Principal Business Sample Clauses

Principal Business. 9.8 The T4IB shall be responsible for ensuring that all of its accounts which contain its principal business are operated in compliance with applicable law and SRO Requirements.
Principal Business. 9.4 For the purposes of preparing its reports pursuant to SRO Requirements, the T1CB shall treat the T1IB's account which contains the T1IB's principal business carried by the T1CB as an account of an SRO member for margin calculations.
Principal Business. Engage in any business other than the Business;
Principal Business. Prior to the initial public offering of the Company's Common Stock, the Company shall not change its principal business or engage in any other business from that which it is engaged on the date of this Agreement without the written consent of at least two-thirds of the holders of shares of Stock converted or convertible into Common Stock.
Principal Business. The Loan Parties are primarily engaged in the business of assembling and selling specialty footwear and related apparel and accessories (the “Business”).