Relevant Market Sample Clauses

Relevant Market. The term "Relevant Market" shall be defined as the following divisible and severable territorial divisions:
Relevant Market. The term “Relevant Market” means any county in North Carolina or any other state in which the Bank maintains a business office on the date of any termination of Employee’s employment with the Bank.
Relevant Market. The term "Relevant Market" means any Aiken County and Edgefield County, South Carolina, and Richmond County and Columbia County, Georgia.
Relevant Market. The term “Relevant Market” means: (A) Pitt County, North Carolina; (B) Cumberland County, North Carolina; (C) Harnett County, North Carolina; (D) Wake County, North Carolina; (E) Xxxxx County, North Carolina; and (F) within a fifteen (15) mile radius of any full-service branch of the Bank in existence at the time Employee’s employment with the Bank is terminated.
Relevant Market. The term “Relevant Market” means:
Relevant Market. Agent is entitled/obliged to carry out his/her activity, specified in this Agreement, on any territory without limitations.
Relevant Market. The current combination is limited to the sale and purchase of the Bitumen Business of SIMPL. The products manufactured and sold by the Parties are value added bituminous products and used either as alternatives or as additives to bitumen to increase the performance of the latter. Manufacturing and sale of
Relevant Market. The market for overnight cash borrowing collateralised by the US Government securities.
Relevant Market. 10. Petroleum needle coke, a crystalline form of carbon derived from decant oil, is the key ingredient in, and is used only in, the production of graphite electrodes. Graphite electrode producers such as GrafTech combine petroleum needle coke with pitch adhesives and other inputs to form cylinders that are shot through with electricity and baked to produce graphite electrodes. Graphite electrodes are then assembled into columns using connecting pins and sold to steel manufacturers for use in furnaces and foundries. Steel manufacturers dip the graphite electrodes into the belly of an electric arc furnace and use the graphite electrodes as a conductor to shoot electricity into the furnace, heating the furnace and melting scrap steel.
Relevant Market. 7. One relevant line of commerce within which to analyze the effects of Autodesk’s acquisition of Softdesk is the market for CAD engines for Windows-based personal computers.