REDUCTION IN PERSONNEL - FOR LAYOFF ONLY. Should changes in student population or financial conditions warrant an adjustment or reduction in staff the following procedures shall prevail:


  • REDUCTION IN PERSONNEL A. The Board expressly retains the authority to effectuate a reduction in personnel whenever the Board shall, in its sole discretion, determine such a reduction to be necessary or advisable, and for whatever reasons the Board shall, in its sole discretion, determine to have made such action necessary or advisable.

  • Personnel Selection Leave 35.6.1 Where an employee participates in a personnel selection process for a position in the Public Service, as defined in the Financial Administration Act, the Council shall grant leave of absence with pay for the period during which the employee's presence is required for purposes of the selection process, and for such further period as the Council considers reasonable for the employee to travel to and from the place where his presence is so required.

  • Leave Without Pay for Personal Needs Leave without pay will be granted for personal needs, in the following manner:

  • PERSONNEL REDUCTION Section 1 In the event of layoffs in connection with decreasing the work force, and the recall to work of people so laid off, the following consideration shall govern. Skill and ability as determined by reference to the employee's work record, and length of service shall be the determining factors; however, employees shall be laid off by category of seniority. There shall be three (3) seniority categories: probationary, 1 year to 5 years seniority, and over 5 years seniority. In case of layoff, all employees in the lowest seniority category shall be laid off before proceeding to layoff of anyone in a more senior category. Where skill and ability within a category are approximately equal, length of service shall govern. Employees having the same seniority within a category shall draw lots to determine the order of layoff. No new employees shall be hired until all laid off employees have been given the opportunity to be re-hired. Employees who have been laid off will be offered re-employment in the inverse order of layoffs when they are needed again, provided they are physically qualified and possess sufficient training and experience to perform the duties of the available work. The City shall give laid off employees ten (10) days notice of its intention to rehire. The employees shall within ten (10) days period notify the City of their intention to, or not to, return to the employ of the City, and shall report to work no later than fifteen (15) days from receipt of said notice to rehire. If an employee fails to notify the City within the ten (10) calendar day period of his/her intentions to return to work, or fails to report to work within fifteen (15) calendar days from the date of notice, he/she shall be considered permanently severed from the employ of the City. At the time of a layoff the City shall provide all laid off employees with a complete physical examination. At the time of rehire, the City may require a physical examination prior to the employee's return to duty, and it is expressly understood that any employee found physically unfit to return to duty may be refused re-employment and removed from the employment list. The City shall not be obligated to rehire laid off employees who have been laid off for five (5) or more consecutive calendar years, beginning from the date of layoff.

  • COMMUTE TRIP REDUCTION AND PARKING 24.1 The Employer will continue to encourage but not require employees to use alternate means of transportation to commute to and from work consistent with the Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) law and the needs of the college/district community.

  • REDUCTION IN FORCE It is understood and agreed that in addition to the above designated and related duties, full-time professional staff shall participate fully in the activities of institutional councils and/or committees. The employment status of the Employee shall be as follows: Executive/Managerial Appointment , not subject to tenure. Professional/Managerial Appointment , not subject to tenure. Other conditions of Employment:

  • Reduction in Hours (a) Reduction in hours shall be based on seniority, providing that affected employees have the qualifications to perform the work that is available and that licensing standards can be maintained.

  • Reduction in Purchase Price Anything in this Section 11 to the contrary notwithstanding, the Company shall be entitled to make such reductions in the Purchase Price, in addition to those adjustments expressly required by this Section 11, as and to the extent that it in its sole discretion shall determine to be advisable in order that any consolidation or subdivision of the Preferred Shares, issuance wholly for cash of any of the Preferred Shares at less than the current market price, issuance wholly for cash of Preferred Shares or securities which by their terms are convertible into or exchangeable for Preferred Shares, dividends on Preferred Shares payable in Preferred Shares or issuance of rights, options or warrants referred to hereinabove in this Section 11, hereafter made by the Company to holders of its Preferred Shares shall not be taxable to such stockholders.

  • Personal Leave Without Pay Personal leave without pay will not be approved except 20 in those instances where the teacher has no appropriate paid leave available. It is 21 understood that a teacher’s willingness to undertake leave without pay does not impose a 22 requirement on the principal or the supervisor to approve the request for leave. The request 23 is subject to approval or disapproval by the Superintendent based on the extent to which 24 the teacher’s absence will impact the instructional setting or the work setting.

  • Court Appearance Leave Without Pay An employee may request and shall be granted leave without pay for the time required to make an appearance as a plaintiff or defendant in a civil or criminal court proceeding that is not connected with the employee's officially assigned duties. However, such reduction in salary will not be made for an FLSA exempt employee to testify in court or at a deposition except for full work week increments where such testimony causes an absence of one (1) or more full work weeks. (See also, Article 35, Sections 1 & 2.)