Raised Sample Clauses

Raised. Licensee shall be deemed to have “Raised” financing upon the occurrence of any of the following prior to a Liquidation Event:
Raised. Company shall be deemed to have “Raised” financing upon the occurrence of any of the following from and after April 21, 2009 and prior to a Liquidation Event:
Raised. FLOORING PANELS Landlord shall attempt but shall be under no obligation to provide to Tenant up to 1,400 square feet of raised flooring panels for installation by Tenant in the computer room to be constructed within the Premises. If Landlord so provides such raised flooring panels, Tenant shall be responsible for all costs in connection with moving of such panels to the Premises and the installation of such panels and Landlord shall have no responsibility for such moving and installation.

Related to Raised

  • Disputed Xxxx 2.9.1 If the Buying Entity does not dispute a Monthly Xxxx raised by the other Party within fifteen (15) days of receiving such Xxxx shall be taken as conclusive and binding.

  • Objections Buyer may object in writing to defects, exceptions, or encumbrances to title: disclosed on the survey other than items 6A(1) through (7) above; disclosed in the Commitment other than items 6A(1) through (9) above; or which prohibit the following use or activity: . Buyer must object the earlier of (i) the Closing Date or (ii) days after Xxxxx receives the Commitment, Exception Documents, and the survey. Buyer’s failure to object within the time allowed will constitute a waiver of Buyer’s right to object; except that the requirements in Schedule C of the Commitment are not waived by Buyer. Provided Seller is not obligated to incur any expense, Seller shall cure any timely objections of Buyer or any third party lender within 15 days after Seller receives the objections (Cure Period) and the Closing Date will be extended as necessary. If objections are not cured within the Cure Period, Buyer may, by delivering notice to Seller within 5 days after the end of the Cure Period: (i) terminate this contract and the xxxxxxx money will be refunded to Buyer; or (ii) waive the objections. If Buyer does not terminate within the time required, Buyer shall be deemed to have waived the objections. If the Commitment or Survey is revised or any new Exception Document(s) is delivered, Buyer may object to any new matter revealed in the revised Commitment or Survey or new Exception Document(s) within the same time stated in this paragraph to make objections beginning when the revised Commitment, Survey, or Exception Document(s) is delivered to Buyer.

  • Disputed Claims 4.1 Notwithstanding paragraph 4.5 of this Schedule, payment by the Authority of all or any part of any invoice rendered or other claim for payment by the Contractor shall not signify approval of such invoice/claim. The Authority reserves the right to verify invoices/claims after the date of payment and subsequently to recover any sums which have been overpaid.

  • Question What happens if my unit does not rent? Answer: If there are any days in your week that do not rent, you may remove them from the rental program at anytime prior to the arrival date to utilize yourself, but you must call in advance to notify us so proper arrangements can be made. Question: Am I required to pay taxes on rental proceeds? Answer: Rental proceeds are taxable per the Internal Revenue Service. For U.S. Citizens, gross rental income of $600 or more will be reported to the IRS on Form 1099-MISC. For Non- Resident Aliens, all gross rental income will be reported to the IRS on Form 1042-S. Question: Am I guaranteed rentals? Answer: No, unfortunately we cannot predict the rental demand. We use the power of a national rental program to provide national, regional and local advertising programs to our client resorts to maximize rental inquiries. However, some time periods rent better than others, and some resorts are in higher demand. Therefore, rental results will vary.

  • Deficiency Each Grantor shall remain liable for any deficiency if the proceeds of any sale or other disposition of the Collateral are insufficient to pay its Obligations and the fees and disbursements of any attorneys employed by the Administrative Agent or any Lender to collect such deficiency.

  • Fairness In deciding to approve the mergers on , 1999, our board of directors decided that the mergers are advisable, fair to you, and in your best interests based on a variety of factors. These factors include: - the form and amount of consideration offered to the partners; - the comparison of the cash payments in the mergers to the diminished future cash distributions otherwise expected as oil and gas production continues to decline; - the elimination after the mergers of limited partners' tax preparation costs relating to partnership tax information; - that Pioneer is offering a competitive price because of: -- the commodity pricing used in determining the merger values;

  • Disputed Invoices If the Trader or the Distributor disputes a Tax Invoice (which includes a Revision Invoice) issued under this clause 9, the party disputing the invoice ("Disputing Party") must notify the other party ("Non-disputing Party") in writing and provide details as to the reasons why the Disputing Party disputes that invoice within 18 months of the date of the first Tax Invoice issued in respect of the Distribution Services charges the subject of the disputed Tax Invoice ("Invoice Dispute"). On receiving an Invoice Dispute notice, the Non-disputing Party must:

  • Disagreement If the Parties reasonably and in good faith disagree as to whether there has been a material breach, the Party that seeks to dispute that there has been a material breach may contest the allegation in accordance with Section 13.1. The cure period for any allegation made in good faith as to a material breach under this Agreement will run from the date that written notice was first provided to the Breaching Party by the Non-breaching Party, but shall be suspended if so agreed or ordered pursuant to Sections 13.1 and 13.2. *** Confidential Treatment Requested ***

  • RESOLVED That the legal opinion delivered pursuant to the partnership agreement of the partnership as described in the proxy statement under "The Mergers -- Legal Opinion for Limited Partners," in form and substance as set forth in Exhibit A to these merger proposals, be and hereby is approved as in form and substance satisfactory to the limited partners of such partnership in their reasonable judgment. EXHIBIT A TO APPENDIX D OPINION OF [OPINION SHOULD BE SUBSTANTIALLY TO THE FOLLOWING EFFECT] Pioneer Natural Resources USA, Inc., As Sole or Managing General Partner of 25 Publicly-Held Limited Partnerships Named in the Proxy Statement dated , 1999 1400 Williams Square West 5205 North O'Connor Blvd. Irving, Texas 75039 We are of the opinion that neither the grant nor the exercise of the right to amend each of the partnership agreements allowing each partnership to merge with and into Pioneer Natural Resources USA, Inc. will result in the loss of limited liability of any limited partner or result in any of the partnerships being treated as an association taxable as a corporation for federal income tax purposes. APPENDIX E FORM OF AGREEMENT AND PLAN OF MERGER THIS AGREEMENT AND PLAN OF MERGER, dated , 1999, to be effective as of the Closing Date (as defined below) (the "MERGER AGREEMENT"), is entered into by and among Pioneer Natural Resources Company, a Delaware corporation ("PIONEER"), Pioneer Natural Resources USA, Inc., a Delaware corporation and wholly-owned subsidiary of Pioneer ("PIONEER USA"), and each of the limited partnerships referred to below (the "PARTNERSHIPS").

  • Reconsideration If We did not attempt to consult with Your Provider who recommended the Covered Service before making an adverse determination, the Provider may request reconsideration by the same clinical peer reviewer who made the adverse determination or a designated clinical peer reviewer if the original clinical peer reviewer is unavailable. For Preauthorization and concurrent reviews, the reconsideration will take place within one (1) business day of the request for reconsideration. If the adverse determination is upheld, a notice of adverse determination will be given to You and Your Provider, by telephone and in writing.