Rebuild Sample Clauses

Rebuild. The Facility Lessee's right to rebuild the Facility pursuant to Section 10.1(b) shall be subject to the fulfillment, at the Facility Lessee's sole cost and expense, in addition to the conditions contained in Section 10.1(b), of the following conditions:
Rebuild. The election to rebuild all or any portion of the Project following a casualty in any case where the Company has the right to elect whether or not to rebuild under the applicable agreements to which the Company is a party;
Rebuild. The Rebuild, which is described in Schedule 1.01(g) with respect to the time frame therefor and the costs associated therewith, complies in all material respects with all material provisions applicable thereto contained in any franchise.
Rebuild. The Lessee's right to rebuild or restore the Facility pursuant to Section 10.1(a) shall be subject to the fulfillment, at the Lessee's expense, of the following conditions:
Rebuild. Work performed by Licensee, other than Maintenance Work, to upgrade, replace, add to or alter its existing Attachments.
Rebuild replace and make repairs on components of process equipment, including air motors, regulators, lines, rotators, hydraulic lines, valves, cylinders, pumps, water line pumps, valves and vacuum pumps, and lines, inclusive of city water lines starting at the east guard building.
Rebuild. In the event that Lessee’s Improvements or any of them are damaged or destroyed in whole or in part by any casualty, whether or not covered by insurance, Lessee may, in its sole and absolute judgment, elect to rebuild or restore them with such alterations as Lessee may reasonably desire, subject to compliance with Article 8. In the event Lessee elects not to rebuild or restore such Lessee’s Improvements, it shall have the option to terminate this Lease, effective as of ninety (90) days from the date such damage or destruction occurs, which option may be exercised only by giving to Lessor, within said ninety (90) days, a written notice of termination. Lessor and Lessee shall have no further obligations to each other after said effective date of termination respecting the Premises, except those obligations that, by the terms of this Lease or provisions of Law, shall survive the termination of this Lease.
Rebuild. The Company (Enstar) agrees that in consideration of the City's renewal of the Franchise, it will upgrade/rebuild the Cable system within thirty-six (36) months of the Effective Date of this Agreement. The upgraded Cable System will also have fifty-four (54) activated Channels within thirty(30) days of the System completion date. The System will have the capacity to provide a minimum of eighty (80) channels of programming as needed. Enstar may provide additional programming Services by any acceptable technology. For example, Enstar may utilize digital compression to achieve the programming Services capacity requirements. The rebuilt System will utilize components capable of exceeding the minimum FCC technical requirements. Such components may include fiber optic Cable, 450 MHz (at a minimum) electronics, and other items to ensure improved Signal quality and reliability of the System. As part of the System upgrade, Enstar agrees that it will ensure the quality and reliability of Signals currently being transmitted from the headend in Villa Rica to the City of Bowdon, and that all Signals transmitted on the Bowdon cable System shall meet all federal technical standards applicable to television Signal quality. Enstar shall make improvements in the transmission methodology as needed to improve quality which may include, but shall not be limited to, increased antenna size and rerouting or realignment of microwave paths, to avoid System and channel outages and improve the Signal quality. The transmission technology will meet all federal technology specifications and pass a high quality video Signal to Subscribers.
Rebuild. Shop Tractor Field Service Industrial Engine Shop Industrial Field Service Truck Shop Reman Engine Shop Reman Transmissionand Hydraulic Reman MachineShopand HydraulicCylinders PartsWarehouseand Material Handling to Truck and Industrial Reman Parts and Material Handling GovernorRepair and Service Reman Engine Machine Shop