Release from Liability Sample Clauses

Release from Liability. The City acknowledges that the Property may contain Hazardous Substances, and that Hazardous Substances released onto the Property may have migrated onto neighboring properties at times prior to the Effective Date. The Port acknowledges that the City is not in possession or control of the Property as of the Effective Date. Except as otherwise provided in this Section 13 and Section 7, the City waives, releases and discharges forever the Port from any and all present or future claims or demands and any and all damages, losses, injuries, liabilities, causes of action (including without limitation, causes of action in tort), costs and expenses (including without limitation fines, penalties and judgments and attorney’s fees) of any and every kind or character, known or unknown (collectively “Losses”) that the City might have asserted against the Port arising from or in any way related to environmental conditions in, at, on, under or originating from the Property or the alleged presence, use, storage, generation, manufacture, transport, release, leak, spill, disposal or other handling of any Hazardous Substances, in on or under the Property. Losses shall include without limitation (a) the cost of any investigation, removal, remedial or other response action that is required by any Environmental Law, that is required by judicial order or by order of or agreement with any governmental authority, or that is necessary or otherwise is reasonable under the circumstances, (b) Losses for injury or death of any person, and (c) Losses arising under any Environmental Law enacted after the Effective Date. Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed to waive or discharge any rights or claims the City may hold under the Environmental Laws, agreements or deeds, including the BNSF Remediation Obligation, to seek indemnity or contribution from BNSF or other parties other than the Port for Losses arising from or in any way related to environmental conditions on the Property. Nothing herein shall be deemed to be an assumption by the City of any existing liability of the Port under the Environmental Laws caused by resulting from or materially exacerbated by the acts of the Port or its officers, employees, agents, or contractors.
Release from Liability. I agree, for myself and my heirs, to fully and forever discharge and release CDBA, USDBF and Self-Help, Lake Merced, Xxxx Island Aquatic Center (BIAC), Berkeley Marina, Alameda's Mariner Square, Paragon Point, Xxxx Xxxxxxxxx, Quarry Lake, NCOCA, Wavechaser, Lake Del Valle, East Bay Regional Park District, Lake Xxxxxxx, City of Oakland, Treasure Island, Treasure Isle Marina and ALMAR Marina, Treasure Island Sailing Center, Treasure Island Development Authority, City and County of San Francisco, Xxxxxx City Boat Park, their officers, directors, agents and employees (collectively, the "Releasees") from any and all liabilities, claims, demands, actions and causes of action whatsoever whether known or unknown based upon any injuries, costs, loss of services, expenses, actions and causes of action whatsoever whether known or unknown based upon any injuries, costs, loss of services, expenses and any and all damage claims whatsoever, whether caused by their NEGLIGENCE or for any other reason, on the account of, or in any way resulting from, personal injuries, conscious suffering, death or property damage to myself or to any other person or property, in any way connected with my preparation or practice for, or participation in, the Activities. I agree that this Liability Release and Waiver Agreement shall include my participation in any and all sports activities sponsored by the Releasees including, but not limited to, practice sessions, instructional sessions, activities directed by a coach or a team representative and/or promotion activities.
Release from Liability. Each Party releases the other from any liability for loss or damage arising out of errors, interruptions, defects, failures, delays, or malfunctions of the Service, including any and all associated equipment and data processing systems, not caused by gross negligence or willful misconduct. Any losses or damages for which either Party is held liable under this Agreement shall in no event exceed the amount of the charges for the Service during the period beginning at the time notice of the error, interruption, defect, failure, or malfunction is received, to the time Service is restored.
Release from Liability. 1. The Lessee shall keep and maintain an insurance policy in a minimum amount of coverage of One Million Dollars ($1,000,000.00) single limit liability for any one accident or occurrence. Lessee agrees to provide insurance coverage as such may be required of all airport Lessees by Airport Board policy, which may be amended from time to time. The City of Rapid City agrees that insurance required by the Airport Board will not be unreasonable or arbitrary.
Release from Liability. The contractor agrees that the Government, and other persons to whom the Government may have released or disclosed technical data or computer software delivered or otherwise furnished under this contract, shall have no liability for any release or disclosure of technical data or computer software that are not marked to indicate that such data are licensed data subject to use, modification, reproduction, release, performance, display, or disclosure restrictions.
Release from Liability. Upon completion of a transfer in compliance with this Article XI: