCLC chooses to disclose such information.  AUTHORIZATION. I hereby authorize and give my consent to the BCLC to contact and, without restriction, discuss any issues pertaining to my character and qualifications with current and former supervisors, administrators, pastors, and/or other colleagues with whom I have worked. I authorize the BCLC to contact any professional and ministerial associations, to obtain whatever information it deems necessary to properly evaluate this renewal application. I hereby consent to the release of all information, records, and documents, by whatever means the BCLC chooses to collect this data, and to assist them in the good-faith evaluation of my renewal application. If a question arises in the future about my character and qualifications to the credential, I agree to assist the BCLC in its efforts to resolve any questions it may have about me. I further agree and consent to allow a copy of this agreement to be sent to anyone whom the BCLC deems necessary to assist them in resolving any and all questions about my worthiness to achieve and hold a BCLC credential.  INDEMNIFICATION. I release from any and all liability the BCLC, the AACC, the AACC Foundation, and any individual officers, directors, employees, or agents of these organizations for any and all acts done in good faith and without malice or intent to harm in connection with the evaluation of the renewal application for my BCLC credential. I further ...
Renewal Agreement. Should you choose to seek to renew the Franchise, you must provide us with written notice of that intent no earlier than two (2) years and no later than one (1) year before the expiration of the Initial Term. Should you be granted a right to renew the Franchise as set forth above, the Company, you and your Owners must execute the then current form of Franchise Agreement and any ancillary agreements with appropriate modification memorializing that a renewal fee will be due and payable and not the current, initial franchise fee. Said renewal fee shall equal 25% of the then-current initial franchise fee for a Location Franchise.
Renewal Agreement. Either party desiring to negotiate a renewal of this Agreement shall notify the other party, in writing, at a reasonable time before the contract expires. Upon receipt of such notice, negotiations shall begin within 30 days, unless otherwise agreed between the parties. Within 60 days of the termination date of this agreement, upon mutual consent, the parties may elect to continue the current contract for a set period, with the same pay scale increase as the prior year. If the City votes in a manner that purports not to fully fund any term of this agreement during any year of this contract or any renewal year of this contract. Articles that have been non-funded shall be deemed immediately reopened for negotiations
Renewal Agreement. This Agreement is renewed periodically by the adoptive parent(s) and the State agency for those that receive state-funded Adoption Assistance. Any family that receives an Adoption Assistance subsidy will have their Agreement reviewed at the time of the child’s 18th birthday to determine continued eligibility. The adoptive parent(s) will provide documentation to establish continuing eligibility for state funded Adoption Assistance periodically during the renewal process. The case will be terminated if required documentation is not provided. The agency shall notify the adoptive parent(s), in writing, 60 days before the need for renewal and shall supply the adoptive parent(s) with the appropriate forms.
Renewal Agreement. Contractor will continue to provide services (hereinafter referred to as “Services”) for Customer according to the specifications set forth in: • Attachment A – RFP#17‐024, Initial Term Agreement and all its attachments. • Attachment B – Pricing Tabulation and Spreadsheet • Attachment C – Amendments & Supplemental Provisions for Renewal In performing services, Contractor will adhere to all specifications and provisions of the attachments which reflects the agreement of the parties to which all changes and modifications herein will be followed. Such changes and/or modifications listed herein will supersede any language or clause in the attachment/original RFP document.
Renewal Agreement. Date 1 March 2018 Parties
Renewal Agreement. If there is an existing agreement, alert the site, and use that agreement to manage the relationship. • If the agreement needs to be renewed, send the agreement to the site to confirm if updates are needed. • If updates are needed, review them against the checklist. o If no issues, send to Risk Management for signature. o If issues, proceed to next step. Coordinator reviews the agreement using the checklist, revises the agreement as appropriate (use Track Changes, if possible), and notes any questions/concerns in the comments. Coordinator sends agreement with Track Changes and checklist to Risk Management at with a note regarding any applicable deadlines (highlighting the matter if it is urgent). Agreements not reviewed by the Coordinator will be returned for review or a meeting arranged to discuss revisions that need to be made. PLEASE NOTE THAT RISK MANAGEMENT AND THE OFFICE OF LEGAL AFFAIRS REQUIRE ONE MONTH LEAD TIME ON AFFILIATION AGREEMENTS - A SHORTER REVIEW PERIOD CANNOT BE GUARANTEED. Risk Management and the Office of Legal Affairs will work together to address any questions/concerns regarding the agreement.
Renewal Agreement. Date 1 March 2021 Parties