Program Data Disclosure Sample Clauses

Program Data Disclosure. Health Net agrees that it will supply data to Plan Sponsor as necessary for Program Data submission and that, to Health Net’s knowledge, such data shall be accurate. The parties acknowledge and agree that Health Net relies on Plan Sponsor’s identification of Early Retirees, the data may include claims data submitted by the applicable network providers or other third parties, and Health Net will use reasonable business efforts to verify the integrity of the information from the time of Health Net’s receipt of the information. Generally, in providing these services Health Net agrees to use reasonable business efforts, but Health Net shall assume no obligation to modify its systems used otherwise to collect, store and transmit data that becomes used or requested as Program Data. At the request of either party, any Program Requirements published in the Program Regulations or Program Guidance shall be reduced to a mutually agreed upon written instrument signed by the parties hereto and attached as an amendment to this Agreement. Identification of Claims, Incurred Dates, Negotiated Price Concessions (as each of those terms are defined in the Program), and other required elements of Program Data, other than identification of Early Retirees, shall be made based only on information acquired by Health Net in the normal course of conducting business according to the Group Agreement. Health Net makes no representation or warranty regarding the timing or amount of Program reinsurance that may be payable by the government to Plan Sponsor under the Program.