ReferencesSection 8: Financial Proposal Form10 Sample Clauses

ReferencesSection 8: Financial Proposal Form10. The Proposer is required to prepare the Financial Proposal in an envelope separate from the rest of the RFP as indicated in the Instruction to Proposers. 1. The Proposers shall fill out, sign and stamp the ‘Price Schedule’, which are going to be placed inthe Inner Envelope III as indicated in the Instruction to Proposers and Section 9 of the RFP.2. UN and its subsidiary organs are exempt from all taxes. Therefore, Proposers shall prepare their Financial Proposals, excluding VAT. It is the Proposer’s responsibility to learn from relevant authorities (Ministry of Finance) and/or to review/confirm published procedures and to consult with a certified financial consultant as needed, to confirm the scope and procedures of VAT exemption application as per VAT Law and Ministry of Finance’s Communiqués.