Posting of Board of Health Agendas and Minutes Sample Clauses

Posting of Board of Health Agendas and Minutes. The District will have agendas and minutes of each Board of Health meeting posted on the internet. Board of Health agendas shall be posted by the morning of the Board of Health meeting. Minutes of a meeting shall be posted a minimum of 5 working days prior to a scheduled Board of Health meeting.

Related to Posting of Board of Health Agendas and Minutes

  • Safety and Health Committee 43.1 a. A joint State/UUP Safety and Health Committee shall be established consisting of three members appointed by the State and three members appointed by UUP to identify and review safety-related issues affecting employees and to recommend plans for the correction of such matters.

  • Agenda and Minutes a) Agendas of reasonable length detailing issues in a clear and concise fashion will be developed jointly between the co-chairs, translated into the French language and provided to committee members at least ten (10) working days prior to the scheduled date of the meeting. Agenda items should be of general concern to the parties as opposed to personal concerns of individual employees. It is not the mandate of the Committee to deal with matters that have been filed as central disputes. With mutual consent, additional items may be added prior to, or at the meeting.

  • LABOR MANAGEMENT COMMITTEES Section 1. Labor/Management Committees The parties recognize that the holding of periodic meetings for the exchange of views and information contributes to the effectiveness of the labor/management relationship. Therefore, the parties shall establish Labor/Management Committees (LMC), in accordance with the provisions in this Article, for the purpose of addressing matters of concern in the areas of personnel policies, practices, conditions of employment, and other matters affecting employees. Each LMC will be co-chaired by one member from labor and one member from management.

  • LABOR MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE The Hospital and the Union recognize the importance of undertaking joint efforts to ensure that employees have access to cost effective, quality health care and other insurance coverage. Both the Employer and the Union share a mutual interest in researching best practices in cost containment features and benefits that ensure quality but also address increasing costs. To address these issues, the parties will establish a Labor Management Benefits Committee. The Union will appoint up to four (4) bargaining unit representatives to include one (1) organizer to the Committee. The Employer will appoint up to four (4) management representatives. The Committee shall be advisory and shall meet at least quarterly and more often as mutually agreed. The Union shall appoint one (1) bargaining unit member as committee co-chair. In guiding the committee’s work, utilization data and cost, among other data, will be reviewed. If the committee comes up with any mutually agreed upon recommendation for any changes, the Union and management shall convene a meeting to review the recommendations. Bargaining unit representatives will be compensated at their regular rate of pay as per Article 14.4.

  • Occupational Health and Safety Committee The Employer and the Union agree to cooperate in the promotion of safe working conditions, the prevention of accidents, the prevention of workplace injuries and the promotion of safe workplace practices.

  • Labor Management Meetings Section 1. To promote communication and problem resolution between the City and the membership of the union, the Human Resources Director, and other representatives determined appropriate by the City may meet quarterly with the Executive Officers of the Union and other representatives that would be useful to discuss or resolve current issues.

  • Health & Safety Committee (a) The Hospital and the Union agree that they mutually desire to maintain standards of safety and health in the Hospital in order to prevent accidents, injury and illness.