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  • Mutual Fund Entity Name Reference ID Entity Type X. Xxxx Price Institutional Small-Cap Stock Fund SCI Mutual Fund - Series X. Xxxx Price Institutional U.S. Structured Research Fund IRF Mutual Fund - Series X. Xxxx Price Institutional Income Funds, Inc. IINCF Mutual Fund - Parent X. Xxxx Price Institutional Core Plus Fund ICP Mutual Fund - Series

  • Formation of Joint Venture The JV Parties hereby jointly enter into and form this Joint Venture, for the limited purpose and scope set herein, pursuant to the laws of the State of California and the terms of this Agreement. Notwithstanding the foregoing, except as otherwise expressly provided in this JV Agreement or by other written agreement executed by the JV Parties, no JV Party shall have the authority to act for or to assume any obligations or responsibilities on behalf of any other JV Party. Each of the JV Parties acknowledges and agrees that the creation of the Joint Venture shall be purely contractual in nature, and that (i) the Joint Venture shall not constitute the creation of any separate limited liability company, partnership or other legal entity and (ii) other than as specifically provided herein, neither SMK nor the Investor shall be required to make any filing with, or obtain any consent from, the State of California or any other governmental body, in each case, in order for the Joint Venture to commence and for the JV Parties to be contractually bound by this JV Agreement.

  • Promotion and Protection of Investment 1. Each Party shall encourage investors of the other Party to make investments in its territory and admit such investments in accordance with its laws and regulations. 2. Subject to its laws and regulations, each Party shall provide assistance in and facilities for obtaining visas and working permit to nationals of the other Party engaging in activities associated with investments made in the territory of that Party.

  • Partnerships and Joint Ventures Schedule 7.16 sets forth as of the date of this Agreement a list of all partnerships or joint ventures in which the Borrower or any Subsidiary is a partner (limited or general) or joint venturer.

  • Investments; Joint Ventures Company shall not, and shall not permit any of its Subsidiaries to, directly or indirectly, make or own any Investment in any Person, including any Joint Venture, except:

  • Joint Ventures The joint venture or partnership arrangements in which the Company or the Partnership is a co-venturer or general partner which are established to acquire or hold Assets.

  • Joint Venture Agreement The shareholder entity designated by each member country shall negotiate and conclude, as soon as possible, a Joint Venture Agreement acceptable to the Philippines and the Parties, for the setting up of an ASEAN Copper Fabrication Project in the Philippines. Such Joint Venture Agreement shall set out, among others:

  • Promotion of Investment Member States shall cooperate in increasing awareness of ASEAN as an integrated investment area in order to increase foreign investment into ASEAN and intra-ASEAN investments through, among others:

  • No Joint Venture Nothing contained in this Agreement (i) shall constitute the Administrator and either of the Issuer or the Owner Trustee as members of any partnership, joint venture, association, syndicate, unincorporated business or other separate entity, (ii) shall be construed to impose any liability as such on any of them or (iii) shall be deemed to confer on any of them any express, implied or apparent authority to incur any obligation or liability on behalf of the others.

  • Joint Venture Nothing contained in this Agreement shall be construed as creating a joint venture, partnership, agency or employment relationship between Plan and Controlled Affiliate or between either and BCBSA.