• Waiting Periods The waiting periods (and any extension thereof) applicable to the consummation of the Merger under the HSR Act and any Foreign Merger Laws shall have expired or been terminated.

  • Meal Periods A) A meal period of at least thirty (30) continuous minutes, away from the work place, shall be provided by the Employer. Such a meal period shall be provided at intervals that results in no employee working longer than five (5) consecutive hours without an eating period. For clarity, Article 26.03(A) also applies to employees working overtime.

  • Modifications and Updates to the Wire Center List and Subsequent Transition Periods In the event BellSouth identifies additional wire centers that meet the criteria set forth in Section, but that were not included in the Initial Wire Center List, BellSouth shall include such additional wire centers in a carrier notification letter (CNL). Each such list of additional wire centers shall be considered a “Subsequent Wire Center List”.

  • Probationary Periods A. New Hires, Promotions and Lateral Transfer to a Different Classification All newly hired and promoted employees, and employees who are laterally transferred to a different classification shall serve a probationary period. The initial probationary period for employees newly hired on or after July 1, 2015 shall be three hundred sixty five (365) days from the effective date of hire. The probationary period for employees promoted or laterally transferred to a different classification shall be one hundred twenty (120) days for classifications paid at grades 1 to 7 and grades 23 to 28 or one hundred eighty (180) days for classifications paid at grades 8 to 12 and grades 29 to 36 and all employees of the Department of Rehabilitation and Correction and the Department of Youth Services, other than Correction Officers and Juvenile Correction Officers. However, the Disability Claims Adjudicator 1, Realty Specialist 1, all Attorney classifications, the Youth Leader in the Schools for the Blind and Deaf, Correction Officer, and Juvenile Correctional Officer classifications shall have a probationary period of three hundred sixty five (365) days from the effective date of promotion or lateral transfer to a different classification. A probationary period for an employee may be extended by mutual agreement between the Union and Management. During a lateral transfer to a different classification or promotional probationary period, the Employer maintains the right to place the employee back in the classification that the employee held previously if the employee fails to perform the job requirements of the new position to the Employer’s satisfaction. During an initial probationary period, the Employer shall have the sole discretion to discipline or discharge probationary employee(s) and any such probationary action shall not be appealable through any grievance or appeal procedure contained herein or to the State Personnel Board of Review (SPBR). An employee’s probationary period may be extended by a period equal to employee leaves of fourteen (14) consecutive days or longer, except for approved periods of vacation leave. For example, disability leave, adoption/childbirth, or any other leaves of fourteen (14) consecutive days or longer shall not be counted toward the employee’s initial or promotional probationary period. The Employer will not modify the duration of a probationary period of a classification(s) without the agreement of the Union.