Presentation of Check for Payment Sample Clauses

Presentation of Check for Payment. Upon the Effective Date of Approval of the Agreement, and except as to such rights or claims as may be created by the Agreement, all Opt- In Plaintiffs who receive Service Payments as set forth in Subsection 3.4 and subsequently cash their checks agree that by endorsing and cashing the check, they shall be bound by the language printed on the back of their check, which shall state, in substantially similar form, the following: POSITIVE I.D. REQUIREDTHIRD PARTY ENDORSEMENT PROHIBITEDENDORSEMENT BY NAMED PAYEE IS REQUIREDThis instrument is void if not cashed before, 2011.Payee accepts this payment in full satisfaction of his or her portion of the judgment in Stewart v. Prince Telecom, Inc. (S.D.N.Y.), or Black v. Broadband Express, LLC, (S.D. Fla.). Endorsement or negotiation of this instrument constitutes full acceptance by payee and payee’s successors and assigns of all the terms and conditions of the Settlement Agreement as approved by the Court, including but not limited to the General Waiver and Release of All Claims and Covenant Not to Sue included in the Settlement Agreement and reproduced in the Notice Of Proposed Collective Action Settlement.[NAME OF PAYEE]X SIGNATURE OF PAYEE DO NOT WRITE, STAMP OR SIGN BELOW THIS LINE – RESERVED FOR FINANCIAL INSTITUTION USE All Opt-In Plaintiffs who submit timely claims for payment are agreeing to be bound by the General Waiver And Release Of All Claims in Subsection 4.6 and the Covenant Not To Sue in Subsection 4.8 hereto.