RECOVERABLE Sample Clauses

RECOVERABLE. All payments made by Publisher to the Author, whether PAYMENTS under this agreement or not, shall be chargeable against and recoverable from any or all monies accruing to the Author under this contract and for all other contracts between the parties or their assigns.
RECOVERABLE. 10.1. Should the Client default in the payment of any monies due to ST under the Contract, then all monies due to ST shall immediately become due and payable and shall be paid by the Client within 7 days of the date of demand.


Recoveries (a) With respect to any Class of Certificates (other than the Class P Certificates) to which a Realized Loss has been allocated (including any such Class for which the related Class Principal Balance has been reduced to zero), the Class Principal Balance of such Class will be increased, up to the amount of related Non-PO Recoveries for such Distribution Date as follows:
Insurance Proceeds Subject to the provisions of Section 14.4, all proceeds payable by reason of any loss or damage to the Leased Property, or any portion thereof, insured under any policy of insurance required by Article 13 of this Lease, shall be paid to Lessor and held in trust by Lessor in an interest-bearing account, shall be made available, if applicable, for reconstruction or repair, as the case may be, of any damage to or destruction of the Leased Property, or any portion thereof, and, if applicable, shall be paid out by Lessor from time to time for the reasonable costs of such reconstruction or repair upon satisfaction of reasonable terms and conditions specified by Lessor. Any excess proceeds of insurance (and accrued interest) remaining after the completion of the restoration or reconstruction of the Leased Property, as hereinafter set forth, shall be paid to Lessee. If neither Lessor nor Lessee is required or elects to repair and restore, and the Lease is terminated without purchase by Lessee as described in Section 14.2, all such insurance proceeds shall be retained by Lessor. All salvage resulting from any risk covered by insurance shall belong to Lessor.
Recovery Each Protected Person shall use its reasonable efforts to pursue other third-party sources of indemnification in respect of any Liabilities for which it or any Protected Person may require indemnification in accordance with this Section 4. If any Protected Person recovers any amounts in respect of any Liabilities from insurance coverage or any third-party source, then such Protected Person shall, to the extent that such recovery is duplicative, reimburse the Issuer for any amounts previously paid to it by the Issuer in respect of such Liabilities.
Expenses and Recoveries The enforcing Party bringing a claim, suit or action under this Section 4.3 shall be solely responsible for any expenses incurred by such Party as a result of such claim, suit or action. If such Party recovers monetary damages in such claim, suit or action, except as otherwise agreed by the Parties in connection with a cost-sharing arrangement, such recovery shall be allocated first to the reimbursement of any expenses incurred by the Parties in such litigation, and any remaining amounts shall be shared as follows: [***].
Recovery of Erroneous Payments Without limitation of any other provision in this Agreement, if at any time the Administrative Agent makes a payment hereunder in error to any Lender or the L/C Issuer (the “Credit Party”), whether or not in respect of an Obligation due and owing by the Borrower at such time, where such payment is a Rescindable Amount, then in any such event, each Credit Party receiving a Rescindable Amount severally agrees to repay to the Administrative Agent forthwith on demand the Rescindable Amount received by such Credit Party in immediately available funds in the currency so received, with interest thereon, for each day from and including the date such Rescindable Amount is received by it to but excluding the date of payment to the Administrative Agent, at the greater of the Federal Funds Rate and a rate determined by the Administrative Agent in accordance with banking industry rules on interbank compensation. Each Credit Party irrevocably waives any and all defenses, including any “discharge for value” (under which a creditor might otherwise claim a right to retain funds mistakenly paid by a third party in respect of a debt owed by another) or similar defense to its obligation to return any Rescindable Amount. The Administrative Agent shall inform each Credit Party promptly upon determining that any payment made to such Credit Party comprised, in whole or in part, a Rescindable Amount.
Damages Should the registration or the effectiveness thereof required by Sections 4.1 and 4.2 hereof be delayed by the Company or the Company otherwise fails to comply with such provisions, the Holder(s) shall, in addition to any other legal or other relief available to the Holder(s), be entitled to obtain specific performance or other equitable (including injunctive) relief against the threatened breach of such provisions or the continuation of any such breach, without the necessity of proving actual damages and without the necessity of posting bond or other security.
Salvage All materials which are scrapped or removed in connection with the making of repairs required by Articles 9 or 10 shall be or become the property of Lessor or Lessee depending on which party is paying for or providing the financing for such work.
Enforcement Costs The Borrower shall, within three Business Days of demand, pay to each Finance Party the amount of all costs and expenses (including legal fees) incurred by that Finance Party in connection with the enforcement of, or the preservation of any rights under, any Finance Document.
Insufficient Insurance Proceeds If the cost of the repair or restoration of the applicable Facility exceeds the amount of insurance proceeds received by Landlord and Tenant pursuant to Section 9.1, Tenant shall give Landlord Notice thereof which notice shall set forth in reasonable detail the nature of such deficiency and whether Tenant shall pay and assume the amount of such deficiency (Tenant having no obligation to do so, except that, if Tenant shall elect to make such funds available, the same shall become an irrevocable obligation of Tenant pursuant to this Agreement). In the event Tenant shall elect not to pay and assume the amount of such deficiency, Landlord shall have the right (but not the obligation), exercisable at Landlord’s sole election by Notice to Tenant, given within sixty (60) days after Tenant’s notice of the deficiency, to elect to make available for application to the cost of repair or restoration the amount of such deficiency; provided, however, in such event, upon any disbursement by Landlord thereof, the Minimum Rent shall be adjusted as provided in Section 3.1.1(c). In the event that neither Landlord nor Tenant shall elect to make such deficiency available for restoration, either Landlord or Tenant may terminate this Agreement with respect to the affected Property by Notice to the other, whereupon, this Agreement shall so terminate and insurance proceeds shall be distributed as provided in Section 10.2.1. It is expressly understood and agreed, however, that, notwithstanding anything in this Agreement to the contrary, Tenant shall be strictly liable and solely responsible for the amount of any deductible and shall, upon any insurable loss, pay over the amount of such deductible to Landlord at the time and in the manner herein provided for payment of the applicable proceeds to Landlord.
Losses Except as otherwise provided herein, losses for each year of the Partnership shall be allocated among the Partners pro rata in accordance with their respective Partnership Interests as specified on Exhibit B.