Procedures for Submitting A-1 Mobile Subscriber Information are found in The BellSouth Business Rules for Local Ordering Sample Clauses

Procedures for Submitting A-1 Mobile Subscriber Information are found in The BellSouth Business Rules for Local Ordering. 5.3.1 Notwithstanding any provision(s) to the contrary, A-1 Mobile shall provide to BellSouth, and BellSouth shall accept, A-1 Mobile’s Subscriber Listing Information (SLI) relating to A-1 Mobile’s customers in the geographic area(s) covered by this Interconnection Agreement. A-1 Mobile authorizes BellSouth to release all such A-1 Mobile SLI provided to BellSouth by A-1 Mobile to qualifying third parties via either license agreement or BellSouth’s Directory Publishers Database Service (DPDS), General Subscriber Services Tariff, Section A38.2, as the same may be amended from time to time. Such A-1 Mobile SLI shall be intermingled with BellSouth’s own customer listings and listings of any other CLEC that has authorized a similar release of SLI. Where necessary, BellSouth will use good faith efforts to obtain state commission approval of any necessary modifications to Section A38.2 of its tariff to provide for release of third party directory listings, including modifications regarding listings to be released pursuant to such tariff and BellSouth’s liability thereunder. BellSouth’s obligation pursuant to this Section shall not arise in any particular state until the commission of such state has approved modifications to such tariff.

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