Procedure for suspension Sample Clauses

Procedure for suspension. 1) When the issuing officer believes there are valid grounds for suspending a permit the permittee shall be notified in writ- ing of the proposed suspension by cer- tified or registered mail. This notice shall identify the permit to be sus- pended, the reason(s) for such suspen- sion, the actions necessary to correct the deficiencies, and inform the per- mittee of the right to object to the pro- posed suspension. The issuing officer may amend any notice of suspension at any time.(2) Upon receipt of a notice of pro- posed suspension the permittee may file a written objection to the proposed action. Such objection must be in writ- ing, must be filed within 45 calendar days of the date of the notice of pro- posal, must state the reasons why the permittee objects to the proposed sus- pension, and may include supporting documentation.
Procedure for suspension. If the parties approve the Manager's recommendation as aforesaid, the Manger shall: