Rearrangement Sample Clauses

Rearrangement. CLEC can submit requests through the ASR process to move or rearrange XXXX terminations on CLEC's Demarcation Point or to change XXXX options. These rearrangements are available through a single Wire Center or dual Wire Center request. Single Wire Center rearrangements are limited to the change in options or movement of terminations within a single Wire Center. Dual Wire Center rearrangements are used to change options or movement of terminations in two (2) Wire Centers. Rearrangement is only available for in-place and working UDITs.
Rearrangement. Charges for rearrangement of the Service that are not specifically addressed will be determined by GTE on an individual case basis.
Rearrangement. When pre-booked travel arrangements in connection with a Trip have to be altered, including Missed Departure and Missed International Connection, the Company will pay for the additional costs of travel and accommodation that are reasonably and necessarily incurred to enable the Insured Person to continue the Trip or return to the United Kingdom or Permanent Country of Residence.
Rearrangement. Travel and accommodation costs incurred in sending the original Insured Person to complete the curtailed Journey provided that such travel and accommodation shall be of a standard up to but not exceeding that used for the original Journey.
Rearrangement. 1.6.1 CLEC can submit requests through the ASR process to move or rearrange XXXX or EUDIT terminations on CLEC’s demarcation point or to change XXXX or EUDIT options. These rearrangements are available through a single office or dual office request. Single office rearrangements are limited to the change in options or movement of terminations within a single Wire Center. Dual office rearrangements are used to change options or movement of terminations in two (2) Wire Centers. Rearrangement is only available for in-place and working UDITs or EUDITs.
Rearrangement. PSE&G represents to O'BRIEN that it has no present plans or intention to convert the PUBLIC SERVICE SYSTEM in the area of the PROJECT to a higher voltage, based upon a projected ten (10) year electric load forecast. However, in the event PSE&G should decide, for cause, at any time or from time to time to convert the PUBLIC SERVICE SYSTEM at the point of connection of the PROJECT to the PUBLIC SERVICE SYSTEM, or in the vicinity thereof, to a different voltage PSE&G shall advise O'BRIEN in writing as soon as PSE&G shall make such decision, but at least three (3) years in advance of making any such conversion. In such event, O'BRIEN shall be responsible to install and pay for only the facilities at the PROJECT which will be required to continue the interconnected operation of the PUBLIC SERVICE SYSTEM and the COGENERATION FACILITY, provided however, any PSE&G facilities at the SUBSTATION which will be required to be modified as designated and specified by PSE&G to effect such conversion shall be paid for and installed by O'BRIEN. Unless other billing and payment arrangements are mutually agreed upon by PSE&G and O'BRIEN, O'BRIEN shall be billed and shall pay any billing(s) for such costs, as such costs are incurred by PSE&G, in accordance with the provisions of Article XI of this AGREEMENT. Cause, as specified in this Article, shall include but not be limited to obsolescence, changing patterns of demand and usage of electric power and energy by retail and sale for resale customers or physical destruction of plant, whether the result of deterioration or casualty.
Rearrangement. All provisions of this Agreement and of any Security Instruments relating to the Note or other Indebtedness shall apply with equal force and effect to each and all promissory notes hereafter executed which in whole or in part represent a renewal, extension of any period, increase, or rearrangement of any part of the Indebtedness, originally represented by the Note or of any part of such other Indebtedness.
Rearrangement the moving of Attachments from one position to another on a pole.
Rearrangement. The obligation of the Lenders to make the Rearrangement is subject to the receipt by the Agent of the following documents and satisfaction of the other conditions provided in this Section 6.01, each of which shall be satisfactory to the Agent in form and substance:

Related to Rearrangement

  • Receivership The employment of a receiver appointed by court order to take possession of substantially all of Tenant’s assets or the Premises, if such receivership remains undissolved for a period of thirty (30) days;

  • Reorganization The Company shall not merge or consolidate into or with another company, or reorganize, or sell substantially all of its assets to another company, firm, or person unless such succeeding or continuing company, firm, or person agrees to assume and discharge the obligations of the Company under this Agreement. Upon the occurrence of such event, the term "Company" as used in this Agreement shall be deemed to refer to the successor or survivor company.

  • Composition The Employer and Union will be responsible for the selection of their own representatives. The committee(s) will consist of up to six (6) employer representatives and up to six (6) employee representatives. If agreed to by both parties, additional representatives may be added.

  • Moratorium Any moratorium is declared on the payment of any external indebtedness of the Russian Federation or of Russian residents generally.

  • No Bankruptcy No Mortgagor was a debtor in any state or federal bankruptcy or insolvency proceeding at the time the Mortgage Loan was originated and as of the related Closing Date, the Company has not received notice that any Mortgagor is a debtor under any state or federal bankruptcy or insolvency proceeding;

  • Recapitalization Any new, substituted or additional securities or other property (including cash paid other than as a regular cash dividend) which is by reason of any Recapitalization distributed with respect to the Purchased Shares shall be immediately subject to the Repurchase Right and any escrow requirements hereunder, but only to the extent the Purchased Shares are at the time covered by such right or escrow requirements. Appropriate adjustments to reflect such distribution shall be made to the number and/or class of Purchased Shares subject to this Agreement and to the price per share to be paid upon the exercise of the Repurchase Right in order to reflect the effect of any such Recapitalization upon the Corporation's capital structure; provided, however, that the aggregate purchase price shall remain the same.

  • Restructuring 24.1 In the event that all or part of the work undertaken by the employee will be affected by the employer entering into an arrangement whereby a new employer will undertake the work currently undertaken by the employee, the employer will meet with the employee, providing information about the proposed arrangement and an opportunity for the employee to comment on the proposal, and will consider and respond to their comments. The employee has the right to seek the advice of their union or to have the union act on their behalf.