Receptacle Sample Clauses

Receptacle. A container used to store solid waste designed to accept liners that are to be emptied manually.
Receptacle. Decora type, duplex, specification grade, color white, 125 volt, 2 pole, 3 wire grounding type, NEMA 5-15, with matching cover plate. Use 20 ampere receptacle when supplied by a separate circuit. 15 ampere: Leviton catalog no. 16252-W 20 ampere: Leviton catalog no. 16352-W
Receptacle. A unit of a dispatch and of a consignment. The receptacle is typically a bag or a tray containing postal items. Receptacles are a physical entity handled by carriers such as airlines. When air transport is involved, a receptacle can also be an airline container with loose-loaded parcels, or a pallet of mail. An individual parcel or EMS item too large to fit in a mailbag can also be a receptacle. Each receptacle has a standard 29-character barcoded receptacle ID. The receptacle ID is used by carriers, as well as by Posts. The applicable UPU standard for receptacle ID is S9.

Related to Receptacle

  • Garbage The handling and disposal of garbage shall comply with arrangements prescribed by the Landlord from time to time. No disproportionate or abnormal quantity of waste material shall be allowed to accumulate in the Leased Premises and the cost of removal or clearing of quantities in excess of such normally provided service may be charged to the Tenant.

  • Trash Tenant shall not allow anything to be placed on the outside of the Building, nor shall anything be thrown by Tenant out of the windows or doors, or down the corridors or ventilating ducts or shafts, of the Building. All trash and refuse shall be placed in receptacles provided by Landlord for the Building or by Tenant for the Premises.

  • Containers The marine and intermodal cargo containers either owned or leased by the Borrower and employed by the Borrower in the conduct of its business, including, without limitation, refrigerated, dry van, tank, open top and flat rack containers and refrigeration units and generator sets associated therewith, but excluding any chassis for such containers.

  • Postal Service The parties may designate substitute addresses where or persons to whom notices are to be mailed or delivered. However, these substitutions will not become effective until actual receipt of written notification.

  • Rubbish All waste wood, wood chips, shavings, sawdust, printed matter, paper, pasteboard, rags, straw, used and discarded mattresses, used and discarded clothing, used and discarded shoes and boots, combustible waste pulp and other products such as are used for packaging, or wrapping crockery and glass, ashes, cinders, floor sweepings, glass, mineral or metallic substances, and any and all other waste materials not included in the definition of Excluded Waste.

  • Transport 6.1.1 BellSouth shall provide nondiscriminatory access, in accordance with FCC Rules 51.311, 51.319, and Section 251(c)(3) of the Act to interoffice transmission facilities described in this Section 6 on an unbundled basis to EZ Phone for the provision of a qualifying service, as set forth herein.

  • Ventilation Where noxious or poisonous gases may accumulate, the City shall provide proper protection and ventilation. Proper lighting and ventilation shall be provided for all enclosed working spaces. All work in enclosed and confined spaces shall be performed in accordance with applicable Federal, State and local regulations. Spray painting shall be done only by qualified painters.

  • Mailboxes UNION delegates, officers and authorized UNION representatives shall have the right to place materials in the mailboxes of bargaining unit employees. Materials placed in mailboxes shall be restricted to official communications from the UNION or communications signed by the UNION delegate. A copy of all materials placed in the mailboxes of bargaining unit employees by the UNION shall simultaneously be placed in the principal’s or head administrator’s mailbox.

  • Storage Your milk must be stored in accordance with all Laws and the Quality Standards. Your milk will not be collected by DFMC from non-refrigerated vessels. Furthermore, DFMC will not accept your milk if it has been segregated on the basis of composition or quality.

  • Janitorial Landlord shall provide janitorial service five (5) nights per week and window washing generally consistent with that furnished in other first-class office buildings in Irvine, California. Landlord’s janitorial services shall be consistent with the Cleaning Schedule attached to this Lease as Exhibit “I”. Tenant will reasonably cooperate with any Building-wide recycling programs to reduce the Building’s contribution to the waste stream. Janitorial services shall include the transportation of trash and refuse from the Premises to the Building’s central trash enclosure area during the times and in the manner consistent with the janitorial services provided as needed. Landlord shall not be required to provide other than Building standard janitorial services for portions of the Premises used for storage, mailroom, storage room or similar purposes, or preparing or consuming food or beverages, nor shall Landlord be required to provide janitorial services to areas secured, obstructed or locked by Tenant, or used as a lavatory, other than the lavatory rooms shown on the floor plans of the Premises attached to this Lease as Exhibit “C”. Landlord will provide Tenant with the use of a day porter for cleaning services in the Premises on Tenant’s prior request from time to time.