Reimbursable miles Sample Clauses

Reimbursable miles. 16 a) When check-in and check-out from the base office is required, 17 reimbursable mileage means all mileage driven on duty that day less the 18 distance to and from the nurse’s home to the base office defined as the 19 normal commute. 20
Reimbursable miles a) When check-in and check-out from the base office is required, reimbursable mileage means all mileage driven on duty that day less the distance to and from the nurse’s home to the base office.

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  • Reimbursable Costs 5.3.1. To be considered eligible for reimbursement, costs have to be: • actually incurred, individually identifiable and verifiable, as backed by copies of supporting evidence, as the case may be in the Contractor’s official bookkeeping; this means that no lump sums will be eligible for reimbursement; • necessary in order to perform the tasks as specified in the Terms of Reference (Annex 2); and • cost effective and providing value for money

  • Termination Costs If a Party elects to terminate this Agreement pursuant to Article 2.3.1 above, the terminating Party shall pay all costs incurred (including any cancellation costs relating to orders or contracts for Attachment Facilities and equipment) or charges assessed by the other Parties, as of the date of the other Parties’ receipt of such notice of termination, that are the responsibility of the terminating Party under this Agreement. In the event of termination by a Party, all Parties shall use commercially Reasonable Efforts to mitigate the costs, damages and charges arising as a consequence of termination. Upon termination of this Agreement, unless otherwise ordered or approved by FERC:

  • Reimbursable Expenses In addition to the compensation paid to the Advisor pursuant to Section 8 hereof, the Company or the Partnership shall pay directly or reimburse the Advisor for all of the expenses paid or incurred by the Advisor (to the extent not reimbursable by another party, such as the dealer manager) in connection with the services it provides to the Company and the Partnership pursuant to this Agreement, including, but not limited to:

  • Non-Reimbursable Expenses In addition to the non-reimbursable items set forth above in this Policy, the following is a non-exhaustive list of expenses that will not be reimbursed by Xxxxxxxxxx County:

  • Reimbursable Services Reimbursable Services are the services specifically identified in Paragraph 15.2 that are provided by the Architect/Engineer in conjunction with the delivery of Basic Services under this Agreement. Compensation for Reimbursable Services will be made when the services are complete.

  • Relocation Expenses The Company shall promptly reimburse the Executive for all relocation expenses as described below. The Company will only pay for reasonable broker fees in connection with the sale of the Executive’s existing residence, reasonable out-of-pocket fees and expenses but not taxes payable in connection with such sale (other than transfer taxes), the packing and moving of all household goods and shipment of three automobiles based upon a competitive bid obtained through the Company’s human resources department, and fees and expenses, but not broker fees or mortgage financing fees in excess of two points, in connection with the purchase of a residence. The Executive shall be entitled to the preceding relocation expenses as long as they are incurred within eighteen (18) months of such determination to relocate (the “Commencement Date”). Between the Commencement Date and the earlier of (1) the date the Executive’s family relocates or (2) six months after the Commencement Date (the “Transition Period”), the Executive may make no more than fifteen round trips by air at the Company’s expense to commute to his last residence or such other place as Executive shall determine. The Executive will also be reimbursed for reasonable expenses associated with commuting during the Transition Period, including two trips to any such new location for his spouse for purposes of relocation-related planning, and for temporary housing and rental car expenses at any such new location. In respect of the two trips to the new location for the Executive’s spouse, the Company will reimburse the Executive for first-class travel arrangements for the Executive’s spouse only. The Executive will be entitled to receive an additional payment to cover any federal, state, and local income taxes that he incurs in connection with any reimbursement for relocation expenses that are not tax deductible. The Executive will be entitled to reimbursement for miscellaneous household expenses incurred in connection with the relocation in order to put the Executive’s new residence into move-in condition in an amount not to exceed twenty thousand dollars ($20,000.00).

  • Termination Expenses Termination Expenses are in addition to compensation for Basic and Supplemental Services, and are full compensation for all damages and expenses which are directly or indirectly attributable to termination. Termination Expenses are applicable only to a termination for convenience by Owner and shall be computed as a percentage of the total compensation for Basic Services and Supplemental Services earned to the time of termination, as follows:

  • Travel Expense Reimbursement Pricing for services provided under this Contract are exclusive of any travel expenses that may be incurred in the performance of those services. Travel expense reimbursement may include personal vehicle mileage or commercial coach transportation, hotel accommodations, parking and meals; provided, however, the amount of reimbursement by Customers shall not exceed the amounts authorized for state employees as adopted by each Customer; and provided, further, that all reimbursement rates shall not exceed the maximum rates established for state employees under the current State Travel Management Program (xxxx://xxx.xxxxxx.xxxxx.xx.xx/procurement/prog/stmp/). Travel time may not be included as part of the amounts payable by Customer for any services rendered under this Contract. The DIR administrative fee specified in Section 5 below is not applicable to travel expense reimbursement. Anticipated travel expenses must be pre-approved in writing by Customer.

  • Termination Fee; Expenses (a) Except as set forth in this Section 9.05, all Expenses incurred in connection with this Agreement and the Merger shall be paid by the party incurring such Expenses, whether or not the Merger is consummated, except that Parent and Company each shall pay one-half of all Expenses (other than attorneys' and accountants' fees and expenses) incurred solely for printing, filing and mailing the Registration Statement and the Proxy Statement and all SEC and other regulatory filing fees incurred in connection with the Registration Statement and the Proxy Statement and any fees required to be paid under the HSR Act.

  • Reimbursement of Eligible Costs To be eligible for reimbursement, the Engineer's costs must (1) be incurred in accordance with the terms of a valid work authorization; (2) be in accordance with Attachment E, Fee Schedule; and (3) comply with cost principles set forth at 48 CFR Part 31, Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR 31). Satisfactory progress of work shall be maintained as a condition of payment.