Receives Sample Clauses

Receives and directs all incoming telephone calls to appropriate person(s); takes messages.
Receives sign off from a supervisor or other staffer for work plans, budgetary decisions, and public-facing communications.
Receives a medical or psychiatric disability retirement after active service under honorable conditions as a regular peace officer for at least ten (10) years. The period of ten (10) years shall be determined from the day the officer assumed office to the last day actually worked, exclusive of all time off for the disability which caused the unit employee's retirement, unless;
Receives unpacks and checks incoming materials from suppliers, ensures that goods are delivered as per specifications and completes related paperwork such as signing delivery slips.
Receives a faxed copy of QSPEC from Materials Planning with sign-offs on SKU information and inventory review (see 1.3 and 2.8)
Receives. Gathers the pertinent information relating to your problem Your Call? report or request. . Assigns a priority to your request (see Five Priorities below). . Opens a trouble ticket in our Help Desk System and notifies customer of the ticket number. . Begins to work the problem or re-assigns the problem to another Exodus support person, if necessary. . Keeps you informed on problem resolution. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Exodus Each Customer Request is assigned a priority (Request Priority), Communications had based on the following guidelines: Five Request ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Priorities Priority Description ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. ................. Size is not operational. 2 .................. Size is operational, but highly degraded. 3 .................. Size is operational, but slightly degraded. 4 .................. Non-critical change request. 5 .................. For information only. The assigned Request Priority is then used by the Network Control Center (NCC) to: . Determine the order that Customer Requests are processed. . Assign a method and frequency for informing you of the Customer Request status. . Escalate your request inside Exodus, as required. Note: Customers can log their call via e-mail at: or via phone at: 1-888-2EXODUS. If you have a Priority 1 or 2 problem, please open your call via 1-888-2EXODUS. -20- -------------------------------- Customer Support _______________________________________________ -------------------------------- Problem Resolution When a Network Control Center Engineer is unable to resolve a Prices network problem within a specified time period, based on the Request Priority, she forwards the problem to the Network Engineering group for resolution. When the Network Engineering group is unable to resolve a network problem, they escalate the problem to the Exodus Backbone Engineering Department. The Backbone Engineers are responsible for the design, development, and implementation of the Exodus backbone network and network infrastructure.
Receives a written or verbal demand or claim for damages because of the injury or damage; or

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  • Notification After the filing of a Registration Statement, the Company shall promptly, and in no event more than two (2) business days after such filing, notify the holders of Registrable Securities included in such Registration Statement of such filing, and shall further notify such holders promptly and confirm such advice in writing in all events within two (2) business days of the occurrence of any of the following: (i) when such Registration Statement becomes effective; (ii) when any post-effective amendment to such Registration Statement becomes effective; (iii) the issuance or threatened issuance by the Commission of any stop order (and the Company shall take all actions required to prevent the entry of such stop order or to remove it if entered); and (iv) any request by the Commission for any amendment or supplement to such Registration Statement or any prospectus relating thereto or for additional information or of the occurrence of an event requiring the preparation of a supplement or amendment to such prospectus so that, as thereafter delivered to the purchasers of the securities covered by such Registration Statement, such prospectus will not contain an untrue statement of a material fact or omit to state any material fact required to be stated therein or necessary to make the statements therein not misleading, and promptly make available to the holders of Registrable Securities included in such Registration Statement any such supplement or amendment; except that before filing with the Commission a Registration Statement or prospectus or any amendment or supplement thereto, including documents incorporated by reference, the Company shall furnish to the holders of Registrable Securities included in such Registration Statement and to the legal counsel for any such holders, copies of all such documents proposed to be filed sufficiently in advance of filing to provide such holders and legal counsel with a reasonable opportunity to review such documents and comment thereon, and the Company shall not file any Registration Statement or prospectus or amendment or supplement thereto, including documents incorporated by reference, to which such holders or their legal counsel shall object.