Redemption of Units Sample Clauses

Redemption of Units. If the underwriters (the “Underwriters”) in the Company’s initial public offering (the “IPO”) do not exercise in full their over-allotment option to be granted by the Company pursuant to an underwriting agreement by and among the Underwriters and the Company, then either (i) the Company shall redeem from Purchaser, at a redemption price equal to $0.01 per Unit, or (ii) the Purchaser shall forfeit, a number of Units equal to 6,000 multiplied by the percentage of the Underwriters’ over-allotment option that remains unexercised as of the expiration date thereof.
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Redemption of Units. (1) Subject to Section 11.3(d) and the further provisions of this Section 4.2(e), and except as otherwise set forth in an exhibit hereto setting forth rights, preferences and obligations with respect to any particular class or series of Membership Units issued after the date hereof, each Non-Managing Member shall have the right (i) on or after the date twelve (12) months after the Effective Date, with respect to the Membership Units acquired on or contemporaneously with the Effective Date, or (ii) on or after such other date as expressly provided in any agreement entered into between the Company and any Non-Managing Member, including the Structuring and Contribution Agreement, to require the Company to redeem (the “Redemption Right”) on a Specified Redemption Date all or a portion of the Membership Units held by such Non-Managing Member at a redemption price equal to and in the form of the Cash Amount to be paid by the Company. The Redemption Right shall be exercised pursuant to a Notice of Redemption delivered to the Company (with a copy to the Managing Member) by the Non-Managing Member who is exercising the Redemption Right (the “Redeeming Member”); provided, however, that the Company shall not be obligated to satisfy such Redemption Right if the Managing Member elects to purchase the Membership Units subject to the Notice of Redemption (the “Tendered Units”); provided, further, that in the event the Managing Member issues to all holders of Common Shares rights, options, warrants or convertible or exchangeable securities entitling the shareholders to subscribe for or purchase Common Shares, or any other securities or property (collectively, the “Common Share Rights”) then (except to the extent such rights have already been reflected in an adjustment to the Unit Adjustment Factor as provided in Section 4.2(e)(2) below) the Redeeming Member shall also be entitled to receive such Common Share Rights that a holder of that number of Common Shares would be entitled to receive. A Non-Managing Member may not exercise the Redemption Right for less than ten thousand (10,000) Membership Units or, if such Non-Managing Member holds less than ten thousand (10,000) Membership Units, all of the Membership Units held by such Non-Managing Member.
Redemption of Units. No Member shall have the right to redeem its Units, withdraw from the Company or otherwise obtain the return of all or any portion of his Capital Account balance for a period of one year after such Member’s initial purchase of Units, except in the event of the Member’s death within the first year of his or her purchase of Units. Redemptions of Units after a minimum one year holding period and before the five year holding period as set forth below shall be permitted in accordance with this Article 8. The Managers shall have the right, in their sole discretion, to redeem the Units of any Member who holds less than 2,000 Units. No penalty will be assessed in connection with such redemption of less than 2,000 Units by the Managers. Additionally, as set forth below there shall be a limited right of withdrawal upon the death of a Member. A Member may redeem its Units upon the following terms:
Redemption of Units. 7.5.1 The Trustee shall at any time during the life of the Trust on the instruction of the Management Company authorize redemption of Units out of the Trust Property.
Redemption of Units. Any redemption of Units by the Company permitted under Article III shall be conducted in accordance with this Section 3.13.
Redemption of Units. Unitholders may redeem Units either in whole or in part by delivering a redemption form, duly executed and in form satisfactory to the Trustees, to the Agent or as the Trustees may otherwise direct, or in such other manner as the Trustees may provide that is consistent with applicable law. Redemptions shall be made at the Net Asset Value next computed after such delivery (or other acceptable tender) less such redemption fee (not, however, to exceed one percent) as the Trustees may from time to time prescribe. The Trustees may suspend a Unitholder's right of redemption or postpone the date of payment when (a) trading in the markets the Fund normally utilizes is restricted or an emergency exists as determined by the Commission so that disposal of the Fund's investments or determination of its Net Asset Value is not reasonably practicable, or (b) the Commission, by order, has otherwise provided for or permitted such suspension or postponement.
