Prospective Customers Sample Clauses

Prospective Customers. Prospective Customers" means those entities, that --------------------- are located within the Territory and request, desire to obtain, or are otherwise interested or may be interested in obtaining (a) the EC Support Services (through a subcontract arrangement between STERLING COMMERCE and Company) to be performed within the Territory, or (b) sublicenses to the EC Products for use within the Territory, unless otherwise agreed to by the parties hereto.
Prospective Customers. In the event a prospective customer of the Protected Group elects not to transact business with the Company and either Entrade or ATM or both enters into a relationship with such prospective customer in violation of Section 2(a) pursuant to which such prospective customer, Entrade or ATM, as the case may be, competes directly with the Protected Group (as defined in Section 2(d)), then Entrade or ATM will pay to TFC twenty-five percent (25%) of the commission revenues or, in the case of an asset acquisition and sale, net proceeds received by Entrade or ATM from such business.
Prospective Customers. The database used for the management of prospective customers and / or the Newslettercontains: - Personal identification data: o Surname;o First name;o E-mail address;o Other;- Lifestyle; - Media use.
Prospective Customers. 11.1. If at any time HSI provides Biolase information about a prospective sale by HSI, including in connection with a request for Biolase assistance in connection with prospective sales of Products, Biolase shall not, directly or indirectly, encourage any such prospective customer of HSI to purchase or otherwise acquire any Products from any third party (other than HSI), including, without limitation, directly from Biolase or any of its affiliates, rather than purchasing such Products from HSI.
Prospective Customers. Business Representatives shall be responsible for generating leads for potential customers, qualifying customer interests and providing a statement of work or a sales proposal from potential customers for Mobile Data Services. If GTE Mobilnet identifies and qualifies a customer's intent to purchase wireless data services and Business Representative accepts GTE Mobilnet's offer to then market its application and/or services to such customer, then Business Representative shall compensate GTE Mobilnet therefor pursuant to the provisions of Section 2.7 hereof.

Related to Prospective Customers

  • Customers The names of your Customers will remain your sole property and will not be used by us except for servicing or informational mailings and other correspondence in the normal course of business.

  • Significant Customers The COMPANY has delivered to VPI an accurate list (which is set forth on Schedule 5.15) of (i) all significant customers, it being understood and agreed that a "significant customer," for purposes of this Section 5.15, means a customer (or person or entity) representing 5% or more of the COMPANY's annual revenues as of the Balance Sheet Date. Except to the extent set forth on Schedule 5.15, none of the COMPANY's significant customers (or persons or entities that are sources of a significant number of customers) have canceled or substantially reduced or, to the knowledge of the COMPANY, are currently attempting or threatening to cancel a contract or substantially reduce utilization of the services provided by the COMPANY.

  • Major Customers Schedule 4.26.1 contains a list of the fifteen (15) largest customers, including distributors, of the Acquired Business for each of the two (2) most recent fiscal years (determined on the basis of the total dollar amount of net sales) showing the total dollar amount of net sales to each such customer during each such year. None of the customers listed on Schedule 4.26.1 has provided notice that it will not continue to be a customer of the Acquired Business after the Closing at substantially the same level of purchases as heretofore.

  • Customers and Suppliers (a) Section 4.14(a) of the Disclosure Schedules sets forth with respect to the Business (i) each customer who has paid aggregate consideration to Seller for electricity or other electric utility services rendered in an amount greater than or equal to $1,000,000 for each of the two most recent fiscal years (collectively, the “Material Customers”); and (ii) the amount of consideration paid by each Material Customer during such periods. Except as set forth in Section 4.14(a) of the Disclosure Schedules, Seller has not received any written notice, and has no reason to believe, that any of the Material Customers has ceased, or intends to cease after the Closing, to use electricity or other electric utility services of the Business or to otherwise terminate or materially reduce its relationship with the Business.

  • Suppliers While employed by the Company, and for one (1) year thereafter, Employee shall not cause or induce, or attempt to cause or induce, any person or firm supplying goods, services or credit to the Company or any of its affiliates to diminish or cease furnishing such goods, services or credit.

  • Customer The agency or eligible user that purchases commodities or contractual services pursuant to the Contract.