Promoters Sample Clauses

Promoters. In the event that the maximum number of Promoters that AOLB has the right pursuant to Section 2(b)(i) or (ii), as applicable, subject to the provisions of Sections 6(b) and 6(c), to deploy for any period are not deployed, either because Itau fails to permit the deployment of such Promoters, provides the notice to AOLB pursuant to Section 2(a)(iii)(A), fails to undertake all its obligations set forth in Sections 2(a)(iii) and 2(a)(v), unreasonably interferes with Promoter's efforts to conduct their in-branch activities as provided for in Section 2(a) of this Exhibit A, or fails to make available the quantity of bank branches for deployment of Promoters set forth in Section 2(a)(v), Itau shall pay to AOLB an amount equal to the sum of (x) (A) the average "all in cost" to employ a Promoter in the relevant period (i.e., all costs identified in item (A) of Section 2(a)(iii) during the relevant Quarter averaged on a per Promoter actually deployed basis, or the costs identified in item (A) of Section 2(a)(iii) per Promoter that would have been incurred if no Promoters were actually deployed), multiplied by (B) the number of Promoters not actually deployed that AOLB had the right to deploy during such period, and (y) the costs of additional Supervisors (i.e., all costs identified in item (B) of Section 2(a)(iii)) that would have been deployed if such delayed Promoters had been deployed; and the result of the sum of (x) and (y) shall be multiplied by 120% (the "Promoters Payment," and together with the CD Distribution Payment, the "Promoter and Distribution Payment"), provided, that the failure to make sufficient CD-ROMs available in Itau's bank branches shall not be deemed to constitute the failure to provide the conditions necessary for the Promoters to conduct their in-branch activities for purposes of this Section 5(a)(ii). The determination as to whether the full number of Promoters have been deployed shall be made at the end of every Quarter and at the end of the 100 Days, and any payment due therefor shall be made within ten (10) days of the calculation thereof.
Promoters. 10.1. Promoters must behave politely and considerately. They must wear some form of identification showing the name/company of the Event Organiz- er in writing (printed on clothing, badge, or similar).
Promoters. The names, addresses of the promoter, with the number of shares subscribed, are as follows: Otto Sumisho Inc. 16-9 Nihonbashi-Hakozaki-Cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103 Japan 14,000 Xxxxxx Xxx xxx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xx Xxxxx Xxuer Japan Kabushiki Kaisha, the promoter have made these Xxxxxlxx xx Incorporation and have hereinto afixed their names and seals. Date: September 10th, 1993 Promoter: Otto-Sumisho Inc. Representative Director Kiyotomo Sakuma ---------------------------------------- Representative Director Terumi Takahashi ---------------------------------------- Xxxxxxxxx 00, 0000 XXXXXXXXXX Xxxxxxxxx xx xxxx xx xxx Xxxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx xxxxx Xxxxxxxxr 28, 1993 between Eddie Bauer, Inc. (EBI) and Otto-Sumisho Inc. (OSI), granting licxxxx axx xxoviding various services to the new company to be established by both parties against the up-front fee of Yen 285,000,000 and running royalty of five per cent (5%). EBI and OSI hereby agree and confirm that the above up-front fee of Yen 285,000,000 consists of the following consideration for each license, right and service rendered by EBI: Proto-type store design Yen 20 Million Working drawings 20 Concept manual 20 Detailed store lay-out 20 Plan-O-Gram 20 Store Graphic 20 Advertising information 20 Store operation know-how 40 Technical advisory service 15 Exclusive sales rights 45 Right to use trademark/logos 45 EBI shall not be responsible for any fees or taxes caused by such breakdown, except for any taxes upon EBI's incomes in the amount of such tax had the above breakdown not been done. OSI agrees to reimburse EBI for any additional taxes incurred by EBI due to such breakdown. Acknowledged and agreed to: EDDE BAUER, INC. OTTO-SUMISHO INC.
Promoters. The names, ID Nos. and addresses of promoters and the number of shares to be subscribed by him at the time of incorporation are stated in the last part of these articles of incorporation. In witness whereof, the undersigned promoters have executed, signed and affixed their respective seals on these articles of incorporation. Promoters Name: Seo Xxx Xxx Number of shares to be subscribed: 152,000 I.D. No.: 000000-0000000 Address: Taeam Sujeong Apt. #103-604, 0000, Xxxxxxx-xxxx, Xxxxxxxx-xx, Xxxxxxxx Name: Xxxx Xxxx Xxx Number of shares to be subscribed: 36,000 I.D. No.: 000000-0000000 Address: Hyojachon Apt. #512-102, 3016, Seohyun-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam Name: Keon Ok Xxx Number of shares to be subscribed: 21,600 I.D. No.: 000000-0000000 Address: Jugong Apt. #112-501, 528, Sinbong-dong, Heungduk-gu, Cheongju ADDENDUM These articles of incorporation shall become effective as of June 25, 2002.
Promoters. The parties hereto shall be the promoters of the Company with their respect names and addresses as first above set forth herein.
Promoters. DPI, Walbro and five individual promoters designated by DPI shall serve as the promoters of the JV and one invited individual subscriber designated by DPI shall serve as a non-promoter subscriber of the JV as required by the Korean Commercial Code ("KCC"). Each individual promoter designated by DPI shall be deemed a nominee shareholder of the JV on behalf of the DPI and subscribe for one share each in order that such promoter can sign the Articles of Incorporation for the sole purpose of forming the JV in accordance with applicable laws. DPI shall ensure that the individual promoters shall immediately transfer said shares to DPI on incorporation of the JV.
Promoters. The constructs contain one of the following promoters:
Promoters. CONSENT The Promoter acknowledges and declares that this Deed has been entered into by the Owner with its consent and that the Site shall be bound by the obligations contained in this Deed and that the Promotion Agreement shall take effect subject to this Deed PROVIDED THAT the Promoter shall otherwise have no liability under this Deed unless it takes possession of the Site in which case it too will be bound by the obligations as if it were a person deriving title from the Owner
Promoters. (a) I could /could not be considered a "founder" of the Company.
Promoters. The key to the community mobilization component of the project, these positions will work directly at the grassroots level to mobilize communities and their CHWs in 2 health center catchment areas in each district. WR will pay the salaries of all Promoters in all 6 districts. In accordance with the phased rollout of the program, 12 promoters will start in year 1 of the project and 6 additional promoters will be added in year 2, when implementation begins in the remaining 2 districts. Administrative Assistants- These positions will be responsible for administrative duties in the 2 districts in which WR is lead implementer. As noted above, the phased rollout of the program means that only one Administrative Assistant will be required in the first year, with a second to be added in Year 2. Guards Three guards have been budgeted for this project to ensure the security of program assets in the 2 districts in which WR is lead implementer. Driver This project is expected to require the full-time use of one vehicle. One driver has been budgeted for full time to meet this demand. Headquarters Staff Health Advisor- Salary and fringe benefits are based on a fraction of one FTE HQ backstop technical/support person per year.