PrograLocation of Service Description Sample Clauses

PrograLocation of Service Description. Section 4.2 below or in an exhibit attached to this document and identified below)Responsibility (Architect, Owner orNot Provided)Additional Services(Row deleted)(Designate the Additional Services the Architect shall provide in the second column of the table below. In the third column indicate whether the service description is located in Section 4.2 or in an attached exhibit. If in an exhibit, identify the exhibit.) Basic Service – See Art. 3.2 Basic ServiceArchitectBasic ServiceArchitectBasic ServiceArchitectBasic ServiceArchitectBasic Service – See Art. 3Architect§ 4.1.7 Civil engineeringArchitectBasic Service – See Art. 3§ 4.1.8 Landscape designArchitectBasic Service – See Art. 3§ 4.1.9 Architectural Interior DesignArchitectBasic Service – See Art. 3§ 4.1.10 Value Analysis (B204™–2007) (beyond the requirements of Article 3 and Exhibit A)ArchitectAdditional Service§ 4.1.11 Cost EstimatingArchitectBasic Services – See Art. 3 Additional Service Architect(Row deleted)§ 4.1.13 Conformed construction documents per any applicable independent third party review under BOCAArchitectBasic Service § 4.1.12 On-site project representation (beyond the requirements of Exhibit A, Article 3 and 4.3.3)(Row deleted)