Promissory Note Debt Conversion Sample Clauses

Promissory Note Debt Conversion. Company Promissory Noteholders (except for Parent) shall convert their respective Company Promissory Notes according to Section 2.2(b)(ii)-(v), and further for the Inform SPV Noteholders (B) executed UCC-2 or UCC-3 termination statements executed by Inform SPV Noteholders terminating any and all security interests in any assets of any Company Person as of the Closing and evidence reasonably satisfactory to Parent that all Encumbrances on assets of the Company shall have been released prior to the Closing or will be released promptly following the Closing after payment of the amount set forth in such payoff letter.

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  • Promissory Notes Any Lender may request that Loans made by it be evidenced by a promissory note. In such event, the Borrower shall prepare, execute and deliver to such Lender a promissory note payable to such Lender (or, if requested by such Lender, to such Lender and its permitted registered assigns) and in a form attached hereto as Exhibit C. Thereafter, the Loans evidenced by such promissory note and interest thereon shall at all times (including after assignment pursuant to Section 9.04) be represented by one or more promissory notes in such form payable to the payee named therein (or, if such promissory note is a registered note, to such payee and its permitted registered assigns).

  • Promissory Note The Promissory Note is enclosed. The Chief Financial Officer is required to sign it and return it to the OPWC Loan Officer, Xxxxx XxXxxx. It is preferable that you scan and email it to her at Xxxxx.XxXxxx@xxx.xxxxx.xx.xx but may also mail it to the address on our letterhead. Only use one method.

  • Convertible Note The term “Convertible Note” shall mean the $4.3725 billion aggregate principal amount of 6.75% Series U Convertible Senior Debentures Due December 31, 2012 issued under that Indenture, dated as of January 8, 2008, between GM and the Bank of New York, as Trustee, including all supplemental indentures thereto, substantially in the form attached as Exhibit B to this Settlement Agreement.

  • Purchase of Convertible Debentures Subject to the satisfaction (or waiver) of the terms and conditions of this Agreement, each Buyer agrees, severally and not jointly, to purchase at Closing (as defined herein below), and at such later time in accordance with the provisions hereof, and the Company agrees to sell and issue to each Buyer, severally and not jointly, at Closing, and at such later time in accordance with the provisions hereof, Convertible Debentures in amounts corresponding with the Subscription Amount set forth opposite each Buyer's name on Schedule I hereto. Upon execution hereof by a Buyer, the Buyer shall wire transfer the Subscription Amount set forth opposite his name on Schedule I in same-day funds or a check payable to Law Offices of Eric S. Hutner & Associates, as Escrow Agent for BSI2000, Inc./Coxxxxx Xxxxxxx Partners, LP", which Subscription Amount shall be held in escrow pursuant to the terms of the Escrow Agreement (as hereinafter defined) and disbursed in accordance therewith.

  • Convertible Notes The Borrower shall:

  • Term Note The Term Loan shall be evidenced by the Term Note. At the time of the disbursement of the Term Loan or a repayment made in whole or in part thereon, a notation thereof shall be made on the books and records of the Bank. All amounts recorded shall be, absent demonstrable error, conclusive and binding evidence of (i) the principal amount of the Term Loan advanced hereunder, (ii) any accrued and unpaid interest owing on the Term Loan and (iii) all amounts repaid on the Term Loan. The failure to record any such amount or any error in recording such amounts shall not, however, limit or otherwise affect the joint and several obligations of the Borrowers under the Term Note to repay the principal amount of the Term Loan, together with all interest accruing thereon.

  • Revolver Notes The Revolver Loans made by each Lender and interest accruing thereon shall be evidenced by the records of Agent and such Lender. At the request of any Lender, Borrowers shall deliver a Revolver Note to such Lender.

  • Secured Promissory Notes The Term Loans shall be evidenced by a Secured Promissory Note or Notes in the form attached as Exhibit D hereto (each a “Secured Promissory Note”), and shall be repayable as set forth in this Agreement. Borrower irrevocably authorizes each Lender to make or cause to be made, on or about the Funding Date of any Term Loan or at the time of receipt of any payment of principal on such Lender’s Secured Promissory Note, an appropriate notation on such Lender’s Secured Promissory Note Record reflecting the making of such Term Loan or (as the case may be) the receipt of such payment. The outstanding amount of each Term Loan set forth on such Lender’s Secured Promissory Note Record shall be prima facie evidence of the principal amount thereof owing and unpaid to such Lender, but the failure to record, or any error in so recording, any such amount on such Lender’s Secured Promissory Note Record shall not limit or otherwise affect the obligations of Borrower under any Secured Promissory Note or any other Loan Document to make payments of principal of or interest on any Secured Promissory Note when due. Upon receipt of an affidavit of an officer of a Lender as to the loss, theft, destruction, or mutilation of its Secured Promissory Note, Borrower shall issue, in lieu thereof, a replacement Secured Promissory Note in the same principal amount thereof and of like tenor.

  • Purchase and Sale of Convertible Debentures (a) Subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein, the Company agrees to issue and sell to Purchaser, and Purchaser agrees to purchase from the Company, the Convertible Debenture.

  • Debt and Stock Redemption 3. (a) Bancorp and its nonbank subsidiaries shall not, directly or indirectly, incur, increase, or guarantee any debt without the prior written approval of the Reserve Bank. All requests for prior written approval shall contain, but not be limited to, a statement regarding the purpose of the debt, the terms of the debt, and the planned source(s) for debt repayment, and an analysis of the cash flow resources available to meet such debt repayment.