Proposed Transferee Sample Clauses

Proposed Transferee. In connection with the Landlord’s consideration of any request for its consent to an Assignment or Sublease, Landlord may consider the financial condition of the proposed assignee (“Proposed Transferee”), the Proposed Transferee’s experience in the operation and management of the property of the type subject to this Lease and the character and reputation of the Proposed Transferee. In connection with the foregoing, at such time as the Tenant shall request Landlord’s consent, Tenant shall provide Landlord with appropriate financial statements, including balance sheets and profit and loss statements, demonstrating the Proposed Transferee’s financial condition for the preceding three (3) years. In addition, the Tenant shall provide Landlord with such additional information as may be reasonably requested by Landlord to determine the character and reputation of the Proposed Transferee, as well as the Proposed Transferee’s experience in the operation and maintenance of property similar to the Premises.
Proposed Transferee. 31 Rent...............................................12
Proposed Transferee. Proposed Transferee" means a Person or group (as defined in Section 13(d)(3) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended (the "Exchange Act")), other than any Stockholders or their Affiliates (whether any such Affiliate is such prior to or upon consummation of such Transfer), to whom Common Stock is proposed to be Transferred pursuant to the terms of this Section 2.5.
Proposed Transferee. The Proposed Transferee (or any affiliate thereof) may not be a competitor of the Company.
Proposed Transferee. 21 Rent...................................................................... 8
Proposed Transferee. The name, address and contact information of the proposed transferee are as follows: Name of Proposed Transferee: Company (if different then above): Address: Contact Person: Contact Phone Number:
Proposed Transferee. If the Initiating Seller consummates the Sale referred to in the Take-Along Notice, the Selling Members shall be bound and obligated to sell the appropriate portion of such Selling Members’ Units in the Sale on the same terms and conditions as the Initiating Seller shall sell its Units. If at the end of 120 days following the date of the effectiveness of the Take-Along Notice the Initiating Seller has not completed the Sale, the Selling Member shall be released from its obligation under the Take-Along Notice, and it shall be necessary for a new and separate Take-Along Notice to be furnished and the terms and provisions of this Section 12.1.2 to be separately complied with in order to consummate such Sale pursuant to this Section 12.1, unless the failure to complete such Sale resulted from any failure by the Selling Member to comply in any material respect with the terms of this Section 12.1.
Proposed Transferee. Proposed Transferee" has the meaning set forth in Section 4.4.
Proposed Transferee. To facilitate the sale and delivery of share certificate of such Ordinary Shares of the selling shareholder, the Company undertakes to the Preference Shareholders that it shall effect and register the conversion of Series A Preference Shares into Ordinary Shares, and provide relevant share certificates therefor to the selling shareholder as soon as practicable upon any request for conversion.
Proposed Transferee. 24 Rent .................................... 9