PREMISES, TERM, TERMINATION, RENT. (A) Landlord hereby leases and demises unto Tenant, subject to existing easements and restrictions, office space comprising of the northeast office of the hangar located at 31501 Bryan Circle, Suite 120, Pueblo, Colorado, hereinafter referred to as “Office”, and the Airtanker Firefighting Reload Base, also known as the Airtanker Base, located at 31851 Walt Bassett Avenue, Pueblo, Colorado (“Base”) the Premises, hereinafter referred to together as the "Premises," within and near the buildings located at 31501 Bryan Circle, Pueblo, Colorado 81001, and 31851 Walt Bassett Avenue Pueblo, Colorado, hereinafter referred to as "Building(s)" (including land, improvements and other rights appurtenant thereto). The Premises, known and described as Suite, include approximately six hundred fifteen (615) rentable square feet of office space and approximately thirty thousand (30,000) rentable square feet of the Base, including the pumping station; the Premises as attached hereto and incorporated by reference herein described is depicted and more fully set forth in as "Exhibit A", attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference. The Premises as currently set forth does not include exclusive use of the Pueblo Memorial Airport ramp.


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