Project Coordination, Management, Monitoring and Evaluation Sample Clauses

Project Coordination, Management, Monitoring and Evaluation. Establishment of an effective coordination, management, monitoring and evaluation system for the Project at both: (i) the regional; and (ii) the national levels, thereby ensuring the implementation at each level of suitable financial management and procurement systems by CORAF and FIRCA, timely reporting on Project’s activities, accurate monitoring and evaluation of regional and national agricultural productivity, and the carrying out of a communication strategy, all through the provision of vehicles and goods, consultantsservices, training, and the financing of operational costs.

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Program Monitoring and Evaluation (c) The Borrower shall prepare, or cause to be prepared, and furnish to the Bank not later than six months after the Closing Date, a report of such scope and in such detail as the Bank shall reasonably request, on the execution of the Program, the performance by the Loan Parties and the Bank of their respective obligations under the Legal Agreements and the accomplishment of the purposes of the Loan.
Monitoring and Evaluation a. The AGENCY shall expeditiously provide to the COUNTY upon request, all data needed for the purpose of monitoring, evaluating and/or auditing the program(s). This data shall include, but not be limited to, clients served, services provided, outcomes achieved, information on materials and services delivered, and any other data required, in the sole discretion of the COUNTY, that may be required to adequately monitor and evaluate the services provided under this Contract. Monitoring shall be performed in accordance with the COUNTY’S established Noncompliance Standards, a copy of which is attached hereto and incorporated by reference as Attachment “C”.
Project Monitoring Reporting and Evaluation A. Project Reports; Completion Report
Utilization Management The MCO must have a written utilization management (UM) program description, which includes, at a minimum:
Program Management Vendor's program management group shall ------------------ responsible for the management of the Services as a whole. The program management team shall be led by a program executive who has direct and immediate access to the senior management of Vendor and a program manager who reports to such program executive. The program management team shall be (i) the primary point of contact between Vendor and Customer and shall coordinate the activity of all functional groups within Vendor and (ii) responsible for project and financial management of the Services.
Project Management  Program research, planning, and evaluations.  Provision of studies, analyses, scenarios, and reports relating to a Customer’s mission-oriented business programs or initiatives.  Executive/management coaching services.  Customized training as needed to achieve a management consulting objective.  Assistance with policy and regulation development.  Assistance with process and productivity improvement.  Expert witness services in support of litigation, claims, or other formal cases relating to management consulting.  Advisory and assistance services relating to a Customer’s mission-oriented business programs or initiatives.  Systems alignment and consolidation.  Comprehensive grants management services related to the Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act and other related State and Federal grant programs.
Collaboration Management Promptly after the Effective Date, each Party will appoint a person who will oversee day-to-day contact between the Parties for all matters related to the management of the Collaboration Activities in between meetings of the JSC and will have such other responsibilities as the Parties may agree in writing after the Effective Date. One person will be designated by Merck (the “Merck Program Director”) and one person will be designated by Moderna (the “Moderna Program Director,”) together will be the “Program Directors”. Each Party may replace its Program Director at any time by notice in writing to the other Party. Any Program Director may designate a substitute to temporarily perform the functions of that Program Director by written notice to the other Party. The initial Program Directors will be: For Moderna: [***] For Merck: [***]
Project Coordination The Engineer shall coordinate all subconsultant activity to include quality and consistency of deliverables and administration of the invoices and monthly progress reports. The Engineer shall coordinate with necessary local entities.
Construction Management Landlord or its Affiliate or agent shall supervise the Work, make disbursements required to be made to the contractor, and act as a liaison between the contractor and Tenant and coordinate the relationship between the Work, the Building and the Building's Systems. In consideration for Landlord's construction supervision services, Tenant shall pay to Landlord a construction supervision fee equal to five percent of the Total Construction Costs.
Contract Monitoring The criminal background checks required by this rule shall be national in scope, and must be conducted at least once every three (3) years. Contractor shall make the criminal background checks required by Paragraph IV.G.1 available for inspection and copying by DRS personnel upon request of DRS.