Pursuant to Wis Sample Clauses

Pursuant to Wis. Stat. § 323.72(2), the Division shall reimburse Participating Agency for costs incurred by Participating Agency in responding to an Emergency and providing Services at the request of the Division within 60 days after receiving a complete application for reimbursement on a form prescribed by the Division but only if (1) the Division determines that the provision of Services was necessary; and (2) Participating Agency applies for reimbursement within 45 days after the conclusion of that deployment of WI-TF1 for that particular Emergency.
Pursuant to Wis. Stat. 704.07, Landlord shall keep the structure of the building in which the Premises are located and those portions of the building and equipment under Landlord’s control in a reasonable state of repair. Tenants shall maintain the Premises under Tenant’s control in a clean manner and in as good of a general condition as they were at the beginning of the term or as subsequently improved by Landlord, normal wear and tear excluded. Tenant shall not physically alter or redecorate the Premises, cause any contractor’s lien to attach to the Premises, commit waste to the Premises or the property of which it is a part, or attach or display anything which substantially affects the exterior appearance of the Premises or the property in which it is located unless otherwise allowed under the rules or unless Landlord has granted specific written approval. Landlord shall keep heating equipment in a safe and operable condition. Whichever party is obligated to provide heat for the Premises shall maintain a reasonable level of heat to prevent damage to the Premises and the building in which it is located.
Pursuant to Wis. Stat. § 118.40(8)(a)2, the Charter School shall be located in the School District of Xxxxxx. The Members may authorize the use of one or more physical locations for ancillary purposes including, but not limited to, providing curriculum-based Internet access to Charter School students, conducting in-person classroom sessions, and providing general student support. In no event, however, shall the use of a physical location be permitted to the extent that it may affect the Charter School’s classification as a “virtual charter school” or its location in the School District of Xxxxxx pursuant to Wisconsin law.
Pursuant to Wis. Stat. §118.40(7), the Charter School shall be an instrumentality of School District of Xxxxxx. The District shall have the authority to employ staff for the Charter School or to contract with CESA 10, or another third-party educational agency of a similar nature, for such purposes.
Pursuant to Wis. Stats § 704.10, Landlord may provide by electronic means any of the following: A copy of the rental agreement and any document related to the rental agreement; a security deposit and any documents related to the accounting and disposition of the security deposit and security deposit refund; a promise made before the initial rental agreement to clean, repair, or otherwise improve any portion of the premises; or advance notice of entry under s. 704.05 (2).
Pursuant to Wis. Stat. § 803.08(1) and (2)(c), the Court preliminarily certifies, for settlement purposes only, a Settlement Class consisting of the following:
Pursuant to Wis. Stat. §66.0809 (5)(a), a property owner (hereinafter referred to as the “landlord”) will elect to notify the utility in writing that a tenant is responsible for payment of the residential utility xxxx in order to provide the landlord with notice should the tenant become delinquent. This form will fulfill the written notice requirements set forth by the Janesville Utilities Office. Upon receipt of this form, the Utility will follow the processes outlined in §66.0809 regarding delinquent notices, annual tax transfer notice of arrears and related lien procedures. This form must be received along with the final read a minimum of three (3) business days prior to the move in date to avoid billing discrepancies. A NEW LANDLORD/TENANT AGREEMENT IS REQUIRED AT EACH TENANT CHANGEOVER. Service Information Address: Meter Read: Clear Water Meter Read: Move In Date: / / New Tenant Information Last Name: First Name Middle Initial: Business Name (if applicable): Date of Birth: / / Phone #: Billing Address (if different from service address): As the tenant for this service address, I accept responsibility for payment of all City of Janesville Utility charges associated with this rental unit during my occupancy and shall notify the Utility when I am moving out, if my landlord is submitting the request for final form on my behalf, I understand it is my responsibility to follow up and ensure my landlord has properly finaled my account. By signing this agreement, I certify that I have read and understand the Notice and Lien Process outlined on Page 2 of this form, and I agree to any terms and conditions outlined within. I further understand that should I become past due, it could ultimately lead to a lien against my personal assets wherein my name could appear on the Wisconsin Consolidated Court Automated Program (CCAP) as a public record. Name (Printed): Date: / / Signature: Email: Landlord/Management Company Information Owner Info: Last Name: First Name: Middle Initial: DBA: Phone #: Alternate Phone #: Email: Address: City: State: Zip Code: Preferred Method of Contact: Manager Contact Info: (if not owner) Last Name: First Name: As landlord/property manager (“Landlord”) for this service address, I accept responsibility for providing notification to the City of Janesville Utilities for any changes in occupancy. I further understand that said notice must be made within three (3) business days of change of occupancy to avoid billing discrepancies. As Landlord, I accept the respo...
