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Receiver Accuracy. The satellite constellation that provides the GPS information your receiver uses is maintained by the Department of Defense (DoD). GPS positioning, for general use, provides 25 meter RMS accuracy or better. Since the signals generated by these satellites are publicly accessible, the DoD has introduced errors into the satellite signals for security reasons. These errors are referred to as Selective Availability (SA). At present, your GPS position will be accurate within 100 meters horizon- tally and 150 meters vertically. Due to the errors introduced by SA, it is possible to get readings outside of these values at times. Detachable Quadrifilar Antenna ENTER key GOTO key QUIT key NAV key MARK key MENU key POWER key ARROW PAD LIGHT key Water Seal Battery Caps LIGHT - Turns back light off and on and offers two levels of brightness adjustable with consecutive presses of the light key. PWR PWR - Turns the receiver on and off. ENTER - Selects menu items, confirms changes and initiates certain functions. QUIT - Cancels the operation of the last key pressed. ARROW PAD - Scrolls through screens, menus and enters alphanumeric information. Up/Down Arrows scroll through the alphanumeric characters. Right/Left Arrows page through menus and adjust the scale on the Plot and Compass screens. NAV - Scrolls through nine Navigation screens. MENU - Accesses functions specific to the current display, as well as other displays. GOTO - Allows selection of a destination for a single leg route from a list of waypoints. This key also accesses the Man Over Board function. MARK - Creates waypoints or stores the current position. The GPS Tracker uses four AA alkaline batteries that are installed from the bottom of the receiver. Use the rings to unscrew the water seal battery caps. Insert the batteries into the battery tubes, with the positive end first, two batteries in each side, and screw the battery caps until securely closed. It is recommended that four batteries be used, however, in case of an emergency, the receiver will operate with only two batteries if both are inserted into one of the battery tubes. If the batteries are left out of the unit for more than 30 minutes, the unit may need to be reinitialized. The constellation of 24 GPS satellites circling the globe is in constant motion. Before your receiver can tell you where you are, it needs to know where the satellites are relative to itself. It does this with the use of an internal almanac, where it has stored in memory a ge...

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