Remanufactured IBC Sample Clauses

Remanufactured IBC. A metal, rigid plastic or composite IBC produced as a UN type from a non- UN type, or converted from one UN design type to another UN design type.

Related to Remanufactured IBC

  • USE OF RECYCLED OR REMANUFACTURED MATERIALS New York State supports and encourages contractors to use recycled, remanufactured or recovered materials in the manufacture of products and packaging to the maximum extent practicable without jeopardizing the performance or intended end use of the product or packaging unless such use is precluded due to health or safety requirements or product specifications contained herein. Refurbished or remanufactured components or products are required to be restored to original performance and regulatory standards and functions and are required to meet all other requirements of this bid solicitation. Warranties on refurbished or remanufactured components or products must be identical to the manufacturer's new equipment warranty or industry's normal warranty when remanufacturer does not offer new equipment. See "Remanufactured, Recycled, Recyclable or Recovered Materials" in Appendix B, OGS General Specifications.

  • PRODUCTS MANUFACTURED IN PUBLIC INSTITUTIONS Bids offering Products that are manufactured or produced in public institutions will be rejected.

  • REMANUFACTURED, RECYCLED, RECYCLABLE OR RECOVERED MATERIALS Upon the conditions specified in the Bid Specifications and in accordance with the laws of the State of New York, Contractors are encouraged to use recycled, recyclable or recovered materials in the manufacture of Products and packaging to the maximum extent practicable without jeopardizing the performance or intended end use of the Product or packaging unless such use is precluded due to health, welfare, safety requirements or in the Bid Specifications. Contractors are further encouraged to offer remanufactured Products to the maximum extent practicable without jeopardizing the performance or intended end use of the Product and unless such use is precluded due to health, welfare, safety requirements or by the Bid Specifications. Where such use is not practical, suitable, or permitted by the Bid Specifications, Contractor shall deliver new materials in accordance with the “Warranties" set forth below. Items with recycled, recyclable, recovered, refurbished or remanufactured content must be identified in the Bid or Bidder will be deemed to be offering new Product.

  • Preference for Domestically Manufactured Goods The provisions of paragraphs 2.54 and 2.55 of the Guidelines and Appendix 2 thereto shall apply to goods manufactured in the territory of the Borrower.

  • Loop Provisioning Involving Integrated Digital Loop Carriers 2.6.1 Where Talk America has requested an Unbundled Loop and BellSouth uses Integrated Digital Loop Carrier (IDLC) systems to provide the local service to the end user and BellSouth has a suitable alternate facility available, BellSouth will make such alternative facilities available to Talk America. If a suitable alternative facility is not available, then to the extent it is technically feasible, BellSouth will make alternative arrangements available to Talk America (e.g. hairpinning).

  • API If the Software offers integration capabilities via an API, your use of the API may be subject to additional costs or Sage specific policies and terms and conditions (which shall prevail in relation to your use of the API). You may not access or use the API in any way that could cause damage to us or the Software, or in contravention of any applicable laws. We reserve the right in our sole discretion, to: (i) update any API from time to time; (ii) place limitations around your use of any API; and (iii) deny you access to any API in the event of misuse by you or to otherwise protect our legitimate interests.

  • Manufacturer The producer or provider of Agriculture and Lawn Equipment which possess the minimum quality, reliability, service, and value required by the Department and Customers. May be used interchangeably with Brand Name. Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) – The MSRP represents the Manufacturer’s recommended retail selling price, list price, published price, or other usual and customary price that would be paid by the Customer for specific Commodities without the benefit of a Contract resulting from this solicitation. It must be publicly listed, available, and verifiable by the Department. MSRP Credit – The MSRP price of OEM and Non-OEM Options, Parts, Accessory(ies) or Implements that are deducted from the Base Equipment price paid by the Customer if removed from the Base Equipment. MSRP List – The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price List, a collection of MSRPs and related information broken down by specific Commodities. In the priority listed below, only the following are acceptable sources of current and revised MSRPs and MSRP Lists for use under the resulting Contract: • Manufacturer’s Annual U.S. Price Book, • Manufacturer’s official website or dealer software; and • Autodata, Inc. d/b/a Chrome Data’sTM Carbook Pro Fleet Edition.

  • Recycled Products The Contractor agrees to comply with all the requirements of Section 6002 of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), as amended (42 U.S.C. 6962), including but not limited to the regulatory provisions of 40 CFR Part 247, and Executive Order 12873, as they apply to the procurement of the items designated in Subpart B of 40 CFR Part 247. References: 42 U.S.C. 6962, 40 CFR Part 247, Executive Order 12873 (More than $10,000) Environmental Conditions Discovered During Construction

  • Originating Goods Except as otherwise provided in this Chapter, a good shall originate in the territory of a Party where:

  • Stored Materials If payment is requested on account of materials or equipment not incorporated in the Subcontract Work but delivered and suitably stored on site or off site at some other location agreed upon in writing, payment for such materials or equipment shall be made in accordance with the terms and conditions as allowed by the Contract Documents. In such cases: (1) insurance shall be provided with Contractor and Owner’s names on the policy, and Subcontractor shall furnish detailed inventory, including invoices, for all such stored materials, and (2) Subcontractor shall comply with such other procedures satisfactory to the Owner and Contractor to establish the Owner’s title to such materials and equipment, or otherwise to protect the Owner’s and Contractor’s interest including transportation to the site. If the Contract Documents do not permit payment for stored materials, then no such payment will be made.