Qualifications for Benefits Sample Clauses

Qualifications for Benefits. The Executive (or his surviving spouse, as the case may be) shall be entitled to receive the benefits provided by this Agreement.
Qualifications for Benefits. 15.06 It is hereby mutually agreed that the same conditions of eligibility and termination also shall apply to the employee participants in the Group Insurance plan as with the approved Medical Insurance plan. It shall be a condition of employment for each and every employee/member of Local Union 339 to join the Group Insurance Plan as soon as eligible.
Qualifications for Benefits. (a) The benefit carrier will determine whether an eligible employee qualifies for the benefits under the terms of the Plans. Any questions regarding an employee’s qualification for benefits under the terms of the Plans shall be determined by the carrier in accordance with the terms of the Plan and will not be arbitrable, except in the case where the denial is a result of the Employer failing to pay the required premiums to maintain the plan as negotiated or supply the necessary paperwork to the employee in a timely fashion. The benefits will be provided in accordance with the formal plan documents, or policies, and any issues with respect to entitlement or payment of benefits under any of the health and welfare programs will be governed by the terms of such documents, or policies, establishing the benefit in issue. The Employer’s liability is solely limited to arranging for the plans and paying its share of the applicable premiums. The Employer is not liable for any failure or refusal of coverage by a third party for any reason.
Qualifications for Benefits. When a teacher, who has been a full-time teacher for at least ten (10) years in the District, and is eligible under the provisions of the Techers’ Retirement System of the State of Illinois, exercises his/her option to retire from the District, the teacher shall be entitled to the following retirement benefits, subject to the funding limitations specified in this Article. To qualify for benefits, any teacher who seeks to take early retirement in the next school year must notify the Superintendent, in writing, by June 30th of the previous school year of his/her intent to retire. The Board’s payment of the teacher’s contribution is contingent upon compliance with the notification date of June 30th. A teacher may rescind his//her statement of intent to retire if it is determined that the fund providing retirement benefits is insufficient, as determined hereinafter in Item 4. If a teacher who has submitted an intent to retire determines to withdraw that intent for a reason other than fund insufficiency, the same shall be submitted to the superintendent of schools, in writing, and shall be forwarded to the school board for approval or disapproval at their sole discretion. Any information provided by the teacher regarding this request will be strictly confidential.
Qualifications for Benefits 

Related to Qualifications for Benefits

  • Eligibility for Benefits A member will not be eligible to receive Long Term Disability benefits until their Income Protection benefits have expired.

  • Application for Benefits An employee who is unable to work due to a serious health condition, may apply for disability benefits by submitting to Human Resources: 1) certification from a licensed health care provider required by the Employer; and 2) disability insurance forms required by the carrier. These documents are available in Human Resources and must be turned in within one business day after the visit to the health care provider and no later than the tenth (10th) calendar day following the employee’s last day worked in order for the employee to be eligible for disability benefits. These time periods may be waived upon the employee providing convincing proof to Human Resources that delay in submitting required documents was beyond the employee's control. An employee on disability leave may apply for an extension of the leave by contacting his/her department and Human Resources the same date the employee is seen by the health care provider, if possible, or by 8:30 a.m. on the next business day following the appointment. Written certification from the health care provider must be delivered to Human Resources within three business days of the appointment. It is the responsibility of the employee to provide the required documents within the specified time frames in order to maintain eligibility for benefits. It is the responsibility of the employee to comply with departmental notice requirements regarding absences from work. Failure to keep the department properly and timely informed of absences shall be just cause for disciplinary action.

  • Qualifications for Voting To be entitled to vote at any meeting of Holders a Person shall (a) be a Holder of one or more Notes on the record date pertaining to such meeting or (b) be a Person appointed by an instrument in writing as proxy by a Holder of one or more Notes on the record date pertaining to such meeting. The only Persons who shall be entitled to be present or to speak at any meeting of Holders shall be the Persons entitled to vote at such meeting and their counsel and any representatives of the Trustee and its counsel and any representatives of the Company and its counsel.

  • DISQUALIFICATION FOR PAST PERFORMANCE AND FINDINGS OF NON RESPONSIBILITY Bidder may be disqualified from receiving awards if Bidder, or anyone in Bidder’s employment, has previously failed to perform satisfactorily in connection with public Bidding or contracts or is deemed non- responsible.

  • Compensation for Basic Services A. Owner shall make payment for Part I and Part II services monthly. The payments shall be in proportion to the progress of Architect's work. Final payment for each phase shall become due and payable upon completion and approval by Owner of that phase of Architect's work.

  • Selection Based on Consultants’ Qualifications Services estimated to cost less than $100,000 equivalent per contract may be procured under contracts awarded in accordance with the provisions of paragraphs 3.1, 3.7 and 3.8 of the Consultant Guidelines.

  • Benefits for Part-Time Employees (The following clause is applicable to part-time employees only) A part-time employee shall receive in lieu of all fringe benefits (being those benefits to an employee, paid in whole or part by the Hospital, as part of direct compensation or otherwise, including holiday pay, save and except salary, vacation pay, standby pay, call back pay, reporting pay, responsibility allowance, jury and witness duty, bereavement pay, and maternity supplemental unemployment benefits) an amount equal to 14% of his/her regular straight time hourly rate for all straight time hours paid.

  • Survivor Benefits 19.03 A 1 The College shall continue coverage of Extended Health (including Vision and Hearing Care) and Dental Plans if such benefits were in force at the date of death for the dependent survivor of a deceased employee for six months at no cost to the survivor. Thereafter, effective September 24, 1998, at the option of the dependent survivor, and subject to 19.03 A 2, the College shall continue such benefits as were in force for the deceased employee at the date of death. Coverage continues until the end of the month the deceased employee would have reached age 65. Thereafter, the survivor who is in receipt of a lifetime monthly survivor pension, may elect to participate in retirement benefits provided such election is made within 31 days from the end of the month the deceased employee would have reached age 65 and the survivor continues to be eligible for benefits under OHIP or another Canadian medicare plan equivalent to OHIP from another province or territory.

  • Superior Benefits Employees receiving benefits and/or wages specified in this Agreement, superior to those provided in this Agreement, shall remain at the superior benefit level which was in effect on the effective date of this Agreement, until such time as such superior benefits are surpassed by the benefits and/or wages provided in succeeding agreements. This provision applies only to employees on staff as of the effective date of this Agreement.