Remediation of a Data Security Breach Sample Clauses

Remediation of a Data Security Breach. The remediation required above may include without limitation (a) development and delivery of notices to Client of individuals whose Personal Information may have been affected; (b) investigation and resolution of the causes and impacts of the Data Security Breach; and (c) such other measures that ACCORD and Customer may mutually determine and agree in writing are reasonable and commensurate with the nature and level of severity of the Data Security Breach. In the event that the Data Security Breach was a result of action or inaction by ACCORD, or the failure of the Software to comply with the data security measures notes in this Section 14, then ACCORD will be solely responsible for the costs and expenses of all remediation measures ACCORD takes. If, on the other hand, the Data Security Breach was a result of Client actions or inactions, then ACCORD will invoice Client for our assistance in our remediation efforts.

Related to Remediation of a Data Security Breach

Security Breach In the event of a security breach, the Contractor shall take prompt corrective action to cure any such deficiencies and any action pertaining to such unauthorized disclosure required by applicable federal and state laws and regulations.
Security Breaches In the event of a security breach that relates to the Transition Services, the Parties shall, subject to any applicable Law, cooperate with each other in good faith regarding the timing and manner of (a) notification to their respective customers, potential customers, employees and/or agents concerning a breach or potential breach of security and (b) disclosures to appropriate Governmental Entities.
Security Breach Notification In addition to the information enumerated in Article V, Section 4(1) of the DPA Standard Clauses, any Security Breach notification provided by the Provider to the LEA shall include:
Investigation of Accidents The Occupational Health and Safety Committees, as provided in Clause 22.2, shall be notified of each accident or injury and shall investigate and report to the Union and Employer on the nature and cause of the accident or injury. In the event of a fatality the Employer shall immediately notify the President of the nature and circumstances of the accident.
Reimbursement of Expenses Associated with Security Breach In the event of a Security Breach that is attributable to the Provider, the Provider shall reimburse and indemnify the LEA for any and all costs and expenses that the LEA incurs in investigating and remediating the Security Breach, without regard to any limitation of liability provision otherwise agreed to between Provider and LEA, including but not limited to costs and expenses associated with:
Independence from Material Breach Determination Except as set forth in Section X.D.1.c, these provisions for payment of Stipulated Penalties shall not affect or otherwise set a standard for OIG’s decision that CHSI has materially breached this CIA, which decision shall be made at OIG’s discretion and shall be governed by the provisions in Section X.D, below.
Investigation of Breach If the Seller (i) has knowledge of a breach of a representation or warranty made in Section 3.4, (ii) receives notice from the Depositor, the Trust, the Owner Trustee or the Indenture Trustee of a breach of a representation or warranty made in Section 3.4, (iii) receives a written request to repurchase a Receivable due to an alleged breach of a representation and warranty in Section 3.4 from the Owner Trustee, the Indenture Trustee, any Verified Note Owner or any Noteholder (which repurchase request shall provide sufficient detail so as to allow the Seller to reasonably investigate the alleged breach of the representations and warranties in Section 3.4; provided, that with respect to a repurchase request from a Noteholder or a Verified Note Owner, such repurchase request shall initially be provided to the Indenture Trustee) for a Receivable (each, a “Repurchase Request”) or (iv) receives a final report from the Asset Representations Reviewer that indicates that the Asset Representations Reviewer has determined that a test procedure under the Asset Representations Review Agreement has not been satisfied with respect to a representation or warranty set forth in Section 3.4 for a Receivable, then, in each case, the Seller will investigate the Receivable to confirm the breach and determine if the breach materially and adversely affects the interests of the Purchaser, the Issuer or the Noteholders in any Receivable. None of the Servicer, the Issuer, the Owner Trustee, the Indenture Trustee, the Asset Representations Reviewer or the Administrator will have an obligation to investigate whether a breach of any representation or warranty has occurred or whether any Receivable is required to be repurchased under this Section 3.5.
Our Liability for Failure to Complete Transactions If we do not properly complete a transaction from your Card on time or in the correct amount according to our Agreement with you, we will be liable for your losses or damages. However, there are some exceptions. We will not be liable, for instance:
COMPLIANCE WITH NEW YORK STATE INFORMATION SECURITY BREACH AND NOTIFICATION ACT Contractor shall comply with the provisions of the New York State Information Security Breach and Notification Act (General Business Law Section 899-aa; State Technology Law Section 208).
Data Breach In the event of an unauthorized release, disclosure or acquisition of Student Data that compromises the security, confidentiality or integrity of the Student Data maintained by the Provider the Provider shall provide notification to LEA within seventy-two (72) hours of confirmation of the incident, unless notification within this time limit would disrupt investigation of the incident by law enforcement. In such an event, notification shall be made within a reasonable time after the incident. Provider shall follow the following process: