Reinstatement of Loss Sample Clauses

Reinstatement of Loss. In the event of loss under this Section and in the absence of written notice by us or you to the contrary, the amount of such loss is to be automatically reinstated from the date thereof, your undertaking to pay such necessary premium as may be required for reinstatement for the remainder of the period of insurance. EXCLUSIONS1 Fines and DamagesWe will not be liable for any loss due to fines or damages for breach of contract, for late or non- completion of orders or for any penalties of whatever nature. 2 Other ExclusionsAll of the Exclusions in Section C will apply to this Section with the exception of Exclusions 13 and 15. DEFINITIONS to Section E1 Property InsuredProperty insured means the category of property below used for business purposes but the property is not insured unless the schedule specifies the individual category of property you have chosen to insure. 1.1 Contract worksContract works means:1.1.1 property forming part of the permanent or temporary works completed or in the course of completion in the performance of your contract with your principal; and1.1.2 materials or other goods supplied for incorporation into the works but not including property more specifically insured;1.1.3 whilst: