Quality Improvement Plan Sample Clauses

Quality Improvement Plan. The HSP will submit a Quality Improvement Plan to Ontario Health that is aligned with this Agreement and supports health system priorities.
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Quality Improvement Plan. (1) The Provider must develop and implement policies and procedures to comply with its obligations under this Agreement for the ongoing development and improvement of Service delivery quality.
Quality Improvement Plan all unit health care facilities are responsible for developing and maintaining an on-going self-monitoring program as outlined in the Quality Improvement Plan adopted by the CMHCC.
Quality Improvement Plan. Each Contracted Provider shall participate in Health Plan’s LTSS quality improvement plan. Each Contracted Provider shall permit Health Plan to access such Contracted Providers’ assessment and quality data upon reasonable advance notice, which may be given by electronic mail.
Quality Improvement Plan. You will develop and implement policies and procedures to comply with each of your obligations under this Part G and for the ongoing development and improvement of Service delivery quality. To achieve this you will develop and/or implement, as applicable, a written quality improvement plan, which will be reviewed, but not necessarily updated, as appropriate on an annual basis. The Quality Improvement Plan incorporates the following elements:
Quality Improvement Plan. The Contractor shall submit an annual quality improvement plan to the Department and/or its designee, for approval, that delineates future quality assessment and performance improvement activities based on the results of those activities included in the Annual Quality Report.
Quality Improvement Plan. The Contractor shall provide a quality improvement plan to the Department. The plan shall delineate current and future quality assessment and performance improvement activities. The plan shall integrate findings and opportunities for improvement identified in HEDIS measurements, member satisfaction surveys, performance improvement projects and other monitoring and quality activities as required by the Department. The plan is subject to the Department’s approval.
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Quality Improvement Plan. Service Provider agrees that it shall have in place at all times during the term of the Agreement a written quality improvement plan (the "QI Plan") approved by the Authority that addresses all Services provided by the Service Provider and/or the Subcontractors. Service Provider shall submit the QI Plan to the Authority for its approval at least annually, and shall incorporate all revisions requested by the Authority. The QI Plan shall satisfy all applicable Authority, MDHHS, state and federal requirements including, but not limited to the Balanced Budget Act of 1997 ("BBA") requirements, and rules promulgated thereunder, and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services' ("CMS") Quality Improvement System in managed care guidelines. Service Provider shall cooperate with the Authority’s QI activities, including collection of performance measurement data and participation in the Authority’s clinical and service measure QI programs to improve the quality of care and services and member experience. Cooperation includes, but is not limited to, collection and evaluation of data and participation in the organization’s QI programs.
Quality Improvement Plan. 21 60. Within six months of the Effective Date, the Department of Mental 22 Health, in cooperation with the Sheriff’s Unit described in Paragraph 77 of this 23 Agreement, will implement a quality improvement program to identify and address 24 clinical issues that place prisoners at significant risk of suicide or self-injurious 25 behavior.
Quality Improvement Plan. 13.1 The Contractor shall comply with the provisions of Schedule 8 (Quality Improvement Plan).
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