Quality of the translation Sample Clauses

Quality of the translation. Publisher shall procure a translation that is a faithful rendition of the original text in letter and in spirit, without omission or addition, of a literary quality that conforms to customary professional practice. Publisher shall respect the format of the publication chosen by Proprietor, i.e. in one or more volumes. Any exceptions to the foregoing shall be subject to Proprietor’s prior written consent. Proprietor will be informed of the completion of the translation, which will be submitted to Proprietor before typesetting should it so request.14 In this case Proprietor will have. weeks to formulate any observationsand/or requests for corrections. Publisher shall in such case effect all corrections and alterations requested by Proprietor. No addition (including foreword, afterword, note or illustration) or alteration shall be made to the text without Proprietor’s written consent. Publisher shall take all necessary steps to ensure the protection of the translation in the countries concerned by this agreement in due time and in accordance with the law.