Prescription Order Sample Clauses

Prescription Order. The request by a physician for each separate drug or medication and each authorized refill of such request.

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  • Termination – Orderly After receipt of a termination notice from the County of Orange, the Contractor may submit to the County a termination claim, if applicable. Such claim shall be submitted promptly, but in no event later than 60 days from the effective date of the termination, unless one or more extensions in writing are granted by the County upon written request of the Contractor. Upon termination County agrees to pay the Contractor for all services performed prior to termination which meet the requirements of the Contract, provided, however, that such compensation combined with previously paid compensation shall not exceed the total compensation set forth in the Contract. Upon termination or other expiration of this Contract, each party shall promptly return to the other party all papers, materials, and other properties of the other held by each for purposes of performance of the Contract.

  • Confirmation Order The Bankruptcy Court shall have entered the Confirmation Order, and such Order shall be a Final Order.

  • Purchase Order A Customer may use purchase orders to buy commodities or contractual services pursuant to the Contract and, if applicable, the Contractor must provide commodities or contractual services pursuant to purchase orders. Purchase orders issued pursuant to the Contract must be received by the Contractor no later than the close of business on the last day of the Contract’s term. The Contractor is required to accept timely purchase orders specifying delivery schedules that extend beyond the Contract term even when such extended delivery will occur after expiration of the Contract. Purchase orders shall be valid through their specified term and performance by the Contractor, and all terms and conditions of the Contract shall survive the termination or expiration of the Contract and apply to the Contractor’s performance. The duration of purchase orders for recurring deliverables shall not exceed the expiration of the Contract by more than twelve months. Any purchase order terms and conditions conflicting with these Special Contract Conditions shall not become a part of the Contract.

  • Minimum Order If the Master Contract contains minimum order quantities or values, Contractor may elect to honor orders for less than the minimum order. For all orders less than the minimum order, at the Contractor’s option, shipping costs from the shipping point may be added to invoice with a copy of the freight xxxx. Shipping costs are to be prepaid by Contractor and such orders are to be shipped on an F.O.B. destination basis. All such orders must be shipped by the most economical method for the proper delivery of the product unless special instructions are stated on the order by the Authorized User.

  • Pre-Ordering 2.2.1 BellSouth will provide electronic access to its OSS and the information contained therein in order that OneTone can perform the following pre-ordering functions: service address validation, telephone number selection, service and feature availability, due date information, customer record information and loop makeup information. Mechanized access is provided by electronic interfaces whose specifications for access and use are set forth at BellSouth’s Interconnection Web site. The process by which BellSouth and OneTone will manage these electronic interfaces to include the development and introduction of new interfaces will be governed by the change management process as described in Section 2.7 below. OneTone shall provide to BellSouth access to customer record information, Version: 2Q05 Resale Agreement 07/21/05 including circuit numbers associated with each telephone number where applicable. OneTone shall provide such information within four (4) hours after request via electronic access where available. If electronic access is not available, OneTone shall provide to BellSouth paper copies of customer record information, including circuit numbers associated with each telephone number where applicable. If BellSouth requests the information before noon, the customer record information shall be provided the same day. If BellSouth requests the information after noon, the customer record information shall be provided by noon the following day.