Pursuant to Wis. Stat. § 66.0903, the Developer will apply to the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development to determine the prevailing wage rate for each trade or occupation required to construct the Public Improvements. Once the Department issues its determination of the prevailing wage rates (“Determination”), it shall be considered to be incorporated into and made a part of this Agreement, and attached as Attachment E. The Developer agrees to comply fully with Wis. Stat. § 66.0903, as well as the following: (1) The Determination shall be physically incorporated into and made a part of any contract or subcontract that the Developer or its contractor enters into to perform work necessary to construct the Public Improvements. (2) All Covered Employees (as defined in Wis. Stat. § 66.0903(4)) who perform the work necessary to construct the Public Improvements shall be paid prevailing wage rates according to the Determination, and may not be permitted to work a greater number of hours per day or per week than the prevailing hours of labor, unless they are paid for all hours worked in excess of the prevailing hours of labor at a rate of at least 1.5 times their hourly basic rate of pay. (3) The Developer and each contractor, subcontractor, or contractor’s or subcontractor’s agent performing work necessary to construct the Public Improvements shall keep full and accurate records clearly indicating the name and trade or occupation of every Covered Employee performing the work, and an accurate record of the number of hours worked by each of those persons and the actual wages paid for the hours worked. (4) The Developer is hereby notified, and shall notify all contractors and subcontractors, that if DWD finds a contractor violating the prevailing wage law, DWD shall order the payment of the wages and overtime, if any, and shall assess an additional amount equal to 100 percent of the amount owed as liquidated damages. (5) The City may demand and examine, and the Developer and every contractor, subcontractor or contractor’s or subcontractor’s agent shall keep, and make available for inspection upon request by the City, copies of payrolls and other records and information relating to the wages paid to Covered Employees performing the work necessary to construct the Public Improvements. (6) The Developer shall require that, upon completion of any project involved in construction of the Public Improvements and before receiving final payment for his or her work on the project, each...
Pursuant to Wis. STAT. §13.48(c) and Article VIII, section 7(2) of the Wisconsin Constitution, if for any reason the anaerobic digesters that are constructed are not used for the purpose of protecting water quality in Dane County, the Grantor shall retain an ownership interest in the property.. The Grantee, by acceptance of grant funds, agrees to sign both the attached Use Restriction Agreement and Security Agreement. The grantee, by its acceptance of funds voluntarily granted by the Building Commission, hereby accepts a use restriction easement and security interest over property for a period of five (5) years hereof or until such time that the person charged with the administration of the grant determines that the purpose of the grant has been satisfied. The use restriction easement shall be of the nature and character and to the extent and on the terms and conditions set forth therein.
Pursuant to Wis. Stats. Ch. 39.85, et. al, the State of Wisconsin is a member of the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (XXXX) through the Midwestern Higher Education Compact (MSARA) which regulates the manner in which participating institutions may offer learning education to students who reside in other states. All UW System Institutions participate in MSARA. The terms and conditions of XXXX can be found at: xxxxx://xxx.xxxx.xxx/programs/midwestern-state-authorization-reciprocity-agreement