Redemption of Units. Units shall be redeemed on each valuation day (repurchase day) at the net asset value per unit of the respective unit class of the UCITS less the redemption charge, if any, and less taxes and charges, if any. Repurchase requests must be received by the depositary on the acceptance dead- line at the latest. If a repurchase request is received after the acceptance deadline, it will be scheduled for the next following repurchase day. Purchase or redemption re- quests submitted to distributors in Liechtenstein or abroad may be subject to earlier deadlines in order to assure that they can be forwarded to the depositary in Liechten- xxxxx in a timely manner. On request, the respective distributor will provide pertinent in- formation. Information on the redemption day, the valuation interval, the acceptance deadline, and the maximum redemption premium, if any, is provided in Annex A "The UCITS at a glance". Since the UCITS must maintain an adequate amount of liquidity, the payment of re- deemed units will take place within three bank business days after the respective re- demption day. This does not apply in case the transfer of the redemption sum proves impossible due to legal constraints such as currency export and cross-border payment restrictions or due to other circumstances beyond the control of the depositary. If, on request by the investor, the payment is to be made in a currency other than the currency in which the respective units are denominated, the amount payable shall be calculated on the basis of the proceeds from the conversion of the reference curren- cy into the payment currency, less fees and charges, if any. When the repurchase price is paid, the respective unit shall become void. The management company and/or the depositary may unilaterally redeem units against payment of the repurchase price to the extent that this appears to be in the interest of or for the protection of investors, the management company or the UCITS, particularly when
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Redemption of Units. 16 (A) (i) Subject to clause 16 the Manager shall on receipt by it or by its duly authorized agent of a request in writing by a Holder (other than the Manager) to redeem from such Holder before such time as may be agreed between the Manager and the Trustee on a Dealing day, all or any part of the Units comprised in his holding at a price per Unit computed by dividing the Value of the Deposited Property as at the date of proposed redemption divided by the number of Units outstanding as at such date, after deducting therefrom the Exit Fee, if any, or appropriate allowances for Duties and Charges in relation to the realization of the Deposited Property and by adjusting the resulting quotient to the nearest cent. Provided that any Units so redeemed shall be cancelled by the Manager in terms of clause 15 and the notice of such cancellation shall be deemed to have been issued on the day on which such redemption takes place.
Redemption of Units. The Redemption Rights of the Original Limited Partners are set forth in this Section 8.6. Any Redemption Rights granted to Additional Limited Partners shall be set forth in amendments to this Agreement or in separate redemption agreements.
Redemption of Units. (a) (i) Upon the terms and subject to the conditions set forth in this Section 3.6, each of the Members (other than PubCo and its wholly-owned Subsidiaries) (the “Redeeming Member”) shall be entitled to cause the Company to redeem all or a portion of such Member’s Units (together with the transfer and surrender of the same number of shares of Class B Common Stock) for an equivalent number of shares of Class A Common Stock (a “Redemption”) or, at the Company’s election made in accordance with Section 3.6(a)(iv), cash equal to the Cash Election Amount calculated with respect to such Redemption. A Redeeming Member shall be permitted to effect a Redemption of Units no more frequently than once per calendar quarter. The Managing Member may, in its discretion, adopt a policy to limit quarterly exchanges to a particular period during each quarter. With respect to each Redemption, a Redeeming Member shall be required to redeem at least a number of Units equal to the lesser of (A) 2,500 Units and (B) All Owned Units (excluding, for this purpose only, HoldCo Units not eligible for redemption pursuant to the terms of the A&R HoldCo Agreement at the time of the relevant Redemption). Notwithstanding the preceding clause (A) of this Section 3.6(a)(i), with respect to each Redemption, if the Redeeming Member is any of Xxxxxx Investment Company, Xxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxx Xxxxxx, Cadent Energy Partners II, L.P. (or any affiliated funds or investment vehicles managed by Cadent Energy Partners, LLC) or Xxx Xxxxxx, such Redeeming Member shall be required to redeem at least a number of Units equal to the lesser of 10,000 Units and All Owned Units, and if the Redeeming Member is a Former A-1 Unitholder, such Redeeming Member shall be required to redeem at least a number of Units equal to the lesser of 1,000 Units and All Owned Units (excluding, for this purpose only, HoldCo Units not eligible for redemption pursuant to the terms of the A&R HoldCo Agreement at the time of the relevant Redemption). Notwithstanding the foregoing, subject to Section 3.6(j) and Section 3.6(k), a Redeeming Member may exercise its redemption right with respect to All Owned Units of such Member or at least 1,000,000 Units at any time. Upon the Redemption of all of a Member’s Units, such Member shall, for the avoidance of doubt, cease to be a Member of the Company.
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