Related Experience for RPNs Sample Clauses

Related Experience for RPNs. Claim for recent related clinical experience, if any, shall be made in writing by the RPN at the time of hiring on the application for employment form or otherwise. Once established consistent with this provision, credit for recent related experience will be retroactive to the RPN’s date of hire. The RPN shall cooperate with the Employer by providing verification of previous experience so that her related experience may be determined and evaluated during her probationary period. It is agreed that RPNs shall receive one (1) year wage grid movement for every year of related experience up to a maximum of the wage grid. For each one (1) year of full-time service, an RPN will be provided an adjustment equal to one (1) step on the salary grid. For each 1875 hours paid in previous employment for part-time service shall mean one (1) step on the salary grid. RPN staff will receive this adjustment upon hire, or if they provide confirmation within thirty (30) days of hire, retroactive to the date of hire, but if confirmation is provided thirty-one (31) days or more following the hire, the adjustment is effective as of the date confirmation is provided.Related experience refers to experience gained during the last nine (9) years. If a period of more than two (2) years has elapsed since the RPN has occupied a full-time or a part- time nursing position, the numbers of increments to be paid, if any, shall be at the discretion of the Employer. Relevant means service in a long- t e r m care facility, or other setting in which the focus is geriatric nursing.